Mosque Of Mecca Foiled Attack

This prediction has happened. Six individuals were injured, however the good news is the overall attack was foiled. I do hope that is the end of it.

The number 5 could be seen as in 5 months. Tires?

Predictions 1-28-17   “Blood will spill in the holy city.. 5”


12 thoughts on “Mosque Of Mecca Foiled Attack

  1. Well that’s good to hear. So does that mean that American troops won’t be needed like one of your predictions alluded to? Just hoping that doesn’t escalate things.

    1. I know, I don’t think anyone should be messing around with the healthcare bill, especially because there are no doubt parts of it that’ll get disrupted even with people trying to compensate.

      If there’s to be a healthcare change, it shouldn’t happen now, it needs several months–if not a year or more–for doctors and patients and insurance and pharmacies to plan out and make sure everything is covered and nothing is missed. Because even one overlooked sentence could cause huge problems for thousands of people.

  2. Wow…..powerful prayers make the difference to foil the attacks. Beautiful sight of the prayers in Mecca. Very beautiful sight.

  3. All the hate in the world is draining and exhausting. Very relieved the attack was foiled and precious lives saved.

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