Rohingya Flee Myanmar

Hate seems to be making a revival across the world. I hope the Rohingya people find the peace they need. This is an old prediction, we have posted it before, it’s unfortunate we are here again.

“We will never side with the transgressors, we don’t like transgressors… Myanmar.. you are poisoning the well of the Great Prince.. stop the hate.. before violence, upheavals, and death”
I had a horrible visual of a man dressed in red standing on a stage of dripping mud that was up to his knees, opening his mouth and giant wasps poured out of it stinging all the people
A Prediction that Myanmar might explode in violence because of hate speech in the name of religion. The Great Prince is in reference to Prince Siddhartha otherwise known as the Buddha, they have also used the Great Prophet and the Prince of Peace to describe other iconic spiritual faiths. I always find it truly awesome how unlike the separation here, the spirits have an undying loyalty and admiration to all three individuals.

9 thoughts on “Rohingya Flee Myanmar

  1. Eric, I think we need to start doing something on an energetic level to counter the hate that is spreading. I’m personally starting to pray for protection for all those who are the targets of hate. I’m also praying for new scientific discoveries that can help us counteract the damage we’re doing to the earth, like something that can help negate the excess CO 2 . I’m also visualizing healing energy and peaceful energy being sent to the earth.
    We can warn, but I think we need to call on higher power to help us prevent some of these awful things.

        1. We going to finally have an SWC meeting and that is the topic of conversation. I still need to verify with WordPress I can post a recording. Finally after several delays.

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