MOAB Bombing

This prediction has happened. However it was not nuclear but the visual holds. (6 days)

Predictions 4-7-17   I had a visual of a nuclear explosion, the visual showed it from beginning to end, showing the mushroom cloud and yellow glow.

44 thoughts on “MOAB Bombing”

      1. Good…predictions about attacks in our country leaves me wondering what is next…thanks, Eric

  1. I was just watching Sky news and as they were talking I thought of you and this prediction you put out last Friday

  2. Actually, I thought about this prediction when I heard what North Korea was potentially planning on the 15th with the possible nuclear bomb test

      1. He’s mad that’s what the matter with him, a very unsafe leader of a country that doesn’t think of his people, my heart goes out to the people of North Korea. They are pawns in a very dangerous game of chess he is playing with the Americans.

      2. Eric…he is a very sick person. He is hungry for power and thinks he is invincible…Wondering why nobody has called him on his latest path of destruction

      3. I feel though Donald trump could take us all down the path of nuclear war if he’s not careful then there be nothing left to make great.

  3. A nuke or nuke test could still be coming since the news said this morning that North Korea is what appears to be launching another test soon.

  4. I wonder if more of this is what eventually leads to the prediction concerning support for the U.S. waning in the Middle East? Case in point, as of late we’ve been racking up the civilian death toll due to a lack of concern when it comes to precision bombing.

    1. I wouldn’t call it a lack of concern. Military pilots do not go out every day hoping to kill women and children, and neither do those coordinating those missions.

      Groups like ISIS and HAMAS, however, do demonstrate their lack of concern when they take cover in schools and hospitals.

      1. Francine,
        Agreed! ISIS and Hamas have a history of using civilians as human shields…that way if civilians are killed by mistake, they can point their finger at the west. It makes me sick, because in reality, those civilians would still be alive if ISIS had not forced them to stay in dangerous areas.

        Sometimes I feel like Americans get yelled at no matter what–if we try to stop ISIS, we’re accused of being heavy-handed, and if we do nothing we’re accused of standing by and letting genocide happen.
        It’s really frustrating–I wish people would focus that anger and blame at the actual terrorists who’ve made it their mission to wipe out everyone not like them–groups like ISIS are modern-day Nazis.

        Bombing isn’t at all ideal, but we don’t have a lot of options now…the whole world ignored ISIS back in 2014, and they ended up taking over parts of Iraq and Syria and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

        Anyway, just saying I agree with you. I hope the military can stop ISIS soon and free all the people trapped.

  5. Eric,
    I’ve already posted this question, but I think in the wrong section, so here it is again.

    Are there any news visions/clues about the shooting prediction or the multi-nation terrorist attacks?

    I still can’t shake the feeling more is coming soon….I’m not psychic, but I just can’t figure out why else that feeling isn’t going away.

      1. I guess I’m not really clear on the countdown system….do you still get clues/visions about events way ahead of time, or just as the event is imminent?

        1. Right now there is a transition from predictions that are expected in 3-6 months to events that are expected in less than a month. We are working towards events that happen immediately like the landslide, or Hurricane Matthew. But because its transition I am not always clear on timing. The eventual hope is to have all predictions that happen in the immediate future.

        2. The countdown is confusing too, during the next post I will explain it better. When they say Zero one would expect that to be that day. However its actually a buffer of 2 to 3 days away. The zero is more like a cycle that is about to complete itself. Take for instance the Ohio attack with the big O, they showed the O on thanksgiving but the event happened a few days later.

  6. Why would this never before used bomb be used now? So many questions.
    None of the recent events is making friends for the US. I fear we are being played just like a puppet.

    1. They used that bomb to avoid having to send troops to clean out the caves. This was something I just heard an official explain on the news.

      1. I heard that, too. It makes sense to use a bigger bomb, depending on how deep in the earth the cave networks were, and how big they were. It’s possible the military chose to use the bomb because sending troops into the caves would have been impossible.

        From what the news is reporting, it sounds like the caves were used by ISIS to plan attacks and store a lot of weapons. Hopefully the airstrike prevented them from killing more people.

      2. Thank you. I still don’t understand why now though. I had a family member in the military whose job it was to go into these caves (tunnels) and see if anyone was alive, this was when the war was very active. I can’t understand why they would use this bomb now when it seems wasteful at best. A lot of money wasted that could have been used here at home to help people who are suffering.
        I’m from a family who has many veterans, both surviving and many who passed, I just don’t understand what the outcome for war is supposed to be. (Most of my family members who are aloved and served say they never saw a winning side.)

        I pray we have peace in the world at some point. So much hate, killing and destruction for so very long.

    2. Karen, this bomb was intended to be used before Trump even became the president. It took some time for all the coordinates and intelligence to come together. And frankly, the bomb killing 37 terrorists (hence, not a wasteful effort at all, they are still planning and still attacking)while also keeping troops from potentially getting shot while cleaning out the caves has absolutely no down side to it. In this case, it was nothing but good.

      Look at it this way..the US previously went into another country, without their permission, and finally killed bin laden. Some people see tgat fir the useless thing it was at yhat point, since he had long sinc

      1. (Cont) since Bin Laden had long since become irrelevant and inactive, (him being sick and in hiding) and some people for whatever reason saw killing him as a victory. All it was at that point was a revenge move, and did nothing to stem further terror attacks or the growth of further terror groups and offshoots.

      2. I’m not going to debate politics with you since this isn’t the forum to do so. I will just say spending millions to drop a bomb to take out thirty some odd people while there are possibly hundreds of thousands just like them, does nothing to endear the American people to anyone, let alone boost the numbers of cuts that are being discussed to much needed programs.
        I get that you think this was the right thing to do, I would caution you to question everything instead of accepting things as fact. As I say, I’m from a family with people who have served through many generations, that does not mean I accept what is being sold as the best for all Americans.

    1. “The GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb (MOAB) was dropped Thursday night on a network of fortified underground tunnels that ISIS had been using to stage attacks on government forces.

      The strike, in Nangarhar province near the Pakistan border, also killed 36 ISIS fighters, Afghan officials say.”

      So, if those are the deaths he wants to defend…ISIS fighters… then that’s his problem. Or is he calling the destruction of ISIS hideouts “brutal”?

  7. TRUMP keeps sending doing tweets to north Korea goading them with challenges about who will strike first….this is sick and I feel something very serious is going to happen…now the Afghanis are in the mix….question…who will stop TRUMP????

    1. I think China is behind this bravado trump is showing. He hasn’t come to understand yet that innocent citizens in the US will pay the price for his actions by lone wolf terrorists or terrorists abroad. Not to mention the poor souls of those who live in North and South Korea.
      None of it makes any sense to me.
      We can only pray for peace.

      1. Do you understand that innocent people are *already* being killed by these terror groups by the hundreds? ISIS is slaughtering women, children, and the elderly on a daily basis. North Koreans are being starved and executed by their government, who is making regular threats against other countries. Sanctions have achieved NOTHING, and you can’t sanction a terror group that exists everywhere.

        Ignoring it and doing nothing about these atrocities would not only NOT stop it, and it would be cowardly and unconscionable, it would give these groups, ISIS, Al Quaeda, and these loons like Kim Jong Un, the impression that they can not only keep doing what they’re doing, but expand their operations. ISIS has made it very clear that they want to conquer the entire world and every nation. That cannot be allowed to happen.

        The US is not the bad guy here.

  8. Eric and SWC, This event happened 6 days after the prediction was posted. Could the 4/9/2017 Prediction be next ? 7 then 15…tomorrow is the 15th and 6 days after this prediction. New York, spider, buffalo, clock striking 12, Facebook, explosion, Russia and Danish.
    Food for thought, N. Korea is thought to be “testing” a missile tomorrow (15th). The U.S. has 2 destroyers over there. I am including an article that says that according to several sources, one a former special assistant to GWBush, says that N. Korea can hit the west coast of the U.S. with their missiles. Facebook is in Menlo Park CA. Silicon Valley is the hub of the internet and that would cripple us as much as 9-11-2001 did to the NY financial district.
    All people are children of God. No one more special than the other. We cannot be immune to the fact that killing is wrong. Metaphorically speaking, a “global warming” of hearts could be a good thing for the world.

  9. Another north korea missile launch fails . After a display
    of missiles on parade it seems that they cannot
    have a successful launch and are not capablw
    of hitting long range targets.

    1. Wouldn’t it be funny if the rocket scientists over there are deliberately making these missiles to fail because they know Kim Jong Un is crazy?

  10. Eric- just saw this and made me think of your prediction about a new material that will spread like a new plastic. I don’t know if this quite fits your whole prediction but it’s really cool and good for the environment – I hope it gets wide use!

    1. This is great and plant based as well. I think in time people could get past the consistency. Just think how many more drinks could fit in a cooler and at a fraction of the waste which then breaks down considerably faster. If you times that by how much waste material is discarded just in one day the reduction going to landfills alone would decrease significantly. This could be a game changer. Thanks for the information Nicole.

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