Trump Criticizes London Mayor

This prediction has happened. Could you be anymore inappropriate. Where is the decency?

Predictions 5-13-17    “During the dark hour in the nation when consoling is needed the president delivers the opposite with a message that is self serving.”


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  1. Francine Avatar

    So this wasn’t about the US leader needing to console his own country because of something that happened here? That is how it read. A bit confusing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Where does it say its about the US?

  2. Linda Blair Avatar

    Is it any wonder our country is losing world status? Such cold hearted responses when compassion is needed by 45. The entire country mourns with the UK….so sorry to all our British friends that this person is so crude and disrespectful…

    1. Tot Avatar

      The man is an absolute imbecile. Fortunately there have been lots of messages of support from many Americans who have love and compassion in their hearts.

  3. Ethan Avatar

    Seriously, what decent human being does this!? But oh, I bet his supporters still think this is a-ok by them. Enough is enough!

  4. Amanda Avatar

    Terrible response by Trump and totally lacking compassion and empathy. We in UK know others in USA hold those qualities instead – thank you x

  5. dwg565 Avatar

    Enough is enough on the left too because the terrorists do not care who we are…they are equal opportunity killers!

  6. Lizziebee Avatar

    Once more our proud city had been hurt but we will stand strong. I feel sorry for you country with this man an the helm. London will keep calm and carry on .

  7. Raynond Avatar

    The NSA needs to disable his Twitter account and his staff needs to pull him by the side and give him a stern lecture.

    1. Karben Avatar

      Trump is what he is and at 70 yrs old, he’s not going to change. I’m tired of this twitter in chief making us all look like inconsiderate fools.

  8. Francine Avatar

    Given that there have been two major attacks in London over the last four months with 6 or 7 fatalities apiece and numerous injuries and an attempted subway bombing there in October, there is absolutely nothing wrong in pointing out the ludicrousness of saying “there is nothing to be alarmed about”. I beg to differ with the Mayor’s statement that London is one of the safest cities in the world, which I find equally as ridiculous.

    1. Mindy Avatar

      Oh look at dear old Francine … always siding with Trump like the ever so loyal deplorable regardless of what he pulls out of his ass

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        No profanity please!

      2. Lar2 Avatar

        Oh dear Mindy…. give it up! It makes you look the same as him when you talk like that!

      3. Sara Avatar

        Mindy, I agree Trump was inconsiderate after this attack–he should be leading and coming up with strategies, not tweeting like some teenager.

        But Francine had a point too, that the London mayor’s statement about London being ‘one of the safest cities’ is also wrong, and also inconsiderate to say in light of recent attacks. Calling her names for pointing that out doesn’t help anyone.

        Regardless of who said what when, it’s clear terrorism is, and will continue to be, a major problem that will kill scores of innocent people. Unless we all stop fighting each other and work on defending ourselves.

      4. Annea Avatar

        Really Mindy…… that is justas inappropriate IMO.

      5. dwg565 Avatar

        Because Francine has respect for the Office of the Presidency! We know Trump is not perfect, but the alternative was a corrupt career politician that wanted to bring thousands more Muslims to our country where vetting is next to impossible, and would be using pay for play in the Oval Office too! Wake up liberals, pray for the best from your president for the good of America. The Silent Majority spoke on Nov 8, sorry libs, better luck next time.

      6. Tot Avatar

        Dwg, he is dangerous. And what silent majority? He got less votes. What an absolute joke of a system. People are stuck with someone who was less popular.

      7. Francine Avatar

        I didn’t vote for Trump, Mindy. I am a Democrat, as embarrassing as that is to have to admit these days. I suppose that’s where you’re sensing the “deplorable” from, lol.

    2. Pete Medium Avatar

      “Mr Khan said the President’s comment was “ill-informed” and had deliberately taken his original comment out of context. Speaking on the BBC, Mr Khan said he was advising Londoners and visitors not to be concerned by the increased presence of armed police officers on the streets of the capital in the days to come.”

      1. Gloria Avatar

        Pete Medium you are correct. Francine needs to do some research and read the Mayor’s full address. He said that Londoners should not be concerned by the increased presence of armed police officers on the streets, etc. Just like you reported. Please people, don’t put all your faith in 45. He has been proven wrong many times. Check and research yourself and then decide if his tweets are telling the WHOLE truth!

      2. Francine Avatar

        Gloria, YOU need to do some research.
        There was a subway bombing attempt in London in October, and two major attacks in London since March.
        The frequency of attacks in Londin has been rising over the lsst five years, and there are constant threats. And people aren’t supposed to be alarmed? LUDICROUS.

    3. Michael Avatar

      The same mayor of london who says terrorist attacks are now just part of everyday life now, like it should just be accepted trumps right it is a joke
      And somthing needs done about it
      Instead of all this rubbish about keeping calm stiff upper lip blah blah blah blah

      And then here comes the next terror attack

      1. Pete Medium Avatar

        He didn’t say that. Considering Gloria and I posted corrections to the original story above, aren’t you, unintentionally, spreading false news?

      2. Michael Avatar

        Either way british government needs to grow some bollocks were far to worried about being politically correct im past caring weather it upsets anyone anymore how many more innocent lives are going to be taken before they do anything about it
        3000 known muslim terrorists live in the uk who travel back and forth in and out of the country
        There will end up being a civil war if it continues

      3. Pete Medium Avatar

        Are we speaking of the same Mayor of London?

      4. Michael Avatar

        Im talking about the uk government/ police force everytine there is a terrorist attack they are known suspects to the police but its always to late isnt it
        My point is the goverment keep banging on about having x amount of suspects on there list but do nothing about until its to late , its not good enough
        Were a complete soft touch
        Why should i fear taking my 3 tr old daughter to disney on ice ?? Its a complete joke

  9. mhb Avatar

    I think the Spirits said it perfectly, when consoling is needed, instead a self-serving message. This was definitely not the moment to argue about policy or cherry-pick words from the mayor’s full statement. It was the moment to say we are sorry for your loss, we are with you, we have your back

    And in the bigger picture, as Spirit has said, compassion is how we start healing the nightmare.

    1. dwg565 Avatar

      Not self serving- Pres Trump is telling the truth and he as well as most Americans are compassionate….because the American people are also very vulnerable to this evil extremism!

      1. Tot Avatar

        He is completely self-serving and ego driven. Unfortunately it makes America a laughing stock…

    1. Pete Medium Avatar

      This looks to me to be a fake news site. There are NO references to Authoritative sources to back up any of this. If you know of any, maybe you could give us links. Otherwise please refrain from posting such stuff. There is too much hatred in the world as it is.

  10. anita Avatar

    I’m sure this prediction relates to this particular event; however, I’m sure this won’t be the last time he tweets or says something like this after another terrorist attack.

  11. Michelle Record Avatar

    Trump is no different than the last 44. Obama used gun violence to try and place more bans on guns every time someone used a gun to murder innocent people. When Obama went to console ppl when there was terrorist acts he used those times to advocate for his gun bans and restrictions. I am sorry for everyone affected by these terrorist acts and pray for all who are affected.

    1. Sara Avatar

      You have a point there….sadly, a lot of presidents in the past and present tended to push their policies harder after an incident. And leaders of other countries do this, too.

      I don’t know if that’s a politician mindset, if they don’t realize how they come across to everyone else, or if they simply think they’re always right and everyone else must listen to them. Sometimes I wonder.

  12. Chewdy Avatar

    Trump is right about everything he tweeted:

    1. After 3 terrorist attacks in the last 2 months, “the Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed!” – Really..?!
    2. “We must stop being PC and get down to the business of security for our people”. – RIGHT!
    3. “We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!” – Absolutely right!!

    Seems your spirits and the Mayor overlooked this one – “Whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the U. K., we will be there – WE ARE WITH YOU. GOD BLESS!”

    1. Pete Medium Avatar

      Why are you spreading false information?
      ““Mr Khan said the President’s comment was “ill-informed” and had deliberately taken his original comment out of context. Speaking on the BBC, Mr Khan said he was advising Londoners and visitors not to be concerned by the increased presence of armed police officers on the streets of the capital in the days to come.””

      1. Sara Avatar

        True, but Mr. Khan had said recently that terror attacks were part and parcel of living in a major city—that attitude he exhibited wasn’t much of a comfort either. That’s my opinion anyway, but you’re probably right about the other comment being ill-informed.

    2. PN Avatar

      Unfortunately fear breeds fear and American President Trump is the most fear spreading Islamophobic that I know while cowering behind his tweets.
      Please advice how Travel Ban is going to work on Home Grown Terrorists? Or do people now just take what – who I personally think no longer deserves the title of World Leader any more – Wish people took the time to read both the extreme right and extreme left media and compromised in the middle instead of taking what either side says literally.

      1. Tot Avatar

        Fortunately I am not American and don’t have all this far right and far left rubbish in my face daily.

    3. Mary Avatar

      I agree with you, but I guess we are in the minority.
      I believe I will be unsubscribing. Too left leaning for
      my conservative mind. They don’t want to know the truth.

      1. PN Avatar

        but Mary I am not an American so neither left nor right.

      2. Mary Avatar

        I Was agreeing with chewdy

      3. dwg565 Avatar

        Hi Mary, there are a few of us conservatives! Best wishes

      4. Tot Avatar

        With respect Mary, this is Eric’s site and he is passing on messages from spirit. Are you saying Eric is speaking untruths?

      5. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        With the utmost respect I am sorry you feel that way. The purpose of this site is to create a community of fans to help me alter the tragedies of the future, to avert suffering and maybe even save lives. We aren’t there yet, I still need to master my craft, it is unfortunate that the opinion of politics is so important that it would supersede that. Whether you agree with Trump or not this prediction did happen, but somewhere in all the bantering you might be missing the point of our work here. All the same best wishes to you, sorry to see you leave.

      6. afghanvet18f Avatar

        Eric, when dealing with politics, you have always sided with the left. Trump also tweeted his condolences and support to England and called the Prime Minister personally to offer support. You and Your Lemmings here forgot to mention that part. Khan is an agitator, has made provocative, pro islam statements in the past, Trump just called him on it.

      7. PN Avatar very wrong. If you think logically – Eric posted Spirit prediction. So maybe you should take it up with Spirit and ask them why they they are not siding with Trump?
        I am sure if you ask Eric nicely to ask spirit why, then Eric will definitely ask them. 🙄🙄

    4. dwg565 Avatar

      Amen Chewdy! America has always been there for England- My dad fought in WW11 as did so many for Europe’s freedom and we will do it again if need be- as they have and would for us! Trump is receiving briefings every day that we the public have no idea! Kelly said if we knew we would not go out of the house! Therefore I think we have to trust our president and his aides- and pray for them. The Trump haters cannot seem to see outside their box of resentment that he won. God bless America, England and the rest of Europe to be rid of this evil extremism!

      1. Mary Avatar

        Amen dwg565.

        Tot- no- never said that. But, I do believe that President tr
        Trump was correct in his tweets.

    5. Michael Avatar

      Chewdy hit the nail on the head in his second point the uk is to worried about being politically correct

      Yes trump could deal with things in different ways but everything he says on this matter is true
      Unfortunately some people hate trump that much it doesnt matter what he says and does it’ll always be wrong !

      1. dwg565 Avatar

        So true Michael!

      2. Kim Avatar

        Spirit doesn’t feel the same as you, regarding Trump….

      3. Michael Avatar

        Spirit always right about everything yeah?
        I seem to remember spirit saying the brexit would a no but infact the opposite happened

  13. Donna Avatar

    In the end; love and compassion wins. Politics and religions put aside totally. This is what evil wants to divide us and then conquer. These people who attack want a war. Most Muslims and Christians do not, other religions do not. When you look at the age of the attackers they are young men! I do not understand what is in thier heads to do this! Hurt innocent people and themselves; they must be possessed or something! But we have to remember the more we hate; the more they have accomplished thier sick goals!

    1. benmadigan Avatar

      donna – here’s an attempt to profile a suicide bomber and recognise the red flags or danger signals

  14. Carolyn Avatar

    Eric, there has been a workplace shooting in Orlando, Florida, this morning (Monday). Apparently, there are multiple fatalities. No specifics have been given yet as of 9:45 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info

    2. Tot Avatar

      Awful. Those poor people:(

  15. Lisa Avatar

    I’m fuming what he has said that president trump but I’m not going to voice my opinion on him on here as I don’t think its needed, but the mayor of London is a good man and he’s doing the best he can . As a citizen of the UK I just want to say our country the UK is in bits at the moment because of what evil has happened but we well show all evil that they cannot win by showing them that we well continue life and show love to all, my heart goes out to the victims and their families and I’m thinking of them in this sad time . But I don’t think we need silly remarks from anyone, what we need is to focus on pulling together and showing love to one another for the good of humanity. 😢😢😢

    1. Linda Blair Avatar

      Lisa, I am so sorry…I stand in solidarity with you. Please know that the majority of this country stand with you also…the remarks made be 45 (cannot say president) and others, are so hurtful and cold…and, yes, your mayor is showing remarkable restraint in dealing with the comments made. This man is a laughing stock and tries to bully his way around but hopefully that is coming to an end sooner rather than later…despite all of the tragedy suffered, I do believe your country is safer than the USA….in more ways than one

      1. Lisa Avatar

        Awww thank you Linda your comments are lovely thank you, I do believe there are more attacks to come but I do hope they can be foiled by the authorities and your country and mine with other countries can work together to stopped this evil and stop it happening .

    2. Sara Avatar

      I’m sorry for what you, and everyone in the UK, must be feeling now. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of these attacks worldwide over the past few years, and everyone’s scared and angry and upset. For what it’s worth, we’re all in this together.

    3. Michael Avatar

      Im also from uk and im sick of nothing being done about it
      How many more attacks need to happen before our country opens its eyes
      Yet again 12 arrested over the attacks all released without charge were a complete soft touch it makes me so angry

  16. dwg565 Avatar

    President Trump is trying his best to protect ALL of the people in this country! He is far from perfect, but he is worlds better than what we could have had—The SILENT MAJORITY spoke on November 8, no matter what any of you bleeding liberals think!

    1. Mary Avatar


    2. Sara Avatar

      Please, don’t insult the liberals on here. I’m not one or the other, but I know name-calling and arguing with each other won’t help.

      Obviously liberals and conservatives disagree on a lot, but we’ve all been scared and upset by things that have happened—the Iraq War, 9/11, the economy, that huge increase in terrorism in the last few years, ISIS attacks…..we’re all scared and upset, but we all want things to get better.

      Many of us disagree on how to make things better, we all have different backgrounds and ways of looking at things.

      Personally, I think each side has a good point about something–the Republicans are right that we need to change how we combat terrorism, we do need to strengthen. And the Democrats have legitimate reasons to be concerned about Trump’s leadership abilities. Still, we need to talk it out together and stay civil, otherwise we won’t be able to solve anything at all.

    3. LLG26 Avatar

      For those who are interested:

      Both of the terms “silent majority” and “bleeding heart liberal” have a dark history…
      I sometimes feel that the strong defense of Trump by his suporters no matter what he says or does is leading us back to darker times in our country…

      bleeding heart liberal ( Westbrook Pegler first used “bleeding heart” in a column castigating liberals in Washington for their focus on “a bill to provide penalties for lynchings.” Pegler wasn’t for lynchings, per se, but he argued that they were no longer a problem the federal government should solve: there had only been eight lynchings in 1937, he wrote, and “it is obvious that the evil is being cured by local processes.” The bill, he thought, was being “used as a political bait in crowded northern Negro centers.” And here was his conclusion: “I question the humanitarianism of any professional or semi-pro bleeding heart who clamors that not a single person must be allowed to hunger but would stall the entire legislative program in a fight to ham through a law intended, at the most optimistic figure, to save fourteen lives a year.”

      silent majority definition ( A term used by President Richard Nixon to indicate his belief that the great body of Americans supported his policies and that those who demonstrated against the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War amounted to only a noisy minority.

      1. Lori Avatar

        Timely & interesting share! Thanks for the background on this terms.

      2. dwg565 Avatar

        I should not insult liberals, however they are also very insulting. Trump won, I do not think the Russians manipulated the voting machines, it was the silent majority… ( pejorative term or not). If the popular vote was the deciding factor, than California and NY would decide all the elections-( because of their very large, liberal populations). Most people were tired of corrupt politicians, i.e. Clinton and so we have Mr Trump, period. Many on the left will never accept it and will do all they can to destroy him or whoever is not to their liking. Our country (liberal or conservative) is in very serious danger.

  17. LLG26 Avatar

    CNN –“Trump lashes out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, again”

    He doesn’t have any impulse control…he has bad judgement and is narcissistic…

    1. Seangato Avatar

      Agreed! Unfortunately you have some really dense folks who cannot reason and can only blame Libs for not being able to get over his victory and continue with the Hillary hatred (instead of seeing the truth about this very dangerous man).

      1. dwg565 Avatar

        Seangato, your remarks could just as easily refer to you and your lib friends! Hilary was dangerous and none of you can get over her loss, so does that make all of you dense too?

    2. Tot Avatar

      Unbelievable. Not fit to run the local grocery store, never mind the presidency

  18. Randy Avatar

    Eric and others
    ISIS just claimed responsibility on another attack
    This time in Melbourne, Australia
    At least 2 dead after a hostage situation ends

    Are there any predictions regarding to this incident?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is 10-15-15 but I would question if that fits

  19. Luna tic Avatar

    Clearly this prediction is correct as Trump’s “tweets” are self-serving. He has been hostile toward Mayor Khan since 2015 when the mayor criticized him and said “I hope Trump loses – badly”. MSM (mainstream media) is a misnomer at best and lumps all widely read journalists and news outlets together. Fox News can be MSM as well as AP News, Reuters or for that matter Yahoo. We may have differing opinions as to whether the POTUS has the best intentions for the citizens of the U.S. but it is irresponsible imo to post opinions not based in fact replete with venom. I have been guilty myself and for that I apologize. Aren’t we all here to help Eric and Conductor and Spirit and us (the collective SWC) in making the world a better place by working to alter tragedies and evil acts? Can we come together to do that?

  20. Pete Medium Avatar

    There seems to be some confusion here. The attack didn’t occur in America, it happened in Britain. The attitude of the British is ‘business as usual, don’t let the attacks effect our economy, businesses or the way we live’. That was the principle of the Lord Mayor’s statement. The American comments really had no place in this discussion, especially their President.
    But what seriously concerns me here is no one seems to be following the principle of this site:
    “Predicting the events of tomorrow with the intent of altering the tragedies. Help us change the future.”
    If we come here, it must be assumed we believe in the Source Eric channels. Then why aren’t we asking for Their intervention? After all the principle of the billion dollar massive build up of weapons of mass destruction didn’t win the US the Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Afghanistan or Iraqi war. This deadly intrusion we are feeling in ALL nations of the world, not just the US, will only be stopped when we expand the very Spiritual Energy Eric uses to give us these messages in the first place. Peace, not fear, should be the primary bases of our meditations. Thank you.

    1. mhb Avatar

      Well said.

    2. Lori Avatar

      Well said. I don’t get it. Lack of tolerance for the ideals, religious beliefs and values of others is the very foundation of the evil we fear. We need to uplift and support our humanity not add to the anger energy.

    3. Holaca Avatar

      Thank you Pete we need to lift the vibration. Every time I see a prediction here I ask spirit to avert tragedy no matter who or where! that’s what we all need to do instead of trying to change each other’s beliefs.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Nicely put, I really want everyone here to treat everyone respectfully it is very discouraging to see both sides vent their vitriol, I even erased some comments that went to far from both sides. I don’t like doing that.

    4. Pete Medium Avatar

      We Aussies lost two of our own in the Bridge incident. One was a nurse who had come to the aid of another person who had been attacked.
      “Overnight London Metropolitan Police confirmed South Australian nurse Kirsty Boden was one of the victims, while there have been grave fears for Queensland woman Sara Zelenak, who has been missing since the attack.”

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        My heart goes out to you.

      2. Pete Medium Avatar

        Thank you Eric. Has there been any reports of US citizens being involved? I haven’t heard of any other nations’ people other than British and Australians.

      3. Tot Avatar

        Pete, a Canadian died, and possible French too although I am not sure

      4. Pete Medium Avatar

        Thank you Tot. So very sad.

  21. Mari Avatar

    Ummm,, folks, holy moly. This story is on at least 5 news outlets and on TV.
    Actually hacking of voting systems apparently.

    1. Interested Avatar

      This may be the prediction, “Collaboration confirmed the cat has left the bag”.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        That’s a good point I will post later.

    2. Tot Avatar

      Yikes! The Guardian is a very well respected news source.

  22. afraax Avatar

    Eric yu r prediction about gulf state is begun .Saudi Arabia and u a e cut tieas with Qatar .biggest news today is this event .

    1. Tot Avatar

      So Qatar supports Isis and Saudi supports Al-Qaeda…you couldn’t make this stuff up…

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        And we support both nations, why are they on the Muslim ban list?

      2. Sara Avatar

        Actually,Qatar and Saudi Arabia aren’t on the temporary travel ban….the countries on it are Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen, possibly Syria.

        They were the countries chosen because of the strong presence of terror groups and the lack of vetting information–for instance, Syria’s been in a civil war for years, Yemen is going through major instability, Libya is being used by several terrorists as a training ground….they’re unlikely to have recent, accurate information on their emigrants, so we can’t tell which people are genuine refugees and which ones may be jihadists trying to sneak in.

        Also, the ban doesn’t apply only to Muslims of these countries—it applies to everyone because the ability to identify anyone is so limited. One reason the idea of creating safe-zones in the middle east for the refugees might be a better idea, in my opinion.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          But Saudi Arabia is where all the terrorist came from in 9/11

      3. Sara Avatar

        True. I don’t know why Saudi Arabia isn’t on the list.
        I guess they’re going by which areas are most likely to produce terrorists that can get into the US now, not based on what it was in 2001.

        The idea is to prevent future attacks, so even if jihadists haven’t yet attacked the US from, say Libya, there are enough problems there to have it on the list. IMO, the idea is to temporarily slow immigration so we can be sure the vetting systems work.
        It doesn’t make much sense to wait until a jihadist from a Libyan training camp gets into the US and kills ten people in a bomb before we try to fix the vetting system between us and Libya.

        We have enough reasons to be worried about how well some of these places can identify emigrants. Waiting until an attack happens to act is like only locking your door after a burglar comes in.

        I don’t care at all, and he isn’t professional, I dislike a lot his policies….but I think even he’s got a point on the travel ban. And it’s really not just him, security experts have also suggested it.

        I don’t mean to argue, I’m just saying my opinion. One thing I feel like the whole world has neglected is the idea of Middle East safe-zones. That would help refugees without endangering our security…because what’s happened in Europe can happen here, too. The current way isn’t doing any good.
        Middle East safe-zones seem like the best thing to do, and I wish more leaders were really working towards this.

        Anyway, you’re right about compassion. We can be compassionate and help refugees create safe-zones, so they can live normal lives and be able to reclaim their homes when groups like ISIS are defeated.

      4. Sara Avatar

        That should read “I don’t care FOR Trump at all” in my fourth paragraph.

  23. Karen Avatar

    The point is if he felt compelled to give a statement or tweet anything it should have been how much this attack has left all of us in the US heartbroken and our thoughts and prayers are with the people in the U.K. And that we will help and support them in any way we can. Period, end of statement.
    To take words out of context of the mayor to try and push HIS agenda during this tragic event was classless and self serving.
    I would suggest everyone who is on this administration’s wagon with regards to religion and who should and shouldn’t be allowed in the US visit your local prisons and jails, watch your local news. You will find you are more likely to be accosted or harmed by someobe who lives in your community.
    Compassion, love, acceptance always wins.
    Hate and fear breeds hate and fear.

    1. PN Avatar

      Very well put Karen.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very well put you could not make a more perfect summation of this situation., he lacks any decency in the matter.

      1. mhb Avatar


    3. Sara Avatar

      You’re right, he should have expressed more empathy for the victims and reassured the British people that we have their backs. At the least held off on his policy-related opinions another day.

    1. Pete Medium Avatar

      Excellent article and well worth the read. Even the US Ambassador to the UK is at odds with his President….or at least the other way round.

  24. dwg565 Avatar

    Eric, sorry but you seem to Side only with those against Trump. It is useless to argue anyway, we will never see each other’s point of view….anyway I hope everyone remembered D Day, June 6, 1944….now they really were the Greatest Generation!

    1. dwg565 Avatar

      Regardless of varying beliefs, peace to all, stay safe!

    2. Pete Medium Avatar

      dwg565 I am a retired psychic medium who, for 30 years passed on messages from Spirit of the Highest Realm to those interested and one constant with what I passed on and what Eric and may others also pass on from Them is the care of human kind, by human kind, for human kind. Where wealth, industry or any form of production is adverse to the human soul, They will oppose it in their Messages.
      That means where hatred, racism, fear, bigotry or any similarities are promoted directly or indirectly, They of the Highest Order oppose it.
      Shooting Eric, the messenger, won’t stop the Message. There are far too many decent mediums out there repeating identical messages to those willing to listen.
      And for what it’s worth, many mediums had Hillary running a similar gauntlet has she been elected.
      This matter is far bigger than Republican opposing Democrat. This is evil infiltrating ALL sources to oppose good.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I agree let’s all remember d day and the sacrifices those individuals made against tyranny

  25. Lori Avatar

    Dwg565 it has been my experience on Eric’s forum that he is respectful to all, even when comments posted are disrespectful to both him and the important work he does. I think perhaps you’re missing the point here. No one says you have to agree with the visions, but they are what they are. No disrespect to Trump or anyone else is his goal, it’s a forum to share spirits messages as communicated to Eric in an attempt to help us avert disasters in our world. Where you might see an argument, not what’s happening as there is none to be made. If it’s a debate over political views you are seeking, this is likely to be an unsatisfactory forum for you. Peace and love to America and the world.

    1. Tot Avatar

      You are right, this isn’t a political debate forum. It is hard not to debate but we must trust Eric and Spirit.

    2. Pete Medium Avatar

      Beautifully expressed. Wonderfully said. When our soul can recognise the truth expressed from another’s soul, good will becomes manifest way beyond the two.

      1. Lori Avatar

        Pete Medium, that’s beautiful.

      2. Karen Avatar

        I agree with Lori, that is beautiful.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    4. Karen Avatar

      Yes!!! Very well said. There are many forums to discuss or argue one’s point, this isn’t the site to do so. Regardless of political affiliation, Spirit gave this prediction to Eric and it has come to pass.
      We cannot lose sight of the fact that we are here in hopes of altering the predictions that we can in hopes of saving even one life. However, some predictions will always be out of our hands, such as this one.
      I have always felt that Eric has two purposes, one is to give out the information so that working as a community we can help alter some predictions or put out warnings. The other is to foster a community of love, compassion, acceptance and nonjudgment of others. This site, this community, should be a place that when others come to read Eric’s predictions they will feel love and accepted and to know that we are praying for each other, praying for peace and working together to make our WORLD a better place for everyone. We aren’t here to argue the merits of politics, that time has come and gone. We are here to usher in the new way of thinking of all people in the world, not to only serve ourselves. We should be the place where Eric and anyone who follows him will find love and acceptance (along with the thousands of questions we all have). We will not be able to go forward gaining more followers to help with Eric’s/Spirit’s goals in changing these outcomes if people log on only to find those of us who comment arguing about the things that truly don’t matter with regards to this mission. History has taught us over and over that fear and hate of one group or persons has never led to peace. Let this be the place where we can all share our ideas about how to best help Eric and support him, all the while trying as best we can to really make a difference in the world instead of arguing about our views.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Very nicely put thanks😀

      2. Lori Avatar

        Karen, you must have a lovely soul. Very well stated. Thank you for your thoughts of reason.

  26. Linda Blair Avatar

    Thanks to the peacemakers on this thread. I have been guilty at times for becoming overly emotional in the political arena…that being said, spirit has messages for us to discern …this is not a political forum…this is about the purity of messages beyond our realm of understanding on this earthly plane. Again, thank you peaceful warriors for your words of insight…I appreciate that more than you know.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    2. Lori Avatar

      Love & peace Linda I do enjoy your posts.

  27. Angel1 Avatar

    Violet flame your page here Eric there are too many trying to bring you down. And also think of removing people who are offensive to others – this should be a site of peace which I know is your intention not all this vitriol. If people can’t respect your rules on your own page remove them they are not respecting you – let them vent somewhere else. I can’t believe the comments on here particularly as this prediction has nothing to do with USA. Thank you for your work and honest heart and don’t let this energy displayed here pull you down – with love from England x

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


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