US Bombers Fly Over North Korea

This prediction has happened. We will be asking for some clarity on what is next for the ongoing crisis in North Korea. The prediction implied jets crossing each other, that did not happen.

In other news we are expecting another major event, as they said the words ‘Now’ yesterday, which completes their countdown. But I need to go over my predictions to figure out which event it is, according to Spirit this prediction was a major topic during the our transition, right before we took a break.

Predictions 7-3-17  I had a visual of US jets taking off from a carrier.  I had a visual of jets in the sky cross each other. I had a visual of another airplane dropping bombs while jets quickly crossed it. “A battle brews.”

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  1. Joey Avatar

    I still wonder if the prediction is referring to something else because you had a vision of “planes taking off from a carrier”. The bombers took off from standard land airport.

    Anyway it will be interesting to see how this korea issue develops

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It might just be symbolic because the bombs were not real either.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    It’s brewing an escalation very soon it’s in the cards a lady did a card reading on YouTube. Some time this month or next month. Pray for peace for the sake of the people of north Korea, its not their fault their leaders a nut job.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I agree, pray for the North Korean people.

      It really frustrates me that, because of Kim Jong Un’s arrogance and hatred, he’s kept his own people in oppression, when he could have made things better when he took power.

      And now he’s determined to get nuclear ICBMs–personally, I don’t think we can let him get those capabilities any farther because that’s like giving Hitler or ISIS nukes.

      Many people think he won’t really use them, but then again, many leaders in the past have taken their people down suicidal paths for no good reason. (Hitler, religious cult leaders, terrorist leaders, etc.) I’m afraid Kim Jong Un is one of these types.

      I don’t want us to have to resort to military action, but I don’t think we can live with an ICBM capable Kim Jong Un either. It’s so frustrating that he’s putting so many innocent people at risk, and doesn’t even care about them.
      I just hope Kim Jong Un gets out of power before any of this gets worse. Hopefully things will be resolved without fighting, but I’m not really hopeful that will happen.

      1. Linda Blair Avatar

        Sara, I am with you.. I an frightened by what could happen…I am skeptical about everything right now…secrecy seems to be the rule of the day..
        I read that congress must be involved if war is at hand…maybe this is false or maybe this is true…God only knows

      2. Sara Avatar

        You’re right…a president can’t declare war without two-thirds of Congress agreeing. I don’t know if that applies to preemptive strikes, though.
        In situations like this, maybe the military has a stronger role I’m not aware of.

    2. Sara Avatar

      Where did you find that youtube video? What’s the title of the video? I’m curious to take a look at it.

      1. Lisa Avatar

        Hi sara, the person to look for on YouTube is Three Hoodoo Sisters she is a tarot card reader from the U.S. and she does forecasts on Trump it was done on 24 or 26 of June you’ll find it she’s very good goes on for about 25 minutes.

      2. Lisa Avatar

        It’s a reading for his July its the first video there got about 7000 views so far. Let us know what you think x

      3. Sara Avatar

        I saw the video, but I didn’t really understand it well because I don’t know anything about tarot cards or how the readings work. But, some of her predictions seemed similar to some things Eric has mentioned.

    3. iamtot Avatar

      Was that Doreen Virtue doing the card reading? I have seen one of her youtube videos talking about war

  3. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

    Eric, do you have any predictions on what might happen to Trump this month.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s not a focus right now.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am sure they will cover it again but there are very dire concerns that need our focus.

  4. Linda Blair Avatar

    Oh no…I wonder what Really transpired at the summit meeting last week….is this what the secret meeting with Putin was about? Nothing good will come of this and, yes, pray for the innocent citizens of north Korea…their leader is an unhinged dictator.

    1. Sara Avatar

      It’s times like these I really wish dictators lived on remote islands all by themselves, so we could stop them without innocent people getting caught in the crossfire. Sadly, Kim Jong Un seems like the kind of dictator to purposely use human shields.

  5. Cory Avatar

    “I had a visual of another airplane dropping bombs while jets quickly crossed it. ‘A battle brews.'” — I didn’t hear anything about NK fighter jets crossing U.S./SK jets, only that there were SK jets flying in tandem with U.S. jets as they dropped the dummy bombs.

    1. Cory Avatar

      Also, why is everyone so worried about this prediction if you already said the Chinese would come in and remove Kim and take over NK. Don’t recall you ever predicting war with NK.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        That is correct they have not mentioned a war with NK

  6. James Avatar

    There were no other planes crossing the other planes. Wait till North and South Korea planes cross each other and US launch planes from carrier to help.

    Could be big quake now due. For maybe new zealand.

  7. Raymond Avatar

    I am tired of war and fighting battles for the rest of the world. I feel like our military has become an organization of professional mercenaries. We have been at war in one form or another since 7 December 1941. But, Kim Jung Un has to be eliminated. Every president for the last 20 years has been ignoring the situation and this is where it has gotten us. The sooner we deal with NK the better. And this time, we need to bring it to a final conclusion that results in the unification of the peninsula. Otherwise, we’ll be dealing with the same situation or something similar next year or the year after.

  8. kerranhansongmailcom Avatar

    Camden market fire?

    1. kerranhansongmailcom Avatar

      Oops that’s meant for 7/7/17 prediction

  9. lossie2020 Avatar

    Both Trump and Kim need to grow up and come to their common sense. They both want to proof themselves as who is better than other. And both of them don’t want the war either. Ridiculous if they are playing against each other by putting innocence lives at risk. They are such childish and foolish.

    Pray they come to their common sense and have a heart for their people. Shame..shame…shame on them.

    1. Sara Avatar

      In Kim Jong Un’s case, I strongly suspect he doesn’t have a realistic outlook on life. His people have been taught he’s like a god and to worship him accordingly….what scares me is that kind of power can corrupt people easily and make them overconfident.

      I think Kim Jong Un might be delusional enough to really think he can win a war, or may not care as long as he goes out in a blaze of glory. It’s just my opinion, but I suspect he’s more dangerous than we realize.

  10. Joy Parks Avatar

    I’m wondering how many Americans who think that something (meaning Americans taking action) has to be done about NK realize that it’s not just your own country getting involved. The Korean War wasn’t won by anyone, there was never a formal peace treaty, there was an armistice declared in 1953, but under the United Nations Command, the war technically never ended and if active fighting begins again, the 17 countries, one of which is mine, could by military law, be pulled back into the war.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I think there are exceptions countries can make if they want to stay out of fighting a particular war….17 countries may have an agreement to help, but this can be done by supplying food, medicine, or weapons, instead of sending soldiers. I don’t think anyone’s going to force the other 17 countries to fight if their people don’t want to.

      I know any fight with North Korea wouldn’t just involve us Americans, but that would also be the case if we didn’t do anything to stop him, and Kim Jong Un did something crazy like nuke South Korea or fire missiles at Japan. Even an accidental leak at a North Korea nuclear-plant on their northern border would endanger Russia and China as well.

      And if Kim Jong UN gets the ability to send ICBMs anywhere, it puts every country at risk….if he aimed a missile at America, if there was a mistake it could go off course and hit Mexico.

      I know many people don’t believe Kim Jong Un would really do anything that’d risk him being attacked and losing his power….but delusional leaders (especially those like Kim Jong Un, who make their people treat them as gods) don’t always act rationally.

      I don’t want a war with North Korea either, but we must face the possibility that allowing Kim time to perfect his abilities is like giving Hitler or ISIS ICBMs.

      Don’t get me wrong, if other countries don’t want to be involved, I agree they have a right to refuse. But I still think we’re underestimating Kim’s arrogance and delusional need to destroy anyone he doesn’t like. Hitler had no practical, logical reason to try and take over the world and kill anyone he hated….but that didn’t stop him from trying.

      If Kim is left alone and if he eventually launches ICBMs and kills millions, it will affect the whole world, even the countries who stayed neutral.

    2. Karen Avatar

      I just don’t know to be honest with you. As an American I can recall NK pulling many of these same stunts when a new presidebt has been elected. It would seem in the past, at least my take on it, is he’s just trying to get attention, trying to goad the US in some type of reaction, and previous presidents just wouldn’t feed in to this type of behavior. Much like many small children, good attention or bad attention it doesn’t matter as long as it’s attention. Now that we have this administration, which seems much like the same type small child, I have no idea what could happen at this point.
      As an American I would like to say I do understand that if anything is started at this point the majority of the 17 countries you speak of will become involved as they will not sit on the sidelines and watch, whether by gentleman’s agreement or political agreement. Unfortunately many governments don’t listen to the voices of all the people in their countries, just the ones that agree with what they choose to do.
      I pray that the US will turn around and walk away, not feeding in to this crazy situation that happens every four or eight years when we elect a new president. In all honesty, I’m not sure how much we can believe that is being released saying NK has this or that type of weapons.
      Prayers for you and your country.

  11. Francine Avatar

    Keep in your thoughts the people living in South Korea and in Japan, and the men and women stationed in those regions that are going to be called to action if things really spark.

    I was stationed at Misawa AB in Northern Japan in 1994 when things came very close to blowing up with N Korea. Overnight,we went from a normal peacetime stance to prepared to go to war, waiting for the word. Frightening times, then and now.

  12. Sara Avatar

    Any idea which prediction the “we are expecting another major event, as they said the words ‘Now’ yesterday, which completes their countdown” refers to?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am working on that, I plan to ask tonight, they sort of left it in the wind, i only know it’s a slightly old prediction.

  13. Francine Avatar

    I am a little disturbed, A military transport plane has crashed in Mississippi, killing 5. There is a photo of it on the ground, on fire.

    The dream I had a few weeks ago was of a military transport helicopter, crashing to the ground and exploding.

  14. jules104 Avatar

    Eric a Marine KC130 crashed in Mississippi killing 16 aboard.

    1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

      I posted about a dream I had involving a military plane crashing about a month ago. I do not know how to search back and post it on mobile. Plane looks just like what I saw. Did it have an engine fire?

      1. Francine Avatar

        Looks like we had similar dreams, I posted this on June 23rd:

        “I just dreamed that I was in a car with my dad and my brothers and I saw some large aircraft maybe a couple of thousand feet above us start to go into distress because of high winds. (I had to look it up when I woke up because it was so unusual looking, The closest thing I found was a military transport helicopter,oblong and large)

        First it flipped end over end, then it got blown over to one side, and started to drop, it then hit power lines and fell to the ground and exploded. It was pretty upsetting and I woke up completely awake.”

        Because there were propellers on the aircraft in my dream, (even though they were on the side) I thought it had to be a helicopter, but it was definitely a large aircraft that was meant for transport.

        I guess when we have dreams where the imagery is so strong, we really are being told something.

  15. lossie2020 Avatar

    It’s happening …..earthquake in South of New Zealand at 6.8 twice less than half ago. About 2 am in USA time.

    Hang tight and praying all be safe.

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