Las Vegas Shooting

This horrible prediction has happened, please everyone in Vegas stay safe. Prayers please.

The details are unclear so I am posting without confirmation.

I had a visual of a sniper shooting from high above, people in the streets were pointing to where the shots came from.

Prediction: US Terror Attacks  “Hotel.. 160.. each individual brutally murdered.. there (their?) falling apart.. yet another terror attack.” — Spirits voice

Oh October how ruthless you are.. spiders, hurricanes, and earthquakes circling all of you. Brace yourself for a bad month.

In the coming weeks the Las Vegas police will be on the hunt for a killer on the loose. In the coming weeks for the United States the flag will be at half mass.


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    1. The police have said just one shooter, who is now dead. Horrible. Just horrible.

    2. There was another ‘person of interest’ but they appear to have got her now.

  1. Heart wrenching! Terrible earlier was just 2 confirmed dead now 20 dead and 100 injured! Such a horrendous tragedy! 🙇😩

  2. Unbelievably horrific .my prayers and heart go out to victims and families ..
    its all so shameful

  3. Did you mean the U.S. flag will be at half-mast, metaphorically, in the coming weeks due to such events as you listed for October, Eric? (I find myself gravitating lately to what I feel is a beautifully sung and arranged 1960 recording, specifically, of “Over The Rainbow” by a group who were from The Bronx, N.Y. called “The Dimensions”. I find it sad, but also hopeful and reminds me that we all are pretty much in the same boat as human beings, most of us longing for the same thing, it seems). I tlike your analogy of our lives being like individual tapestries, Eric, in your thoughts (on here, below this confirmed, predicted, cruel event in las Vegas this morning) about “Truth”. I’m thinking that maybe most of us in Earthly life are only able to see the back of the tapestry — with all it’s confusing, tangled-looking threads which seem to make no sense — but when we ‘die’, we suddenly see the front of the tapestry — an orderly, complete, whole ‘picture’ — and then we understand the orderly plan that was actually, always there, behind all the sorrows and disorder of our lives, individually and collectively, all along ? I hope so.

    1. Absolute horror. Shooter has been named now. All I see now on social media is people using it to play culture wars. Can’t we just stop and respect the victims for one day without petty people fighting over the bodies?

      1. I agree. I regret scrolling through Twitter’s news feed since users were posting photos of the dead bodies and making jokes about them. Sick people.

      2. BeachHut,

        People were making jokes about the victims??? You’re right, that is sick.

        May all the dead find peace; may all the living find strength.

      3. Omg…what is wrong with these people on social media? This is not a movie thing. Wondering if the young generation doesn’t grasp the reality vs what’s not reality from the movies. It’s sad that the young generation are custom to the killings of ISIS through social networks and news on terrorism as well as watching numerous on films in bloody killings. I think it’s time to dispose the television and iPhone for good. Their minds have been exposed to twisted in killings alike. The young people need to grow a garden to keep them busy from the tv. It’s too much for the young generation.

      4. Agreed. Out of respect for the deceased, their friends/families and one another let’s avoid assigning blame for at least one day. And we may know details tomorrow that we don’t know today. This should be a time for grieving and sombre reflection; it could have been any of us or our loved ones.

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    This is on the 2nd of October, Eric I fear for the rest of the month. Prayers for the people in America, Las Vegas and the world.

    Pray, My children for the United States. The country of the eagle will suffer. The liberty that appears with its torch in hand will be torn down by those who will enter its territory. Its ground will shake as most of the Earth will shake, for few will be the days when some country will not feel the force of the earth’s shaking.

  5. antifa carry out the attack .anther big events will follow .I think .October is not normal month .

  6. Eric; why such evil? You talk about karma and past lives; why would this person do such an unspeakable act? Why would they even be born? Just wondering if there are any answers? Or if it’s just random? Thank you for being you Eric. Although your blogs are not usually good news it’s like hearing from an old friend

    1. There is something to be said about our time being unique, that Spirit has plans to make some pretty heavy changes here, because of that the darkness is in a panic because they know time is not on their side, what you perceive as a successful evil, they see as a scared wild animal forced in the corner. Their reaction is a reflection of that as it is beyond the pale.

      1. Eric apparently that is true; we have never seen in our life times such evil in such a mass way on US ground; although there are war atrocities all over the world daily. Lately I am finding people to be acting colder; I don’t know if it’s my perception alone. Of course there are the 95% of us that just want peace; but there seems to me there is a “spirit in the air” that is influencing even the good people, making them angrier, upset impatient etc; is this just my perception or is this true; it’s almost like a sense of desperation! My animals are also acting different. I’m not in a known earthquake area, but I guess it could be that, I’m not sure. Let’s all remember to pray, pray, pray and then do it some more. Do you or others reading this notice any changes like I feel? It’s almost like normal people being influenced??

  7. The shooter’s motive is unknown so far….no apparent mental illness, no apparent ties to terrorism or extremist groups—though it’s way too early in the investigation to be certain.

  8. isis claim responsibility to the attack they claim stephen paddock converted to islam months ago

  9. Eric, SWC,

    Excerpt. From previous comment. Times of Israel link.,

    Islamic State claims Las Vegas massacre

    The Islamic State terror group is claiming responsibility for the Las Vegas massacre.

    The terror organization says gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, was one of its “soldiers” who converted to Islam months ago, the Site Intelligence Group reports.

    The terror group offers no evidence to back the assertion.


  10. Eric, SwC,

    18 minutes ago.,
    Excerpt from Times of Israel link..(posted above)

    Excerpt from live blog..
    ..IS claim posted on its official channel, dismissed by analysts

    The Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for the Las Vegas attack is featured by its official Amaq News Agency propaganda channel, the outlet from which it has claimed terror attacks in the past.

    But it also comes a day after the terror group claimed a deadly stabbing attack in Marseille — an assertion later disputed by French authorities, who said they were unaware of any IS link.

    Israel’s Channel 2 news analyst Ehud Ya’ari dismisses the claim, saying “they claim credit” for all attacks.

    1. It may not be terrorist motivated–we’ll have to see what the evidence reveals.
      I’m kind of thrown by the shooter’s age….aren’t mass shootings usually committed by people younger than 30? It seems like it, anyway.

  11. Trump just spoke and ordered “flags to be flown half staff” right in line with predictions

  12. Pretty sad; some group would actually want to take credit for a horrible act!

  13. Wondering if one got away as the two shooters knew each other and one shooter shot his partner to escape. Just a thought.

    Horrible act of evils. Praying for all those injuries and death in Las Vegas.

  14. Now do we SEE what happened in our country of USA, MR. TRUMP???? We cannot build the walls from Mexico and barred the immigrants from entering our country. The shooter was WHITE, US citizen and not immigrant. How can we keep our country safe from white person (s), MR. TRUMP???? Trump always concerned to keep our country safe. He is an idiot. I will not call him “Mr. President” cuz he doesn’t know what he is doing but all he does is TALK. Excuse my frustrations from our current “crooked” leader. He is really on my nerves. Gosh…breath and released all those bad energies apart from me. (Part of me wishow to do anything to kick him out of his seat.) 🙁

    1. Iossie, I, for one, totally ‘get’ how you feel. I appreciate your honesty. Many times, there’s a part of me, too, wishing to do the same thing, even though I’m a pretty compassionate person. It can feel very frustrating because our common sense wants to restrain, incapacitate dangerous people who are running amok, threatening, harming the Earth and life. In this case, it sure is taking a long time to stop it. I, too, find that that has often angered me. We’re not alone having those feelings and thoughts, though; that’s for certain, Iossie. We have to keep taking whatever positive actions we can to try to help end this nightmare of Trump (and his enablers who are in plain sight and also lurking in the shadows behind him). Other countries, as I’m sure you know, are under attack, as well. Trump, however, is so blatantly, obviously ignorant. ( If brains were leather, he wouldn’t have enough to saddle a Horse Fly !). 🙂

      1. Lol…totally get it. .thanks Eliza and iamtot. Just had my monent of frustration. Blessings to you both!

    2. Lossie, it does appear that most of these tragedies are caused by Americans themselves rather than foreigners. Trump needs to change his focus.

      1. Thank you for the blessings, Iossie; blessings to you, too! This is a safe place. There’s always lots of people here who truly care. xo

  15. My god…what these insane people need?…Only dead bodies…Do these guys want to live only in graveyards…
    I wish god make these people braindead within a second as soon as they think bad…

    1. Right, Star! The shooter’s father was a psychopath. Wondering if he got that from his father in his genes. Very sad that it can be treated. Very very sad!

  16. The unsure motive is really confusing to me….the FBI said the shooter wasn’t in an international terrorist organization, though he still could’ve been inspired by some group—ISIS, anti-American, or even anti-gambling, or whatever.

    ISIS claimed responsibility, but the FBI said no…..but then ISIS doubled-down on their claim, even saying the shooter had an Arabic name, which seems kind of weird to claim if it’s fake, because it’d just discredit them.

    So I have no idea if the shooting was terrorism or mental illness or whatever–either way, it was still horrible.

    1. There has to be a trigger Sara, this guy definitely has gambled for years and stockpiled guns. I am like you we don’t understand, even his family don’t understand. Senseless loss of life and yes I know we choose our experiences but I wonder what the ultimate reason is… love?

  17. “Oh, October how ruthless you are.. spiders, hurricanes, and earthquakes circling all of you. Brace yourself for a bad month.”

    WOW Eric, with all of the news today, this is going to be an understatement. October has started out so terribly, terribly wrong.

  18. When our common sense tells us something doesn’t make sense, there is usually a good reason. Doesn’t require psychic ability to “smell a rat”. I don’t want to start speculation about “false flags”, but the story of a lone gunman who killed 58 people and wounded 500 because he secretly supports ISIS offends my common sense.

      1. Sending our lights and love throughout the Las Vegas, this nation and thr entire world. Brace for this month as alot of happening around thr world.

    1. Did the shooter say anything why before he was shooting on camera? Alot of people asking “why”.

      1. Lossie2020,
        A lot still being discovered…
        The FBI, is going over all film and electronic devices..we shall see.
        The why …is still up in the air..

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