Sinai Egypt Car Bombing

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for those soldiers that were attacked in Egypt

Its unclear what 3 could represent, two vehicles attacked the military structure, and the vehicle was not parked.

Predictions 6-29-17   Egypt.. 3”   I had a I visual of a vehicle with a bomb attached to it. The vehicle was parked by what looked like a government building.

From the visual it seemed as if the government building was a police station.

11 thoughts on “Sinai Egypt Car Bombing

  1. 23 killed had 3 in it. Maybe you missing some info from.spirit. Instead of 3 should have said or meant 23. Egypt….3. Seems like missing. In middle. So could be Egypt 23.

  2. Seems your messages predictions are close to the event now. Not far in advance.

    Also if spirit give u numbers should be also reference points like bookmarks. You think of that. Like a reference in advance then they repeat the same number or sequence when event is closer. Like a reminder or reference.

  3. Eric,

    This is the wrong place to post, but I needed to ask….do you sense anything happening with North Korea? Things seem very tense there.

    Since you haven’t posted the countdowns, I’m guessing the terror attacks are still unclear, but do you have any more information about where they’ll happen or any details about how they’re carried out? I’m hoping they’re prevented, but I just have the horrible feeling they’re not.

    1. Try not to allow dread to sneak into your mind. I have been there it’s not good and pains me that I might be facilitating that In any way. I assure you once I have information I promise to post it. I will put North Korea out there but right now the Spirits want full autonomy.

      1. Don’t feel bad, it’s not you making me anxious….just world events in general. And I tend to be anxious in personality, anyway.
        Actually, reading these predictions and having some idea of what to watch out for helps me somewhat, because then I sort of know what to keep an eye out for. A chance of early-warning, if you will.

        This is going to sound weird, but before you described the tsunami prediction, the ‘ biggest prediction’, not knowing what is was was harder….I had scenarios of an apocalypse, something happening to end the world. So I was actually relieved when you said it was a tsunami, because as horrible as that is, my imagination had gone in even worse directions. (I don’t mean to trivialize the tsunami prediction in any way.) I guess with anxiety and fear, people handle it better if they have an idea what to expect.

  4. Eric, I was wondering if you had any predictions regarding Trump.

  5. Eric, I was wondering if spirit has ever mentioned if prayer can lessen or stop a disaster? I’ve always believed it to be so, but don’t recall you ever mentioning it. Say if all of us who follow you prayed against these things if it would help in anyway. Just curious.

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