Rare August Tornado

Has this prediction happened? Please pray for those is Tulsa. Spirit predicted this tornado in Missouri not Tulsa Oklahoma which is about 110 miles away. It was however very surprising for them to make this prediction, normally there aren’t tornado’s in August.

Predictions 8-2-17   “Missouri.. Tornado.. 87 (that implies a timeframe around the 8th)”

8 thoughts on “Rare August Tornado

  1. It happened so fast that most of the tornado sirens didn’t have time to warn us. There is a lot of damage but nothing we can’t overcome.

  2. The weather is so strange in the part of the US I’m in, it’s raining like it does in spring and we didn’t really have rain in the spring. It’s almost like our seasons are mixed up.
    Praying for all those affected by the tornado. So very sad.

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