Nice France Port Explosives

Could this be the message about the yacht? However any tragedy was averted.  I am not familiar with this news site so its facts are unconfirmed.

Predictions 5-22-17   I had a visual of French people crying.

Predictions 5-20-17  Spirit showed famous or well known people getting on a yacht or boat ready to have fun but they would not return. They used the words dancer then singer  ’24’

The implication was European. We are expecting this prediction to unfold very soon.

The facts on 6-9: “Breaking: Reports of explosives loaded onto ship at Nice port. French police have rushed to Nice’s bustling port after they were tipped off that explosives were reportedly spotted being loaded onto a cruise ship. The deadly device was reportedly found on a pallet being placed on the boat named Azamara Quest which is packed with tourist. The luxury liner was sailing from Barcelona and stopped off in Nice. ”

Quoted News:


18 thoughts on “Nice France Port Explosives

    1. Francine, it was probably in the interests of the owners of the cruise ship to play down the situation as merely normal procedure, if only to calm passengers, but I think they are very lucky. Hats off to Eric and his spirit advisers for such an accurate prediction, albeit did not happen, thank goodness.

  1. There are times when the predictions and their fulfillment from the spirits are overwhelming amazing. This is one of them. In my opinion, I think that this dire prediction was averted. WOW!

  2. The origin of this false alert would be the failure of an explosives detector of the port employees in charge of controlling a food supply.

    According to historical precedents, it is rare that there is a false threat to the bomb on a cruise ship in Nice. Even if the event itself is of a very low gravity, because of its context, it is particular.
    At the level of Europe, I do not see any events that could come close to the prediction of the yacht.

  3. breaking news ,lone gun man attack munich sub way trains and wound 3 people include female police officer ,eric yu r predecation happend trains old germany 13 june ,surprise ,

  4. Breaking news in London. Fire on 27 stories building. Reported many death and hurt. Getting more details next few hours. Praying for all in London during these tough times.

  5. “Spirit showed famous or well known people getting on a yacht or boat ready to have fun but they would not return.” – – Yacht Race, the sailor was rescued and other were also rescued, but his yacht is lost at sea. His Yacht sent out a distress signal without him even knowing. The race continues until the end of June I believe. “Wheatley said it wasn’t long before his yacht was flipped back upwards and then he went to work; using a hand-pump he fought against the relentless flow of ocean water rushing into his yacht.”

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