Predictions on 9-14-15

I had a visual of the end of a train, the floor and area around it was mangled and destroyed. “Charles”
A train crash, the implication was that Charles has something to do with the location.


(4:49) ‘for 49 minutes’
This means in 49 days, the message came in Saturday, we are expecting a prediction to happen and need to ask which one, this puts it at the end of October or beginning of November. This is something new from Spirit, now that we are trying to do predictions that are coming now or next Spirit is starting to countdown to the event predicted.

In Australia, in November, a great rain, a great flood will be so massive that it will flood a great land mass. In the south east.

“Come on everyone lets go!!” Someone’s voice said in a panic.
I had a visual of a large oil refinery, their was smoke everywhere, a massive amount of smoke drifted up the air.
I had a visual of a gas station or gas storage center. There was a massive plume of smoke covering the area.

Here in southern California, around San Diego
Southern California? Are we talking about the refinery or the drug deal, they gave the message in transition from one message to another, however I believe they are talking about the drug deal.

“A drug deal goes horribly wrong.
A morbid scene of the flesh cut up.
Two people.
The house known.
Good news the culprits found.” Spirits Voice

I had a visual I was standing in the background of a city or town. Then in a flash I heard a large boom followed by an explosion in the center of the town. There was a large plume of smoke and fire.

I had a visual I saw several people going through the rubble, desperate to find survivors.

These last two visuals are incomplete. We did not finish the message in time. Where is this? When? Are we talking about an accident or terror attack? We will try our best to revisit this prediction for more details.

Spirits showed the Republican Debate coming up here in California. With a more light hearted tone they showed a visual of: Donald Trump pushing a button on the podium as if it was a game show like family feud. He very quickly responded, somewhat confused, “America”.

Its unclear what they are talking about, it sounds like a humorous pun. I guess we will have to wait and see. Its unclear if the message is apart of the world predictions or a message for me, our family is very involved in the politics of United States,  and I mean very involved. We use to go to the McCain rallies when he ran against Bush during the republican caucus long ago. Voting in our family is considered sacred.

“Eric, our community here must be united if we are to achieve our goal of changing the tragedies of the future. Under our own roof, we cannot, will not,  allow individuals to degrade the cultures and beliefs of others around the world.” Spirits Voice

Their roof, is this blog and their message.

49 thoughts on “Predictions on 9-14-15

      1. Charleston WV was my first thought. They had a train wreck early last year and another incident late last year or early this year. That might have been a train too.

  1. There is the Charles River in Boston. There are subways (i.e., trains) in Boston; not so sure about Charleston.

      1. There is an MBTA transit stop at Boston’s Mass General Hospital; it’s called MGH/Charles, (MBTA Red Line) which is the intersection between Cambridge and Charles Streets, called Charles Circle, which is the entranceway to Mass General Hospital.

    1. Yes, Boston was my first thought. The Red line subway trains come up from underground to go over the Charles River. There is a Charles stop on the Red Line subway near Massachusetts General Hospital.

  2. I wonder if the large flood event will be South East Queensland? Brisbane has had 2 major flood events in the past, most recently in 2011 which caused massive amounts of damage.

      1. The Cyclones normally hit Far North Queensland and Northern Territory that I know. Cyclones hitting Queensland either move down the east coast of Australia towards South East Queensland (fizzling out before it reaches that far south) or move west across the top of Queensland towards Northern Territory. Cyclones don’t normally occur south of Queensland, but big non-cyclonic rain events can happen anywhere, as predicted and observed a few months ago in New South Wales (Sydney etc).

    1. I was thinking SE QLD as apposed to SE Australia. Flooding doesn’t make sense down toward Canberra and VIC border? I’ve also heard predictions in the past about GC and Brisbane flooding.

      1. Hi Jessica, its possible the location is off, when they made the Hurricane Sandy prediction they actually pointed to the east coast, but pointed to a slightly central area not the northern area of new York. When you say you have heard other predictions what exactly are you talking about, can you share the link please.

  3. I think the point spirit is trying to make is not one religious group has the right to claim god to reinforce there religious beliefs based upon there own false doctrine. Blasphemy is the right word along with heracy.

      1. Thats what jesus taught. We are one. Thought and words,fire and spirit baptised thru water. God is love. Everyone comes from enoch here on earth. Noah and naamah.that explains one in a scientific way. One family. Now if we can have one thought the world would change. Everyone comes from god.Everyone comes from the stars. What a great time to be alive. Even with all the misery going on it creates opportunities to help your family in various ways. Donate time,money,thought,food,shelter etc. Turning negative into positive. The pope is coming.people dont like the pope as there reflection is disgust. But god loves everyone.Everyone is god. That includes women also.

      2. Ask the conductor how great the fathers love is.Everyone makes mistakes. They are forgiven.always upwards.

  4. Eric a pychic was saying to stay away from brisbane City betwwen 24 26 sep as there is going to be something bad going down something to do with a surge a massive one how do you feel about that one can u ask the spirits please

  5. Eric and Colleagues, I just looked up the bridge I was thinking of from our past prediction comments in Boston and it says the locals call it the “Salt-and-Pepper Bridge”, or the “Salt-and-Pepper Shaker Bridge”. It’s the Longfellow Bridge which goes over the Charles River. Did we have a post with that phrase recently?

      1. The Longfellow Bridge (salt and pepper shaker bridge) is currently closed to vehicular traffic for repairs, and only the trains cross it now. .

  6. Im curious to know how you can tell if you met spirit guide or not the thing is i tried a guided meditation from youtube and well i really believe in spirits but i doubt myself with that said as i was doing the meditation a thing that came to mind was little girl with blonde curly hair which i have no clue why i would picture that then i tried quieting my mind and got three words that came to mind not trying to think of them which makes me wonder cause i would not personally think of them the were in succession which was san fransisco earthquake december does any of you have any opinions on this that has contacted spirits im not trying to be something im not but i really wonder why i thought those words should i believe i made contact.

  7. Charles City in Iowa has the history of train dismantled in 2013 and 2014. I think it had to do with the water that dismantled it.

    Also, there is Charles Ro Supply company (US Trains)

    Charlotte, NC

    North Caroline’s Amtrak
    Charlotte Station

    Charleston in West Viriginia

    I suspected it could be Charles City in Iowa has it has recent history of repeating dismantled.

    Hope it helps some.

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