UK Bomb Threat at Castlefield Campus

The castle prediction?  That would make the pool prediction separate, which puts the pool prediction location in question.

Predictions 5-24-17  The first: Deadly game..  I had a visual I was under water watching 3 young people diving into a pool racing to the other side.. “the blood of fathers and mothers”.. around 15.. package with an explosive.. in just a few minutes.. in 2.

The castle.. castle..  under threat. (Castle was used several times it could be the location but also could be a separate prediction)

The youth of the swimmers implied a high school or college. I need to verify if this is about the UK. New Castle? There is another prediction very similar, but in that prediction the US was mentioned? Predictions 8-23-16

The facts reported today on 5-25-17: UK police responds to bomb threat call from Castlefield college, but it was a false alarm.



6 thoughts on “UK Bomb Threat at Castlefield Campus

  1. Eric, I have a feeling this isn’t it. Can’t pinpoint why.
    There have been predictions about deaths among the royals. The Queen and Prince are in their 90s. I live in a commonwealth country and there is much talk of the monarchy being over once the Queen passes. Charles is not well liked, William and Kate are far more popular but that’s not how secession works. Could the castle under attack be more metaphorical? A crisis in the monarchy?

  2. This weekend big food and drinks festival at Nottingham castle UK..there’s a big banner outside that says ‘Jonny walker’ ??

  3. I think it may refer to Windsor Castle. As you know, security forces are racing against the clock to find the rest of the terror cell responsible for the atrocity in Manchester. There was a small news report of security being breached at an exclusive private school in the Castle grounds on May 19th; I wonder if that may have been someone checking it out as a possible target.

  4. Think its tonight’s attack think London Bridge is by the tower of London.?The castle. Think some people may have fallen in the water. Pray for London everyone

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