Pennsylvania Killing Spree

This horrific prediction has happened. Please pray for the victims families. This story is beyond horrible.

(Disclaimer on graphic content)

The New York Daily News reported: “The horrific details of a Pennsylvania pot dealer’s killing spree emerged Friday, with four helpless victims gunned down and bodies incinerated in a “pig roaster.” ”  — Which explains why Spirit showed the culprits as half human half pig monsters.  The prediction:

Predictions on 9-23-15   I had a visual of the half pig, half human head. In the back was complete darkness.
“Such a gruesome response by the drug dealer (cartel?). It found logistically.” — Spirits Voice
This could be related to a previous prediction: Predictions on 9-14-15

“A drug deal goes horribly wrong.
A morbid scene of the flesh cut up.
Two people.
The house known.
Good news the culprits found.” Spirits Voice




5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Killing Spree

  1. OMG, Eric…this is horrible…these poor people…slaughtered like animals…praying for their souls

    1. At least the criminals were caught. Still, the families must be hurting a lot…I hope they find peace someday.

  2. Wow, Eric, another prediction hit. Sadly, the description of the event would be far from most of our imaginations. How could we have intervened when we could not truly understand the words of the spirits? This was a horrific event. So sad. My prayers and thoughts to the families who have lost their young love ones. I wonder….does our prayers and positive and consoling thoughts really help? What do the spirits say about prayers and thoughts. Are they helpful? For reference, I am thinking like a Catholic when I say I pray for the victims.

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