Copacabana Car Drives into Crowd

This tragic prediction has happened, one horrible accident. Please pray for all those hit by this tragedy.

This prediction has multiple flaws, it was a horrible accident, so the tone of an attack is wrong. We failed to accurately provide the location, and originally had a France connection. The timing is correct.

Predictions 1-11-18   “The plower is coming next.. such a monster.”

The implication was another attack with a vehicle.

Its possible they are talking about the last post, perhaps its not a shooting but a vehicle attack: I was falling asleep when I heard screams and gunshots. Individuals were screaming at others to run.  I had a visual of a mad man plunge through a door, staring down those in the room. “In 7 minutes”



18 thoughts on “Copacabana Car Drives into Crowd

    1. I believe that’s the Gulf of California in Mexico, next to the border isn’t it? Thanks for heads up.

  1. Eric this is a lityle flimsy
    but The movie The French Connection
    had scenes the.Copacabana in NY.
    strange …
    Its not the NY bit ..just Copa and French .
    Prayers for familues families that have auffered in this accident .
    The man seems to indicate he had a siezure .

  2. Does this mean there’s not going to be a terrorist attack in France?

    Also, is the Indian Ocean earthquake still expected to occur?

    1. Unfortunately we are still expecting a France attack, they even calculated it in about 90 days. The big mistake I made was assuming the countdown they were doing was about France but it was about this Tsunami.

  3. The car accident happened in a tourist area….maybe the France connection was that one of the victims was French? Just a guess.

  4. Bob at threat of being fired.. your fired. – Robert Mueller perhaps, can Trump fire him really? I can’t think of another Bob. This could come about if the memo is released next week.

      1. Firstly I apologise for the inflammatory headlines I had no control over that. I was researching the tsunami predictions as we are on the dates and the possibility of Muller was amongst them so same time frame. I do hope that what ever transpires in the coming days that the American people remain safe and that the contents of the memo do not cause more division if indeed they are released to the public.

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