Notes on 7-3-13

Here are the notes from Spirit on July 3rd

“The man will be caught” I witnessed a man being handcuffed. I would assume this is in regards to the news of today, Snowden.

“Around 57.. The great leader passes away.” I have to assume 57 would mean around the 5th a great or important leader passes away.

“W-A-R” — it’s a title more information will follow. Usually if it’s a fairly large prediction they start with a title, they did the same for the Tsunami as well as the terrorist acts predicted back in November.

“We will never side with the transgressors, we don’t like transgressors… Myanmar.. you are poisoning the well of the Great Prince.. stop the hate.. before violence, upheavals, and death”
I had a horrible visual of a man dressed in red standing on a stage of dripping mud that was up to his knees, opening his mouth and giant wasps poured out of it stinging all the people
A Prediction that Myanmar might explode in violence because of hate speech in the name of religion. The Great Prince is in reference to Prince Siddhartha otherwise known as the Buddha, they have also used the Great Prophet and the Prince of Peace to describe other iconic spiritual faiths. I always find it truly awesome how unlike the separation here, the spirits have an undying loyalty and admiration to all three individuals.

11 thoughts on “Notes on 7-3-13

  1. Was it mud or excrement…? Ask your guides what we can do collectively to help a contemporary Prince of Peace, Nelson Mandela, in his passing to keep that beautiful spirit he believed in and practiced while on this earth. Sad that his heirs are feuding, but many great leaders have had sketchy family lives — a sacrifice they make to plant a positive plutonic message to the masses; Gandhi & Dr. King cases in point.

    1. Watch INVICTUS. There is something profound happening in Egypt, the cradle of civilization. Apparently, the film has messages that could help them right now — that’s what my guides say. Egyptian people are a strong-minded, fed up with a stupid govt that’s hijacked their resources & power. We never thought our U.S. govt could be hijacked. I grew up raising the flag with my Dad, folding it just so. What’s wrong with our current picture? There is a monied elite who cross patriotic jingoism to serve a Bilderberg economic Masters of financial Universe. This draconian cabal think We The People are stupid: and therefore deserve our fate — unless we step up and link arms. Cross the aisle! Partisan is all a Punch & Judy puppet show anyway, capice? Let’s wake up. Ascension time! Never thought I’d be saying this, but there’s something rotten in Kennebunkport, Kensington Palace, Vatican City. Can y’all smell it?? We may not be able to see it due to their magick; but if we as a species are stupid enough to have them rub our noses in their symbols during Superbowl halftimes — like hieroglyphs, a shorthand of satanic verses — and not revolt…OUR BAD, GOD HELP US, along with Allah, Buddha, Christ

  2. ” I always find it truly awesome how unlike the separation here, the spirits have an undying loyalty and admiration to all three individuals.” Me too, Eric.

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