Prediction: After Hurricane Irma Another Hurricane Strikes Florida

Very sorry for these horrible messages. We are still waiting for the countdown on the destructive San Francisco/San Jose earthquake.

While Irma slides up the coast of Florida creating damage in its wake, another Hurricane soon afterwards will strike Florida directly. Two Hurricanes affecting the state of Florida leaving unimaginable damage.

The Carolinas will be greatly affected by these Hurricanes.

Spirit implied the Carolinas would be hit the worst along with Florida. 

Though Spirit implies the eye of Irma stays in the sea when it reaches Florida, it will still do overwhelming damage.

I had visual of a ship holding cargo with a heavy rope. The rope was slightly cut, little by little the rope gave way until the rope snapped and the cargo crashed.

A symbolic message of some type, someone snapping?  perhaps a pun? or perhaps a description of an accident?

Mueller makes official charges against a Trump surrogate. This prediction is linked to a previous prediction:

In the visual it was a younger surrogate. 


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  1. perhaps, the events of the world, and the “storms”, are forms of warnings, the message of reform has been floating about for many years, but has there been any real changes, i read the prophecies of Ezra, they are worth reading in these times while we still have options as they say

  2. Eric, SWC, – Intuitive Danielle Egnew also recently predicted 3 more superstorms after Harvey; affecting Florida, the Carolina’s, Virginia, New Jersey/New York – not sure in which time frame. Of course the outcomes are per science, but as all things are connected, she reminds us to gentle our thoughts and our own angers and always “lead with love”. “For the vibration of love disturbs the chaos, sends peace through the atmosphere. Calming the heart of the angry seas.”

    I was always taught; predictions are to warn, nothing is set in stone. “A prophecy fulfilled is a prophecy failed”, as we can change outcomes. Love, Light and Prayers to all affected in the islands, in the path of the storms, also to those recovering in the Gulf / Houston area, and to those in the Pacific Northwest dealing with the fires. And that is just in North America right now….

    1. As for the FL and NC being affected the most, does this mean it’ll be a hurricane from FL all the way up to FL? Or will it be a hurricane at FL, dissipate into a tropical storm, and then what’s left of it will cause tornadoes? Katia is headed up the east coast while Jose is close to Mexico in the Gulf.

  3. Eric,

    Do you see where is Florida is safe? I’m just north or Orlando so I’m hoping choosing to stay isn’t a mistake now…

    1. I have family in Orlando and they are staying. I also have family in Ft. Lauderdale and they are going to a hotel inland which has generators and supplies. We are all well seasoned with storms so I trust their judgement. Irma moved more east so it might be just off the coast like Eric’s prediction. I’m on the west coast and decided to board up and stay. I’ll be praying for you and all of us going through this storm. My heart still goes out to the people in Texas. We are all in this together.

      1. Luna tic the storm has just shifted west. They are saying it’s going to go straight up the middle now! Stay safe to you and your family! My sister is in Hernando County so I’m hoping it goes back to the east!

      2. lunatic
        Please stay safe ..Leave if you have time ..Please stay intouch Prayers Love and light to you and yours and all of Florida and Any area that finds itself
        at the mercy of these Hurricanes ..
        we care about all of you ..your part of SWC family ..

      3. Oh my, I am sending prayers and good vibes your way. Irma seems to be a beast and from what I’m reading no matter where she comes ashore or even if she does, there will be so much wind and rain all across Florida. Please leave if you can. I know many who live near the oceans are used to hurricanes and that type of weather, but this one seems different.
        I hope you all will be safe, but please don’t take any chances. I would rather you leave and nothing happen than for you all to be hurt or stuck there.
        Prayers for you all and please keep us posted and let us know you’re safe.

      1. Eric you said “I think you should leave”. We’re you referring to me in Orlando? Or luna tic on the west coast? Sorry my phone doesn’t show which it was a reply to.

      1. Eric, has just shown a further possible hurricane forming after Jose. They’re currently giving 20% chance of it forming within the next five days.
        The link will take you to all current and potential hurricanes in that area, and their tracking.

      2. Can you ask about the water in the ocean gone in long island bahamas from irma as far as the eye can see. No tsunami mentioned. We will need to know more abour jose paths and the one before it please. God bless Florida.

    1. For what it’s worth my friends in Pensacola say Katia is the one they are watching closely. They believe as slow as she’s moving now she will pick up speed and hit Florida on their side.
      If this happens I’m not sure there will be much left of Florida. Prayers for everyone.

      1. I read on the National weather Service that Katia will affect Mexico; not Florida.

  4. Eric,
    Is the plane attack still expected soon?

    I’m wondering if the attack might occur on the 9/11 anniversary….maybe the 7th was marked because of Hurricane Irma, and the damage it caused to some of the Caribbean islands.

  5. Eric,
    when will this second hurricane arrive in Florida? Days after Irma, or weeks?

    My prayers for you guys who are on Irma’s path

  6. 6th Sept. “Never before has the US been so divisive, divided, and filled with such hatred all leading to the rise…” Then Spirit showed a large iron statue of a swastika coming from the darkness into the light.”

    Considering what went on in the past in Charlottesville, and Spirit’s statement above, the future looks more than frightening on the matter of racism.
    A story featured in our Government run Australian Broadcasting Commission on line news:

    “Neo-Nazi thinking isn’t new to the streets of Charlottesville, or to America.
    In fact, America led the way. And Hitler and his apparatchiks took notice.”

  7. Dear Eric,
    Perhaps the cargo ship represents merchandise or business in some way. The rope symbolizes something being intertwined (collusion, or conflict of interest), but it’s being worn away. This could mean the Trump family businesses, Rex Tillerson, or Paul Manafort’s latest controversies.

  8. Dear Eric, Please, would you explain for me why the posted spirit’s statement to you on Wednesday, Sept. 6th 2017 predicting that Hurricane Irma is going to surprise everyone by suddenly turning right, not hitting Florida directly and going out over the sea, completely changed the very next day to Irma directly hitting Florida and going up the peninsula somewhere. I don’t understand why the spirit was mistaken and now I can’t find the prediction here.

  9. Dear Eric, I forgot to also ask you: Generally or specifically, where in Florida did you see the “unimaginable” damage? In the entire state? I’m sorry to ask, but I’d really appreciate any more information you can share with me Thank you kindly.

  10. By the way there is a san Francisco in mexico city maybe this is the earthquake prediction?

  11. Eric, your pedictions posted on 26 Jul 2016:
    ” I had a visual of Trump writing a check to himself. Then it shifted to show a giant hole in the sand of a beach.” I think it could be linked to hurricane Irma ( a check to himself – insurance)

  12. Uhg, it is like playing dodge ball with this storm since it is going straight up the middle now…maybe that is why Eric saw Florida painted black. We can’t really get out since the interstates have been moving at a snails pace for the last 2 days and it will be raining until we get the storm. One daughter flew out to Maryland this morning and we are being told if it does come straight at us to move 20-50 miles one way or the other (if I go anymore west I will be in the water lol). Kind and safe wishes to all and especially to those in Mexico and my fellow Floridians.

    1. Luna tic,
      Stay safe..glad you made family plans and are taking precautions with your neighbors.,
      ( from last year)
      Will be sending you my thoughts and blessings to you.,and yours.,
      Please Keep us apprised of your status

      Remembering you have someone watching out for you on the otherside…

  13. Eric, SWC,
    Racial tensions mount in Islands..

    PARIS (AP) — Some black and mixed-race residents of the hurricane-devastated French territory of St. Martin have expressed anger at a perception that white tourists were given priority during the evacuation of the island that France acquired during colonial times.

    The anger over perceived discrimination – whether or not based on fact – is exposing underlying racial tensions that have long plagued France’s far-flung former colonies, especially its Caribbean islands.

    St. Martin resident Johana Soudiagom told local television Guadeloupe 1ere that mainly white people were selected for evacuation on Friday following Hurricane Irma above mixed-race islanders on a boat from the French island of La Desirade.**** end of excerpt

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