Kabul Bombing

This horrific prediction has happened. Prayers please for all of those in Kabul. It’s unclear what 10 represents. I made a horrible mistake of assuming this prediction was Turkey because the location looked like Turkey, I should have verified.

Predictions 4-16-17   I had a visual of several cop cars with sirens  headed down the road.  Behind them where fire trucks. Then afterwards they showed a 0   That implies they are tying this visual with another existing prediction.  I had a visual of a building. Then the entire floor of the building exploded. “In 10”   From the visual the location seemed to be Turkey. I had a visual of another large bomb going off. Very similar to the first visual of what looked like a nuclear bomb going off.

Predictions 5-5-17   “In about 5 minutes.. already a threat.. ISIS style attack.. over 100 affected.”

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  1. Linda Avatar

    Oh God, not again…another ISIS attack?

  2. Sara Avatar

    Please don’t be hard on yourself. It’s hard to narrow down which countries are targets because a lot of them have similar environments and cultures—it would have been hard telling Turkey apart from Afghanistan, just like it’d be hard telling the states of Vermont and New Hampshire apart, at least without more to go on.

    1. Karen Avatar

      I completely agree.

      I have a hard time trying to figure out where each prediction is for, even if insight is given. Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing my own tail.

      The world is a vast place, many places have wars and bombings going on. If you were to stand inside of any of these places I suspect many of them would look just alike. Not to mention the predictions have been coming more frequently and the “Truths,” so many things going on all of a sudden. Don’t beat yourself up Eric, all will come to you in time.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thank you. 😊

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  3. Sara Avatar

    Are there any updates on the 3 predicted attacks you posted about on 5-24-17?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Just that we are expecting the first in about a week or two

  4. Michael Avatar

    What happended to the boat prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      If you look at ISIS attacks Philippines we discuss the possibility that it’s this horrible boat accident, if it is, then it’s fairly inaccurate especially in location.

      1. Michael Avatar

        Completely missed that , thanks

  5. Sharin Avatar

    Eric please see this link with regards to the passing of a well known journalist today.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you, I will

  6. rhona Avatar


    passengers hailed as heros fir takling man with a bomb on Malaysian Airline in Eastern states Australia ..
    fits maybe Hero prediction .
    All safe ..
    Well done ..

  7. R2D2 Avatar

    Re: Kabul -I’m wondering if the water bottle prediction fits this event. It was a water delivery truck used to carry out this horrific attack. Prayers out to that region.

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