Finland Attack

Has this prediction happened?

Please pray for all those in Finland.

We are posting this before the details have come through. The Spirits made it sound like a shooting, but some of the edited parts did imply a knife attack. I am not familiar with the location to assume there is a forest in the background.

Predictions 7-18-17   I had a visual of a man going on a shooting spree, he spent time hiding, shooting from the ground, from a tree, hidden in what looked like snow. Then he lit people and places on fire. Several people were kept under his wave of terror, as a standoff of some kind emerged.  (There were other parts I am excluding because it is too dark. Whether it important or not, its not appropriate to share.)

The visual very specifically showed a mountain terrain. My feeling was a Nordic country or Scandinavian country. There was oddly a residue of snow, but that might just be symbolic to the location. The victims seemed young as if apart of a school. The visual ended with someone injured who the culprit allowed to leave to get help. In everyway it was a gruesome scene, with multiple victims.

Predictions 8-16-17   “Eric a nightmare is coming, something dark, tragic looms.”

I had three visuals back to back: I had a visual of the barrel of a large gun going off, a small smoke stack came out of it.

I had a visual of the remnants of a burnt destroyed building, either it was bombed or burned down.

I had a visual it was pouring rain, there were children in the rain standing next to a school bus. There was mud all over the ground.

Whether connected or not the 17th/18th is marked.



8 thoughts on “Finland Attack

  1. There is not vast mountain areas in Finland. The highest point is Halti which is only 1020 meters above sea level. Those few higher mountains exist in North Finland. However Halti could already have its first snow. Usually winter begins October in North Finland. Real mountains exist only in Norway and in North Sweden. I think that your shooting prediction is still under its way. Unfortunately so…

    1. Same here….it’s crazy lately. I think its under the spell of solar eclipse. People are going mad. Praying for calm energies.

  2. Eric, SWC,

    More arrested.,update 6 so far.,,

    Police said they detained the two men on suspicion “of preparation of an offense to be committed with terrorist intent,” bringing the total number of arrests to six. On Tuesday, a regional court ordered that the main suspect – an 18-year-old Moroccan asylum-seeker – be detained on suspicion of terrorist crimes, including two counts of murder and eight counts of attempted murder. Three alleged accomplices – all believed to be Moroccan – were ordered to be held on suspicion they helped plan the attack.

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