Predictions 8-12-17

“Earthquake” (Again!)

“Where the snow sits in the north.”

The implication was Alaska or a northern snow location. It is expected fairly soon. Between now and the next 2 to 3 days. But the verbiage used was ‘now’. I am starting to think the elevator door is not one earthquake but a set of them.


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  1. Plenty of places in the Arctic or far northern Canada that would have snow or fairly soon.

  2. Eric,, why do you think you are not getting anything from spirit on Korea,,,,is this just humans
    acting out as children posturing with their BIG toys,,,and the Universe is protecting Earth from
    3rd dimensional actions. ????

  3. I’ve been thinking it’s multiple earthquakes too, and wondered about Alaska lately for some reason. But there are a lot of snowy places out there.

  4. If the spirits know where the earthquake will hit why dont they say Alaska instead of the vague “Where the snow sits in the North.”?

    1. From what I have read & heard most people who are psychic seem to say that spirit communicates through symbols, images & sensory information as opposed to direct verbal commentary.

      1. And the psychic then has to interpret the information as best they can, for example “Where the snow sits in the North”. I don’t know if this is how it is for Eric, but it seems to be a common description given by psychics.

  5. A car just plowed into a group of people at a White Supremacist rally in Virginia just a little while ago. The violence is escalating. Did u have any predictions regarding this, Eric? I’m truly fearing for America right now. The hatred seems to be increasing.

  6. @Carolyn : energies are increasing on Earth…the Earth is purging itself these times…and people too. that’s why all extremes are getting mad. But its a necessary process and transition finally…because we’re entering into the 4D dimension (for those who are ready).

    xx from France

  7. This isn’t going to make me popular but someone has to say it. Yes, the North Korea situation is serious but I think we all have to chill a bit, take the panic down a few markers. If you’re not KJU or Trump, there really isn’t much you can do but stay informed and hold it together. Eric will get the messages he gets when he gets them. If/when something happens–and protections, laying in supplies, whatever is required, we’ll be informed. But we don’t have any control in this and making yourselves sick with worry does no one–neither you nor the people who count on you–any good.

    1. It’s easy to suggest that we tone down the rhetoric but Kim Jung Un has been launching missiles like a 12 old boy playing with rockets in his backyard.

      It’s one thing to defend your country, it’s another to blow up nuclear bombs underground and launch ICBM’s while you threaten to nuke your neighbors. Trump and others have tried speaking to him with back door channels but that has not worked.

      This is a psychopath that murdered his uncle while he was tied to a post and shot with a .50 cal machine gun. Then Un murdered his wife and children ( Un’s cousins) to ensure that there was no threat to his dominance.

      And he killed his older brother as well.

      He should have been dealt with during the Obama administration but I guess Obama and Hillary thought it would be better to bomb Syria, Libya and Yemen because they won’t shoot back. But because of their waffling and refusal to deal with Un, this is where we are at.

      It’s easy to suggest we be nice to Un and maybe he’ll be nice back to us but if we wake up in the morning and see that he has nuked Guam, Tokyo or Seoul; the same people in the media that are complaining about the current situation would be wondering why we didn’t do anything before.

      Un has to go…….one way or another.

      1. Why the Obama years? This madness has been going on longer than Un has been in power. The reason is simple, you don’t send elephants into a garden to destroy the snails. The major mistake Trump has made is to make his comments, which most of us would probably think isn’t a bad thing, in public. These lunatics, like Un, live off public profile. A good leader would work diplomatically with China to cool what is a very heated North Korea. What we have now is an unknown chess game. Will Un decide he has nothing to loose and so send a bomb off to ‘a small island’ (I think that is what Eric predicted) just to feed his overly inflated ego?
        Bullying a madman is not the answer.

      2. I’m not saying KJU isn’t a despot and a dictator and yes, the world would be a better safer place without him. What I’m saying is the constant panic and pushing for more info as if Eric had any control over what messages he gets is over the top.

  8. I was reading that there’s an increase of earthquake activity around eclipses, the next eclipse runs through the USA, could Southern California still be part of the earthquake prediction?

  9. Earthquake- Northeast Canada maybe? Fish were found at southern Labrador (Strait of St. Lawrence I think) washed up on beach yesterday. Seems like it would be western coast of Canada though. What is the current list of outstanding eq predictions? Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Japan, US-San Jose and San Fran? Oar fish found washed up in Phillipines a few days ago! Pretty crazy.

    1. Did I see a prediction somewhere on this site about fish dying because of rising ocean temperatures & pollution?

  10. “Scientists have uncovered the largest volcanic region on Earth – two kilometres below the surface of the vast ice sheet that covers west Antarctica.
    The project, by Edinburgh University researchers, has revealed almost 100 volcanoes – with the highest as tall as the Eiger, which stands at almost 4,000 metres in Switzerland.
    Geologists say this huge region is likely to dwarf that of east Africa’s volcanic ridge, currently rated the densest concentration of volcanoes in the world.”

  11. Anyone following earthquakes in the South East Asian region will note that there hasn’t been a quake registered here for 20 hours as of 11am Aussie time.
    There has been three in the Mid Atlantic Ridge in the past hour of magnitudes 4.9, 5.0, and 5.1,
    and at least five in the Alaska region of 2.7 through to 4.2 in the past two hours.

    1. It’s been a full 24 hours since the last quake of interest in South East Asia….that’s a very long time. Don’t like that at all. Pressure has to be building somewhere, and Alaska and Mid Atlantic Ridge seem to be the new centres. A 3.2 in Oregon a half hour ago.

      1. Unfortunately, there have been earthquake not display. I has to rely on other sites for answers. It seems some are popping up, then removed too. There was a rare earthquake, as I recall November 18, 1929 was a tsunami off the coast of Newfoundland which was a 7.2 back then. This 5.2 today would not cause a tsunami, but it is showing more and more where places have been rare are showing some kind of sign.
        M 5.2
        Date time 2017-08-14 00:26:37.3 UTC
        Location 43.42 N ; 51.55 W
        Depth 10 km
        Distances 520 km SE of Saint-Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon / pop: 6,200 / local time: 22:26:37.3 2017-08-13
        469 km S of St. John’s, Canada / pop: 99,200 / local time: 21:56:37.3 2017-08-13

  12. ERIC, I can feel the faint tremble of vibes on ground in Dallas. It’s rather very long steady vibe. I think it’s happening any moment now as the big one may hit in northwest USA. It’s not so good and feeling real nervous.

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