Predictions 7-3-17

I had a visual of US jets taking off from a carrier.  I had a visual of jets in the sky cross each other. I had a visual of another airplane dropping bombs while jets quickly crossed it. “A battle brews.”

Two different air force groups seem to be threating each other. One seems to be dropping bombs while the other try’s to stop it. Sounds like Syria/Russia vs the US.

“The madman’s rampage unfolds soon in California.”

We need to gather the details.

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  1. I heard another psychic say USA and north Korea are going to see some action soon. July and August is a time for the U.S. to go to war.

    1. I’m suspicious about North Korea, too…it seems like something’s brewing.

      But Syria/Russia is also tense, as well as terrorism, and domestic issues in America….so it’s like there are too many flash points all over the world to keep track of., and any of them could erupt.

      I don’t know about anyone else, but lately the days have seemed tenser, brooding…. like a humid, dark-cloud quiet day right before severe weather. Anyone else experiencing that? Could be just power of suggestion from what I read here, but who knows.

      1. I have same feeling but if there’s war I do remember Eric saying that ww3 is not for another decade. But the whole world is in torment it does make you think is our time on earth coming to a disastrous climax.

        1. No, if anything it’s the opposite, the birth of a world just now learning to come together, there is great concerns over war and climate change but it will pass.

      2. there wont be another world war. This world is healing, raising in vibration, playing off the last bits of karma

  2. I know more details are needed but here’s my questions: Does this ‘madman’ in ‘California’ have any affiliation with a terrorist group, like ISIS? Is this the prediction about the bridge in CA that also involved — if I remember correctly — runners in a race?

    1. That might be a target for north Korea . A lady on YouTube did a reading but she mention San Diego. And missiles and the American navy activity.

    2. nuclear weapons arent allowed to be used, and wont be used. There are a lot of fear mongers around trying to lower the vibration of this world with fear mongering predictions.

      1. Well, that’s a relief. Because obviously ISIS and Kim Jong Un always play by the rules of what is and isn’t allowed,

        I’m sorry for the sarcasm, but the wild cards in this world are what cause these predictions to play out.

      2. I actually agree with you… I find it ironic that you have the handle name “chaos” and yet you’re the most calm on this thread 🙂 the energies are raising and the lower vibrational shadows are temporarily wreaking havoc. Do you watch Kryon on YouTube – same message you give!

      3. I don’t want to contradict what you are saying, I hope you are right. The question is if we were “allowed” to use nuclear weapons in the past, and are “allowed” to do nuclear weapons testing, why is this different? So far nothing has stopped North Korea from doing all the nuclear testing it wants. The sanctions aren’t working. Political methods aren’t working so far. If humans have free will, what is going to stop us from destroying ourselves…

      4. So far eight nations have tested 2,055 nuclear bombs in tests to prove they are nuclear nations. “Most of the test sites are in the lands of indigenous peoples and far from the capitals of the testing governments. A large number of the early tests—528—were detonated in the atmosphere, which spread radioactive materials through the atmosphere. Many underground nuclear blasts have also vented radioactive material into the atmosphere and left radioactive contamination in the soil.” This is from the following website page updated Sept. 2016:

      5. Chaos, can I just ask how you know they won’t be used? People with the lowest vibrations seem to act like these nuclear weapons are like their toys to threaten the world with.

  3. early of this month white house warns millatry in Syria .today Syria army said they r ready war whith USA .Russia warns to shot down USA jets .Eric all this sign means war is immediately .

    1. This seems like a big area of interest. I don’t think that accident in the sea of Japan between the US Fitzgerald and a Philippine cargo ship was actually an accident. Now this…Thanks for posting this Francine.

  4. I keep thinking something may happen in Boston, MA soon… hope I’m wrong. Faneuil Hall, waterfront area.

    1. A bomb-squad was called in to Hanscom Airforce Base in Massachusetts this morning because potential ‘hazardous material’ was found in a ‘suspicious’ moving truck during inspection.

      Far as I know the investigation is ongoing, so I don’t know if it turned out to be a false alarm or not. You can find a (very) brief article about it on ABC news.

  5. Sr. ERick (disculpe que lo haga en español pero lo redactommejor que el ingles) posiblemente si vaya a haber una guierra ahiora en julio-agosto (creo ue cayle y alois lo dicen ) pero un poco mas para alla, en septiembre 20 va a ser el colapso economico que esperamos desde hace ya dos años y no ha vewnido, ese dia cae 29 EUL ultimo dia del año judio ademas el año 5777 es ellque termina. posiblemente despues del colapso economico es que haya una guierra en donde USA este involucrado pues sabemos que uno de sus ultimos recursos para ctiva su economia es hacer guerra, el otro es provocar pandemias (que posiblemente tambien lo hagan, esta en las profecías) Disculpenme todos, se que lo que pongo no tiene mucho o nada que ver con lo que dicen las predicciones de este día pero queria saber su opinion, gracias

    1. hola luisa
      soy mari.. muchas gracias por tus palabras. yo creo q tambien el mismo y yo tengo miedo.
      bienvenidos aqui en la conversacion
      del grupo!!!! yo puedo comprender pero
      yo tengo q pensar y traducir y escribir al
      mismo tiempo porque soy una
      chica americana!!! entonces q
      yo comprendo tu situacion carino!!
      yo tengo q leer las palabras muy
      despacio.. escribe mas y yo
      voy a respinder. cuqndo yo lo puedo.
      ciao. Mari🌷

      1. Don’t be worry about, all is going to be had to it’s wrote (The Bible) may be little things are not writen but little things goes to a big thing o situation.
        Don’t be worried about all you must to do is (confiar?) in God remember one dollar bill: IN GOD WE TRUST. Pray God Pray Holly Spirit and Pray Holly Mary our mother that want we saved. Remenber always give God FIAT.

      2. Sólo para que sepas si haces clic en el ‘+’ en la parte superior izquierda, se abre, en la parte inferior izquierda hay un traductor de google que te permite convertir este sitio completo en tu idioma

    2. Lo siento por la respuesta demorada. No he cogido un colapso de la economía, el espíritu ha predicho una gran recesión que viene, estamos esperando un marco de tiempo. En una fecha muy posterior hablan de una crisis económica debido a una escasez masiva de alimentos, pero esta predicción no ocurrirá durante otra década o dos. Espero que facilite tus pensamientos

    3. Sólo para que sepas si haces clic en el ‘+’ en la parte superior izquierda, se abre, en la parte inferior izquierda hay un traductor de google que te permite convertir este sitio completo en tu idioma

  6. I am feeling an overwhelming sense of human pain and destruction. I don’t know what is going to happen, but the last time I felt this way it was from a nature disaster. This is no natural disaster, my defenses are up. I am not a prophet. I am just someone who loves humanity and just wants peace on this earth. This time, I’m compelled to reach out, using this forum. Be safe everyone and if you have done someone you love wrong, please ask for forgiveness. Remind your loved ones right now…..tell them how much you love them now!

  7. Is it just me, or has this website gotten awfully quiet the past few days? I hope my computer is working right.

    1. Me too. I sort of expected a lot of activity given recent predictions, scope, etc. Hope Eric is feeling okay.

        1. Eric no worries. Just take care of yourself. Praying sending love and light your way and to those dear to you. 🙏🏻🌟😇

  8. There are 3 aircraft carrier groups in the Indian ocean. US India and Japan doing drills together. So maybe looked like this. Different groups practising with each other. They could g dropping bombs as practise runs together.

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