Bridge Collapse

This prediction has happened.  Thankfully know one was injured.

Predictions 5-30-16   I had a visual of a large bridge that was half destroyed. It was a horrible sight.

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  1. Is this the one that we thought was the bridge in the San Francisco or Oakland area? Or is that still coming?

  2. Eric do Spirits know if this was purely an accident and not a terrorist attack? Very thankful nobody was killed or harmed.

      1. It may be a good one to ask spirit as to the cause. There are reports that this was a diesel bomb but this conflicts with the official narrative.

      2. Eric here is a link. From what I can gather there was one man smoking carrack. While under the bridge he placed a chair on top of s grocery cart and lit it on fire. This is all according to two other transients though who were there to smoke crack with him. So maybe just caused by being under the influence and a bit of ignorance. Maybe he thought he’d use his cart as a sort of grill to start the chair on fire and keep himself warm? 😳…with-fire-that-led-to-i-85-collapse/507974468

  3. Oh you did have a prediction on it afterall! It’s pretty crazy here now after all of this. Going to really impact all of our lives for a while with the location. It’s incredible nobody was hurt!

    1. Yes, thank goodness no one was hurt. Those videos of the smoke and fire made everything look hopeless; it’s a relief that people were able to evacuate on time!

      1. Sara – I live only a couple of miles from there and drive the affected area most days. I was so scared when I saw a friend in my building post a picture of the smoke cloud (taken from my building) on Facebook during the fire part. I was at the grocery store and a few min later someone said the bridge had collapsed. You could feel the fear and tension in the whole store. Then my phone started going crazy with everyone checking in with each other. I was so worried at first that this was the start of the coordinated attacks (but confused as to why I hadn’t picked up on something in my own city so close to home!). So incredibly thankful that’s not what this was and that the first responders during the fire did such an amazing job of clearing the area before the collapse!! (And that they all got out in time, too).

  4. Eric- you have another old prediction I think could be related as it mentions Georgia (though without much context, though also with George Washington / George). The other stuff in this posts seems similar to what else you’re getting now – some how connected?

    Also- could you’re post a couple days ago about the “Great George” being critically ill actually have been referring to this? The state of Georgia will really suffer seriously from this for a while. I am wondering if this could be some kind of signaling event of what is about to occur next. All of these posts (what you posted above), the one from 1/27/16 mentioning Georgia, and the one from a few days ago (3/28 ) mentioning George bring up the airplanes also. Worth looking at all three in context next to each other for clues?

    (Sidenote- just noticed your 3/28 post title says 3-28-16, but it was posted a few days ago. Think it’s a typo on the Year in title?).

  5. 10 dead in subway bombing in St Petersburg, Russia. Two blasts. This may be your subway prediction.

  6. Just in from CNN
    Moscow (CNN)Nine people have been killed in a blast on the St. Petersburg metro, Russian state media reported, in what authorities have described as a terrorist attack.

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