Truth 6

What is our Purpose? You exist to learn and be.

Spirit clarified that this purpose would change as time passed over the many centuries. One clear objective coming up is a united human race. Something humanity has not yet seen. But for now the focus is more singular, each of us are here to learn and be. For this post let’s talk about the learning part because it’s different from what you might think. There is karma, and the learning of a more ethical self,  but there is another learning you might not know about.

Your life right now is just one thread of a much larger tapestry. It is another chapter, among an endless book. It’s the tapestry that holds greater weight. A tapestry set to master a subject. For example:

In a previous life close to the end of the 1800s my name was John Hendrix  a farmer and advid confederate of Tennessee. After losing my daughter to disease, my wife and children left me. I fell into a deep depression, and found myself asking for guidance from God. A booming voice told me to sleep outside for 40 nights to receive revelations of the future. To this day I can remember the frigid cold of those nights. During those days visions were presented very much like they are now. It was in these revelations I would learn about WW2, the Manhattan project, and the atomic bomb. After receiving these messages from the highest of authority I was determined to tell everyone. To me this was a message from God, everyone had to know it whether they wanted to or not. Even children I crossed would be forced to hear my message. That unfortunately would turn on me as the authorities put me in the county farm otherwise known as a hospital for the insane. My time their was a true nightmare of filth and fear. It was a time in that life that scarred me. I would later escape and predict the destruction of that hospital.

It is my previous life as John that influences my life as Eric. As John I forced my messages on others, filled with excitement I told everyone I crossed their divine message. I jumped into the deep end of the pool without considering the reactions of others, and did it with pride and fervor. As Eric my message is presented completely differently, learning from my experience I chose to slowly step into that pool starting with the shallow end.  I do not push my message on anyone and have found a subtle way of allowing everyone to come to me, while slowly presenting myself and Spirit.  I have learned, as I have from the many other lives before this one.  It is the experiences of all those lives that have infused into my work with Spirit today.  It is the multitude of these lives and experiences that have built a beautiful tapestry of my existence. Its one tapestry of learning the best way of carrying Spirits message to all of you. One image that will be followed by other tapestry images, as my existence continues.

Everyone has their own tapestry of learning. It’s not necessarily a job, you could be learning valor, compassion, wisdom, or perhaps  the continued story of ones lover, or it could be mastering a specific talent like music. But you do have one, call it you talent, or magical connection to a lover, but it’s there, the sum of multiple lives threading a tapestry of one entire experience that exists to teach you.

Life is an endless learning that draws us closer to our creator.

“John Hendrix the Oak Ridge Prophet” who was a moderately known seer, below is the historical person. On the page I would recommend the video:

Our Hidden Past: The Prophet of Oak Ridge;_ylt=A0SO81DmjNFZx_cAelfBGOd_;_ylu=X3oDMTEza3NiY3RnBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwYWdpbmF0aW9u?p=prophet+of+oakridge&pz=10&fr=yfp-hrtab-900&fr2=p%3Afp%2Cm%3Asa&_tsrc=yfp-hrtab-900&b=1&pz=10&xargs=0


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  1. Dianne M Avatar
    Dianne M

    Eric, thank you for sharing. Your comments resonate with me and my recent personal experience remembering two previous lives and how those lives influence who I am this time around. 5 years ago I scoffed at the idea of reincarnation….oh my, things have changed. I use two images in my meditation: a river flowing and a tapestry being woven (by invisible force/hands? spiritual force? Karma?). Blessings to you; your visuals/predictions have been a blessing to me.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks that is very nice

      1. Perry Avatar

        Interesting truth that I believe in. So one has to wonder with so many religions out there which ones believe in reincarnation? Asian religions, especially Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, all of which arose in India.

  2. Elaine Avatar

    I’m very happy you posted this. It was a long road here, but that’s also what I believe in. I’m so glad you’re confirming it.

  3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    The coolest part of the message is things don’t entirely end after you die.

    1. Elaine Avatar

      Yes, exactly!

      It also makes everything much less scary and let you know you’ll see your loved ones that have passed again. 🙂 You mess up one time, you’ll get a chance to fix it or learn the lesson another way.

      Thanks so much for all you do. Meant to say that earlier but accidentally hit send too soon. 🙂

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        YES! It’s awesome because many of our loved ones carry over in multiple lifetimes,

    2. Trina Avatar

      When I had Open Heart Surgery last year at 31,I saw that we are all reincarnated.we are all someone from another life.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I agree!

  5. Katie Avatar

    Awesome story Eric. Thank you for confirming my own beliefs. So many scoff at the thought of reincarnation , but it makes so much sense. I look forward to reading about your past life. Thanks for all you do !

  6. Anita Avatar

    Would past life regression be good for those who may want to know their past lives in order to find better guidance in their life if it seems they’ve made a lifestyle/career-path choice which is opposite of what best suites them had they already known from their past lives?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I would say their are 3 major benefits to me remembering: it has made me more connected to Spirit, being someone who has lived so many lives I am overwhelming tolerant and wiser, but it’s also added a fearless attitude, not sure why but a bolder me came to be. Those are the expected benefits. Though I am sure it’s different for everyone.

  7. Anonymus Friend Avatar
    Anonymus Friend

    I am actually starting to feel convinced that your being guided by a “Demon” into this infinite loop of reincarnation in this prison Planet where you felt like it was your choice to stay here. You soul is constantly recycled and memory wiped. The negative energy released from you is being harnessed by supernatural beings. Eric wake up and be careful. You need to know more and learn more. Understand you are being deceived. Be wary Eric and focus on your ascension and spiritual growth.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      I don’t understand why you think this is demonic? Eric’s story is one of becoming wiser in how he approaches a similar life purpose as before, where he can warn people in a way they are more likely to be open to his message. His approach in a previous existence was mistaken, and now he knows better. The ultimate aim is to help people. Why is that the work of a demon?

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        What is the ‘more’ that he needs to know?

      2. Anonymus Friend Avatar
        Anonymus Friend

        No one will believe the reality of things if I was to say it straight even though I have uncovered a lot of reality through meditation and understanding. Everyone must find out by themselves. If I was to reveal the secret the truth is so much weirder than any fiction imaginable it would just be laughed at and so easily discarded. To normal people they have no idea what is going on at all and are all lost in the illusion of life and how everything is opposite of what you are taught to think through the schooling system and the media. Meditate, go within and uncover the secrets. Only demons tell you the potential of things to come in future in return of a favour in this physical plane. In the end they will always ruin you and that is how eric does his personal readings.

        Eric don’t fall into the trap. Question those spirits and their intentions.

      3. BeachHut Avatar

        You seem to be making some major assumptions about me and other people here. I think you’ve fallen into a spiritual trap yourself but you can’t see it. Eric is a fair, wise and humble man. There isn’t anything negative about what he’s doing. Ego-based superiority is not a virtue.

    2. petemedium Avatar

      I agree with Beachie. What you are saying seems based on a fearful premise of which you seem unable to give quotes. Are there any references that you can give us? Are there any links? Is there any proof to support your argument? Do others support your premise and if so are they quotable? Thanks in anticipation. Pete

  8. R2D2 Avatar

    Fascinating story Eric! Pretty cool. Out of curiosity do you have any physical remnants from a previous life,like, do you have any respiratory problems like asthma? John…had TB! I’m presuming though this revelation may possibly be the prediction of public backlash …. claiming you were John Hendrix in a previous life. You are crazy accurate. I too appreciate your work! Thank you. Much love and light…and many blessings.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Not really, however the similarities on how we achieve their message is uncanning. Both at night, both requiring natures involvement, both in either a meditative or sleep state. Then the messages of visuals are also extremely similar.

  9. lossie2020 Avatar

    That is amazing awesome and nice knowing more about who you are from past and present. That’s so cool. I had instinct that I had been here before I was born in 1967. It’s all vaguely in dreams and believed that I have been here before as I cant explain it. Nice knowing that we are not alone in this. We are here for a reason. Thanks ao.much for sharing and excited to be part of your journal. It’s with a great honor. Glad I shared the messages of Eric’s warning via social network for upcoming Hurricanes and earthquakes. Some people objected that I shouldn’t bring up that topic. I said “this is to help.people be aware of and make the difference to save lives”.


    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Oh my Eric….the life as John was harsh. Bless your soul. Hopefully not this life you will not have to go through like that again. Be strong with backlash. SWC are rooting in and stand up for you.


      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Where was the Oak Ridge? Wondering if that in California. I will order the book.

      2. mhb Avatar

        Lossie2020 Oak Ridge is in Eastern Tennessee near Knoxville.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks! May I ask why they objected

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Eric, they said “Not to scare them or cause panic”.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yes that is a good point. I always use the snake story for that. Your walking on a path in a canyon, you can here a rattlesnake close by, you don’t know where, nor do you know if it’s even going to cross the path, do you warn other walkers?

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          But it is one of three concerns Spirit has as a negative in what we do, because if we ever get to that point where instead of helping people we are creating hysteria we will most likely slow down or stop these predictions entirely.

  10. Lia Avatar

    Eric – Really interesting post. I had a vivid dream of a loved one who had passed; in the dream, this person who had died was showing me the meaning of life as being like a beautiful, multi-layered bed quilt. At the end of the dream a beautiful monarch butterfly flew in circles above the quilt being shown to me. Thank you for re-confirming my thoughts. Interesting that I have an issue w/ sharing my intuitive insights publicly in this life… perhaps I experienced something like what you did as John. Thanks for sharing, Eric! Keep up the good work,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s an awesome message too! A butterfly sounds like a wonderful tapestry.

  11. dopeanddiamond Avatar

    Eric- I am currently listening to the Las Vegas police scanner. At least two mass shootings on the stripe. Mandelay Bay had a sniper in the top floor shooting down, pinned down police on the street. Luxor had shots fired. I am hearing horrific things on the scanner I do not want to post. All of this at Tropicana and LV BLVD. I do not have words for what I am hearing. I am in tears. Multiple injured officers on radios calling for help. Why is the news not reporting this!!!!

    1. Holaca Avatar
      It is being reported very sad 😪

      1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

        National news waited 48 minutes to announce it.

    2. lossie2020 Avatar

      Oh no…horrible…praying for healing to injured officers and death of officer’s families. It’s crazy with choa throughout the world societies. Pray for light energies to bring calm.

  12. Jon Blue Avatar
    Jon Blue

    YES!!!!! This is amazing and I had an inkling this was what you were going to say! That was what I understood when I had my near death experience. The tapestry and this shows me so much more. This bring me such great joy! I wish I could just understand it better. Grasp it better. One day, I hope you are able to post more on this, even a separate blog or a small book. Just thank you Eric! Thank you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  13. Susan Steffen Avatar
    Susan Steffen

    Dear Erik, that is fascinating. It makes me recall tripping on acid when I was a minor 40 years ago. My best friend and I were sitting cross legged in the middle of a sunny field on a cliff by the railway tracks by my house, examining the grasshoppers and ladybugs and expounding on the beauty of life, when I declared that they were just going to build Condominiums on top of all that we had discovered there. The profundity of that statement stayed with me when they did exactly that a few years later. We ran off screaming when a helicopter passed overhead and I was sure I had seen paratroopers dropping from it. I hope that part wasn’t true for the future, although I have moved far away.

  14. Johnny Avatar

    Very fascinating Eric! I always wondered as well about life after death what happened to so many of the people in the past! I have heard like for example some physic said in Spanish Jenni Rivera the singer who passed in 2012 was preparing to soon be born again and be close to her family…at the moment I was like what!? How is that possible but anything is possible! It’s good feeling finding that there is more to us than we think! Thanks for sharing with us Eric! Blessings to you and everyone here! 🕊️💜💜💜💜

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you that’s a nice message

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you both for your comments. Johnny continue to be open minded that’s an awesome trait.

  15. Zethkal Avatar

    So happy to know the truth now, thank you for sharing this. I’m still quite curious about past lives beyond Earth, it will give good insight to what is out there.

    May I provide a suggestion? I think making a new tab for this site where people can share past life stories would be a wonderful addition to your site.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Ironically stage 2 is set to share stories related to Spirit, especially my own

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately we are still a year out two away from stage 2

  16. BeachHut Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this Eric, and it being such a personal post too. I will look through your links while I have my lunch. I think it’s amazing when people who’ve identified past lives can actually find evidence, and put a face to a name! How strange that must feel!

    I have had an acceleration of intuitive and metaphysical experiences over the years, and previous existences emerge where I can see the lesson or habits of that life woven into this one. Like ghosts that still live through me, but they are all me. Several different roles all woven into different facets of who I am currently. It is a remarkable image, and I believe more and more people are awakening to this realisation of existence and remembering past roles. We all keep going back into the soup and emerging anew. Some find this very difficulty to take because of the religion they were brought up with. I think that’s a shame, because this is a way to true peace and purpose.

    The synchronicities went extra crazy in recent days and I was suddenly reading and watching a lot of Dolores Cannon who covered this sort of realm. I didn’t know anything about her until now but suddenly a lot of puzzle pieces have been falling into place and I have seen my role on the planet in a new way. Reading your new post is part of that, a coincidence and confirmation. Thank you!

    Someone asked about physical signs. I’ve always had rough dark callouses on top of my feet, which have never matched any shoe-rubbing or kneeling that might have caused it. Having had previous existences come through, my recurring story has been one of the scapegoat, be it the wise woman burnt at the stake or living as a hermit, or (like your own soul) punished for speaking out. I see my strange foot scars as some leftover souvenir from a past life persecution. Whether it’s from having my feet nailed to wood or from chains or manacles round my ankles.

    The flood of understanding in recent years has enriched my life, freed me from fear and guided me on the right path, where life is a lot easier. This blog post has been really special, and I hope that your current journey continues to succeed with its hard-learned wisdom.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, I remember so much of my lifetime when i saw the original video of John I went into shock because it was me, I knew it, and it confirmed so much of my memory

      1. Cindy Avatar

        Eric, thank you. I understand how this past life has made your more bold and brave. I too have become more bold in sharing my own gifts. I have always been afraid of fire, of my home burning while I was away at work. It started in my early 30″s just began out of know where. It was consuming me and I was in fear all the time that my beloved dog would die. In a meditation one day they took me through part of my past life. They showed me I was a farmer and lived in a two story home. My fear of other people caused me to have some sort of bars across the windows. A fire happened while I was home alone. My husband and children watched as I could not escape the fire on the 2nd floor of the old farm house. I perished in the fire. After re-living this horrible past life, it completley dimished my fears of my home burning down. I still have some fear of fire, and I know its another past life that when the time is right I will observe.
        Im so proud of you, and have the greatest respect for you for sharing this with us all. You are definatley a warrior.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


      2. lossie2020 Avatar


  17. Fredda Avatar

    Eric, Thank you for sharing that. I have known I had a previous life since I was a child. I had two very vivid and kind of scary experiences. Scary because I was so young and didn’t understand until I was older. Must people don’t believe me and have made fun of me but I don’t care. I know what I saw and experienced was real. I appreciate you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you.. I would encourage you to try and revisit that connection with self

  18. Jorgen Avatar

    Hey Eric, fantastic words! I am wondering, is this the last of the truths, or will there be more? My life path number is 7, so if there was truths 7, it would be nice to see if i could relate to something meaningful there 🙂

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      It’s nice seeing all coming out of the shells. You Guys have been SO quiet….nice seeing your names again! ♡

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I have no plans to stop

  19. WonderNelly Avatar

    Eric, how could one go about finding out who you’ve been in past lives? I’ve had memories & dreams but would like to to know about my past life/lives in detail. I’ve had memories of a past life from a young age. I believe that in the past I was not a good person. I might have even harmed people. I’ve had disturbing memories from a young age that make me very uncomfortable as it is nothing like who I am now. I am married and have a family, decent life and all but at times I have these memories that stick with me for a few days and feel as if I must acknowledge those memories to move forward if that makes sense. It’s quite odd and disturbing but the person I am in this life would be opposite of the past one. Could I be making up in this life for who I was or what I did in a past life?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Follow the path of the Buddha. Meditation and lucid dreams help too.

      1. WonderNelly Avatar

        Thank you.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          You could also do a personal reading to check, but having someone like me tell you who you are vs experiencing the memory yourself are not on the same playing field.

      2. mhb Avatar

        You might try one of the online meditations for past lives w Dr. Brian Weiss. Here’s one I have personally saved on my computer. He’s a Harvard educated doctor (psychiatrist) who had a patient who he had hypnotized who started talking about a past life. There are two lines of books I’ve read on this — Dr. Weiss in Many Lives Many Masters and then the Lives between Lives series. There are a bunch of YouTube videos of his past life regression sessions on many sources.
        I’ve personally tried many times w no luck, I just fall asleep when I try to meditate, lol. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I love it! Has anyone else have advice, mine has many religious undertones and that might not be for everyone

  20. allen Avatar

    thank you eric, for sharing one of your past lives with everyone here. someday, you also need to share, your lifetime, in anciet Egypt, you were in the spiritual schools too. please let everyone know, that GOD gives everyone FREE will, meaning, it is UP to US, to learn and grow, if we don’t learn in one, we will learn again ,the same lesson in many more. sometimes, a lot of people, are not meant to learn their past life, because it may influense, this present one, also, why would everyone, want to remember, the horrible things we all did, before, we learned and grow, your guides will stop anyone, from knowing the past, IF it will influense the lifetime you are living now. toward, the end of your live, you will be given the oppuntity, to teach people, how to connect with spirit, thru the computer, but, that will be your choice then. thank you as always, to you and the group, in helping everyone learn and grow, even though, most will not think so, everyone, is learning and growing, thru each other……….

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you. It’s interesting that you bring this up, just recently they talked about me becoming a spiritual teacher in the last era of this life.

  21. petemedium Avatar

    My sharing. From an early age I had three fears; breaching whales, stormy seas and an early Tarzan movie. In the Tarzan movie, a ‘good guy’ gets poisoned while sleeping in a native hut. When in my 40’s, I revisited the Tarzan movie and while watching it the pieces fell into place…and this is a very abridged version. I was a very young native captured from an island and on my way to Australia as a slave when the boat hit a major storm. I was knocked unconscious into a boat and I assume the breaching whales, in the moonlight, that I still see today, was a sight I first saw on becoming conscious. I drifted onto the Australian mainland in northern Qld where a wise elder took me in. Seeing my highly attuned psychic abilities, make me a trainee ‘holy man’ or Kurdaitcha. The one who should have been in this position, obviously jealous, poisoned me and I died an excruciatingly painful death. My body was laid on the beach surrounded in white shells. My whole life I’ve had stomach problems and on a number of occasions the doctors have thought it poisoning. In 2001 a psychic artist drew what she believed to be me from that past life. I was very thin, as I have been in this life, and she added the white markings on the face and arms associated with a ‘selected one’, or Kurdaitcha.
    And yes this is a very, very abridged version….the bits missing are the bits from other people coming forward and confirming the story over a ten or so period. It was 2001 onwards that I started teaching, trance mediumship, psychic readings, and writing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wow thank you for sharing that with us, it sounds like it was a rough life.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Yes it seems so. I still have trouble whale watching, and I’m right in the area when the whales come to birth…Hervey Bay Qld. I have never gone out on a small boat and have never liked being on the water…and I’m a bloody Aquarian *Chuckle*

    2. BeachHut Avatar

      What an amazing history! How interesting that you’ve had it verified by others in this life too.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Yes Beachie. I’d love to go up to where this was said to have happened back then….a remote Aboriginal community near the top of Aussie, but the older I get the less the possibility. Still it may be a reality, who knows.

  22. Peace and light for all Avatar
    Peace and light for all

    Thank you for sharing.

    I remember being a small child, looking at my small hand, and realizing what was inside was not the same same thing I was seeing. I had the realization that we are much more than our physical bodies. I also recall being amazed at how small my body was. I can only now explain that as my soul observing my body and possibly the differences between it and the previous one. I feel I was much more profound as a child than I am now.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your experiences

  23. Bob Avatar

    Eric, do you happen to know why “now” is the time that we are aware of our existence? Why not a previous life or a future life? In spirit, do we also follow time? Thanks for your insights!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Time is very different in the spiritual realm than it is here. It’s not linear at all. I am a bit confused on what you mean with the first question

  24. Kimmarie Hornbeck Avatar
    Kimmarie Hornbeck

    Hi Eric. I hope my message finds you well. I have been MIA due to personal life challenges but hope to be at the peak of my mountain where all will now flow positively. I removed a negative presence I feel was, although initially helpful in ways, was damaging and draining the positive spirit of me.

    Oh, btw It’s kimmarie from NY

    I was wondering if the ability and time was allowable of course, to communicate to me my prior existence as you have wonderfully shared yours?

    I appreciate you and Spirit working “overtime” on the world challenges before us – but reading about you (John) renewed my interest in knowing the me of years gone by.

    Please advise at your convenience

    Warmest regards for a happy healthy safe and prosperous future for you and all of ‘God’s creatures’

    Kimmarie hornbeck

    Sent from my iPhone…

    “…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Have a PHENOMENAL Day!!! (smile)


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You can do a personal reading that can answer that, please use the email for that at worldwidepredictions@yahoo.con

  25. Andi Avatar

    Eric. I was just wondering if u could tell me why we don’t remember our past lives? I know we have lessons to learn, but it seems like jn order to learn we would need to know or remember what lessons we learned before in other lives?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask them. Let me get back to you. I have an idea of why it would add unwarranted obstacles , I actually live it. But I need to ask them to make sure that just not a me problem.

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