Zimbabwe Leader Dies

This tragic prediction has happened.

Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami Arriving  New Mexico.. the political figure will be killed.

AP Reported: “Authorities in the U.S. state of New Mexico say key Zimbabwean opposition leader Roy Bennett has been killed in a helicopter crash. State Police Lt. Elizabeth Armijo confirmed Bennett’s death Thursday, a day after a helicopter carrying him and five others went down in a mountainous rural area of northern New Mexico.”

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  1. LLG26 Avatar

    It sounds like Roy Bennet was committed to helping Zimbabwe become a democracy instead of remaining a dictatorship. “The party described Bennett as a charismatic grassroots politician and successful farmer in the country’s eastern Chimanimani District. He was fluent in Zimbabwe’s Shona language…and had helped hundreds of impoverished villagers pay school fees for their children.”


  2. Daffodil Avatar

    Roy Bennett s death will make the M D C opposition party stronger.I bet
    Mnangagwa ( the new president) will lose in the next election.

  3. Sparkles Avatar

    1-6-2018 ” had a visual of Trump talking with someone in a room, I was looking through a window. The impression was that Trump said something egregious or snapped at the person(s) he was talking to, then a man dressed like a general walked out abruptly. He walked down the hall and out the door.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  4. iamtot Avatar

    He wasn’t a party leader. He was an opposition politician and treasurer.

  5. Anita Avatar

    Looks like the prediction about Trump going off on a profanity-laced tirade behind closed doors — concerning Obama wiretapping him — might be related to this FISA memo.

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