A New Version of World Predictions

Spirit had one message yesterday. “NOW”

Clearly a major event predicted is about to happen in the next day or two. Now to the topic at hand.

For the past 5 years I have had the same group of Spirits create these world predictions. Now I have been told that the group has dramatically grown is size, and the leadership has slightly altered. Recently I had a meeting with them to discuss the changes they are now pushing forward with. Its a very interesting shift into a new direction:

Predict only the ‘Next’ event: Instead of a raw unabridged message ranging in several different topics there is a shift towards predicting the very ‘next’ event. Have you ever watched the news and seen them stuck on one topic, then a few days later switch to a new topic? That is what they mean by ‘next’. The plan is to focus on the next event so that we move away from predictions that take place 6 months later. This allows us to create more accurate countdowns fixing our on going timing flaws. It also allows for a more structured flow of information especially since they will focus on just one topic or one subject at a time. This is a progressive shift so please give us time to make the transition. There is one clear flaw, you can no longer ask questions, because the only question I will be asking daily is; What is coming next?

Thoughts? How would you change these predictions? I always share your opinions with the Spirits so by all means; if you were me what would be different about our work here?

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  1. Mike Money Avatar
    Mike Money

    Hello Eric, thanks for all the great info.
    Perhaps the spirits would agree to also giving you the biggest magnitude event in addition to whats next.
    Mike in Florida

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      For them its not about the size of the event, but which events whether small or large they can alter. Its about opportunity.

  2. afraax Avatar

    erig please yu can send me somalia and east africa predacation on this email afraax666@hotmail,com thank yu

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Any and all world predictions are posted here, but i will share your request

  3. Cindy (CC) Avatar
    Cindy (CC)

    Wow, I would like to know what is Next. People can focus on that and see how we can change it. Predications further out gives everyone a heads up, but we don’t know the exact time frame. But I feel your spirits know what we need now. I’m looking to see the changes and see the reactions you’ll receive. We all need a little change and this may be the focus and impact for everyone to listen!

  4. donna B Avatar
    donna B

    Hi there Eric, Can you get info about an area, so say, in Ohio, what is the biggest event? (as an example) this would be way helpful. I am concerned about the upcoming RNC convention spawning conflict in our area for example. I am staying out of that area while the convention is in town. That would be helpful for those of us who travel and with loved ones in other cities too. I do appreciate the work that they do. It is a wonderful work and we all should say a HUGE “Thank you!” I am sure that they might like to be appreciated too for being so helpful to us!!! THANK YOU to you also!! I know this blog takes tons of time and work!

  5. Marjie Harrison Avatar
    Marjie Harrison

    Thoughts: if the impetus is on preventing tragedies and saving lives, how does the new structure of “next” affect our ability to thwart or defuse a situation?

  6. Gunter Avatar

    Hello Erik,
    I want to say thanks for what you do. For years i been trying to find a way to communicate with the spirit guides to do the same thing you are doing. So many events happening out there and not enough voices to get it out. Bless you and thanks again. To you and the spirit guides.

    Gunter from south florida

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Gunter. If you are looking to connect to Spirit I would recommend a meditation that completely clears your mind of all thought, think of nothing, separating yourself from all the noise, beliefs and world. It allows you to connect to something greater than ourselves. Every one of these predictions took anywhere from 4-8 of meditation.

      1. gunter dose Avatar
        gunter dose

        Thank you 😃

  7. afraax Avatar

    thank yu erig , but somalia is evry day events yu can warns us then me i change somalia lunguage and warns for somalia people ,

  8. Anne Avatar

    Which prediction Is going to occur in 1- 2 days? Thanks so much..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Everything points to terror attack. In one message they talked about the 22nd, in another the 23-25. So they seem to be struggling with an exact date. God forbid those are all actual dates for terror related events.

      1. donna B Avatar
        donna B

        Eric, any predictions about the RNC convention in Cleveland? thank you

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          They have consistently talked about a threat to Mr Trump but they have not mentioned the RNC specifically.

      2. texasbelle4732 Avatar

        You have multiple dates referenced, flags of many nations, stadium(s) and the 22nd. The Copa America, as indicated earlier, is being played at NRG Stadium here in Houston on the 21nd (22nd GMT) and UEFA Euro 2016 is being played at three stadiums in France on the 22nd.

      3. mari Avatar

        Intel: ISIS threat to U.S. bases
        ISIS urges attacks after hackers steal details of bases

  9. amfis Avatar

    maybe this is related? http://firstcontact.world/

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very interesting link.

      1. amfis Avatar

        Do You anyhow have any intel on this “event”? Maybe we can ask Spirits about it? Since they (Alfred) published initial message and some more promises..

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I do not, nor have they mentioned it. I guess we will see.

  10. benmadigan Avatar

    does now refer to the brexit referendum in the UK on the 23rd June? i.e. next Thursday?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I honestly believe they are talking about a terror attack.

  11. Lia Avatar

    Hi Eric, I wonder if people will lose interest in your blog. I am not a negative Nellie, but… I guess there’s a side of me that likes to analyze & interpret clues & see what others think. Good luck with your new format 🙂 so what is coming in the next day or two? I think it will be the explosion you saw on the Northeast coast, but that’s just my intuition speaking.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The blog has yet to slow down in creating a following, it keeps growing and growing especially outside of the US so I have not seen that.

      1. Lia Avatar

        🙂 spirit knows best! Peace to you, Eric.

  12. afraax Avatar

    tommorow marks badar war history for islaam take place 15 of ramaadaan thousand years ago ……….am agree with Eric somethin is going to happend pray for world peace ……….terror have no religion

  13. donna B Avatar
    donna B

    I do pray, tired of mans inhumanity to man..its wrong.

  14. Jens Avatar

    I am worried that the new format will decrease the time we have as a group to brainstorm especially if there are two events happening 1 day apart. you ask spirit “what is coming next?” then they might respond with only the closest upcoming event but not with one that quickly follows suit, instead maybe consider asking something more broad in terms of time. maybe something like “what is coming in the near future?”?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am sorry I must have wrote that wrong. The goal is to have the predictions about two weeks ahead. Then we will refocus on the countdown of that prediction 2-3 days prior to it happening. But the initial prediction will be anywhere between 2 weeks and 1 month instead of our normal 3-6 months.

  15. Popi Avatar

    Some thoughts…

    Spirits see it coming, but its human plans that they can see in advance as these plans take a lot of negative energy and effort..
    So I have a question.. Is it possible by focusing all of us to an upcoming event to finally boost it with the wrong energy and make it happen?
    Maybe the question should be “what is the best thing to do to stop something so bad”?

    I beleive that the right question is maybe the key

    1. Ree Avatar

      I would like to see an answer to this as I also agree. How do we avert a prediction? Perhaps this new method will be clearer. Hopefully with clear intentions.
      Perhaps a meditational prayer arranged at a certain time after a prediction (and using the key words in the prediction to focus energy) could help to send positive energy to the events predicted and prevent them.
      Awareness is good for preparation but the fear and panic it causes by telling all your friends about it may or may not do much for prevention.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The best course of action is making everyone aware. They strongly believe that its the spread of news that alter the course of events but action is required. Lets make it simplified, I warned someone that they get into a car accident because they were texting on the phone. But by making them aware, by warning them of the phone, and the person taking the action of not talking on the phone, the accident is avoided. We must first make those affected aware, lets all work on step one. Then when we achieve that I will ask them for more specific plans.

      1. Ree Avatar

        I understand that but some events still happen don’t they… Im saying something could be done to strengthen that awareness and avert a tragedy. But that’s up to your followers.

  16. Maribeth Ford Avatar
    Maribeth Ford

    Eric, I think that is a great plan going forward. I would rather know something coming up sooner than later. I want to know more of the immediate future warnings/predictions because I would feel more ready to react than to messages having to do with things 6 months, a year or more in advance. Too far out and I just mentally file it away and probably forget it. Thanks for sharing your ability with everyone.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  17. Mari Avatar


    Man Tries to Pull Gun From
    Police at Trump Rally.

    Police arrested a 19-year-old man Saturday inside a Las Vegas theater where presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was holding a campaign rally after the man attempted to pull a police officer’s gun from its holster during the event.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  18. texasbelle4732 Avatar

    Eric, my only concern is, if we are being asked to help avert an incident, that is going to be extremely difficult if the threat is “next”. How do we get the word out or try to prevent if we only have two or three days in which to do that? It’s almost as if they are now giving information so we can better “respond” than avert. Of course, if the terror/evil is escalating or, rather, snowballing because the dark side feels they are about to be shut down, the ability to successfully respond, will obviously be of paramount importance. I am most concerned our administration is involved in “staged” events to achieve a specific end, regardless of the collateral damage involved, so we will definitely need to know how, as well as what.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It won’t be two or three days. The target is two weeks ahead of time, but no more than a month. They will have countdowns that lead to two or three days.

  19. Rita Ravin Avatar
    Rita Ravin

    Well, I think the only question I would have is suppose there are (and we know this happens) multiple things happening the same day in different parts of the world as, for instance, a hurricane in FL, a terrorist attack in. Europe and a train wreck somewhere else in the world. By the “next” event, would they give you all three (or more)? Rita Ravin

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately it all depends on how much time we have. That is another flaw, how can we properly juggle all of that, unfortunately its most likely we will miss an event. But also consider we will be asking daily. But it was a topic I brought up.

  20. PeetieJ Avatar

    Any chance you have any messages on flights traveling from DFW to Boston tomorrow? A bit nervous.

    1. Mary Avatar

      PeetieJ, I think you will be fine flying to Boston from Dallas. Your spirit (conscious ) will tell you knowing it’s okay to go but down deep inside if you feel something ain’t right. Go with your gut. Listen to your inner (instinct ) spirit and your Helper is always with you. Please it’s important to express your gratitude to your Self, your Helper and your Creator. They’d appreciate that hearing from You.

      Blessing to You!

  21. Barbara Avatar

    Eric, would the spirits be willing to offer suggestions as to intercede to divert, cancel or change these predicted events?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They believe that the best way is making people aware. Let them decide the course. But as we draw closer to our success I have no doubt they will be focus on giving us more information. A good example would be a hurricane, if we warn a place of a deadly hurricane and you warn them that its coming it will influence the future.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Well said, Eric.

        The Spirits cannot always be our “heros”. They came to Eric as guidance and advanced warnings to all their best. Just let us be aware of. Maybe it’s not the answers the human beings wanted to hear but accept it and be grateful for their offering in assisting. Otherwise, the Spirits can choose not to assist us by using Eric. They chose to do this with Eric because their significant question was “Are you ready, Eric?” He accepted and took the challenge to work tireless in days and nights to communicate between the world and the Spirits. It’s a great honor and privileged to be part of Eric’s team. Eric is doing all the best as he can to share info with the world. No one is perfect and don’t expected to be perfect. But it’s for our hope and pray for others. That what make us special to bind with the people throughout the world that we don’t know. We pray through God’s power of love. That makes us unique and you are part of this special missions.

        Grateful for you and yours. Blessings!

  22. rhona Avatar

    Like Rita Ravin your question is my thoughts also multiple events …how will this be formated

  23. Andrew35 Avatar

    Yes Eric this does feel like a step in the right direction. For the warnings about upcoming events to be effective , precision is very important. Whatever can be done to improve timing accuracy and location would be very helpful.Thank you for your work.

  24. Jay Khat Avatar
    Jay Khat

    So the spirits cannot interfere with these event themselves and only warn people through meditation? Can you not ask them to go enlighten the people that are about to cause these terror attack? What makes these people evil? How come they don’t know whats right and wrong? Why dosen’t higher power give these evil people clarity?

    Seems like us humans are just computers that can be programmed and influenced so easily and so helpless. If your born in the wrong place with wrong influences your life goes down the wrong path and its not fair on people. Why don’t these spirits have more power if they are from a more higher place? So many question I want to ask you and them. The world is a confusing place. There is always contradicting views and when you open minded to everything nothing makes sense. Is you third eye open? Is there such things as devil, deamonand evil entity? Is there such thing as angels? Which religion is real? Which prophet is real? Whose message or teaching should we live by? Can one simply go hell because he was born in the wrong religion?

    I have a burning desire to know answers to these questions amd many more. I hope you can answer for me.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its not their place to interfere, its ours, we are the ones who decide our own lives and have a responsibility to solve its problems. However once we decide to act they will help.

      1. Kraskat Avatar

        They are willing to warn but not help us? But once we act they will help? Very confusing statement! They are kind of interfering by warning. I dont understand their morals and rules they have to follow. Could you explain please I am curious.

    2. texasbelle4732 Avatar

      I was always taught, as Eric indicated, before coming into this lifetime, we decide, based on our progression, where we will incarnate and what we will make ourselves available to experience. In addition, karmic debt still owed must be taken into account. Along with all of that, evil will always look for ways to destroy or derail. There are so many variables and part of our progression is based on how we handle them and what we learn.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes I totally agree. We live by choice, not fate or chance. However there is always a Karmic force both interfering and teaching.

  25. Jay Khat Avatar
    Jay Khat

    When I did a reading with you, you said that my dream of being an artist wont be fulfilled. You said you just dont see that working out for me, something just wont go right. That is my only passion that I wanted to pursue. Without that I feel lost in life and upset. My self belief is gone! I just feel purposeless and not sure what the point of even living is anymore. Some things you said would happen never happened and some things did. I don’t know what to do with my life now and I don’t know what the true purpose of my life path is. Can you give me any advice because I am kind of depressed because of the reading. If you can’t reply here then could you write to my email. I would really appreciate it. I was always told I could be anything I wanted to and I believed it but after what you said, im just scared to pursue anything in fear of failure since things don’t work out for you even if you give everything.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t think its appropriate to discuss personal readings here.

    2. anthony Avatar

      I’m going to take a guess and fix your problem. Your in a area that won’t work so you have to find similar like mind people as yourself mind body and soul. You are probably hanging around the wrong people. Ask your spirit guides to direct you to fullfill your dream. Now spirit will show you two people. That’s were it gets interesting in how you want to build. Choose wisely. I think your biggest problem is worrying about self then up above. Not in allignment. That’s my opinion take it for what it is worth. Look for signs and ask for help from your friends to give you ideas.

    3. Lia Avatar

      I sense your frustration & confusion, Jay. Have you read Paul Selig’s website? Interesting channeled messages. I think our life purpose is to learn not to deny the true divine essence that is always within us all. Eric or any psychic cannot tell you your life path, but as Eric said in another portion of this thread, spirits & Angels cannot intervene into your life, but once you choose a path, they will assist with your invitation to do so. Why not ask your spirit guides for help? If you FEEL you are passionate about being an artist, then that is a big clue to say that you are! Also, go to a cool website called, MastersOfTheSpiritWorld.com for really insightful advice from spirit.

      1. swampy11 Avatar

        I’m with you Lia and Rhona. It’s about how we trek our journey of life and deal with the challenges. But, we also have to be aware of why we want to do things. Sometimes it can help us take a detour we never considered.

    4. Popi Avatar

      Hello Jay klay,

      If you just pull back in life and let your future be designed by others you will always feel depressed! Nothing is preprogrammed to fail! As you can see Eric tells us that we can change even the worst events for the world sake!
      Greek ancient Gods said ” Goddess Athina will do help you if you move your hands too to the right direction ”

      So fight for your purpose! Its not a gift that will drop from the sky without doing anything 😊

    5. Mary Avatar

      Dear Jay Khat,

      Your message reached out to my heart. I sensed your trapped seeking for a true meaning and purposes in your life. There is a huge block in your path that is fear. The fear is blocking you from your desires. You have many talents and skills to use and share with others. The fear is putting you on hold. Pray with almighty archangel Michael and He will quickly come to your rescue even many times you asked for help and guidance. Stop….be still and listen to the inner voice. GOD is with you and trying to get your attention because you need to be still and patience with Him. You are very smart and wanted all the answers. You will get the answers in process to satisfied your questions and curiosity.

      You are not lost. Remove the block of your fear and bound to different direction. Explore and listen to your heart. Your Self is waiting to be fulfilled with joys and happiness. You have great talents in arts. What the arts are telling you about yourself? There is a mystery gift that God has for you but it’s your journey as you go and seek. You will find the gifts God already providing for you as you haven’t thought about it. Do not question. Go with your heart as your guidance with your Helper.

      Go in peace and in love. Blessings to your journey.

      1. Lia Avatar

        Wow, Mary! Very, very nicely said with true compassion! This helps many of us here:).

      2. Mary Avatar

        Awe, thanks Lia! ♡

      3. Jay Khat Avatar
        Jay Khat

        Feels like god himself sent you to me 😇. Thank you ❤️

      4. jules104 Avatar

        I agree with Lia. Well said Mary. There is something wonderful waiting for you Jay Khat. Sometimes we just can’t see it because we get in our own way of what our higher purpose is. We humans are a stubborn lot. I always imagine the higher powers that be looking down from above on me trying to nudge me in a certain direction, get me to do what they know is best for me and I’m just running all over the place doing this, doing that…everything except what I should actually be doing… And they are just rolling their eyes saying, oh my golly there she goes again, what’s she doing now, etc etc. with their hands up in the air, wondering how long it’s going to take me to figure out they’ve been trying to help me along the whole time in a direction that is best for me. I just want to keep doing what I want to do. Usually out of fear, stubbornness , selfishness, etc. It’s a human condition I suppose, each persons journey. Mine seems to be taking longer then most. Ugh. LOL. Keep your chin up and be still, look around, listen to the wind blowing in the trees, look for the little things. Watch for those nudges. Life itself is a great adventure. Blessings All SWC

      5. Mary Avatar

        Awe…you about make me cry….thanks Jay. I’m touched. I’m glad to help you. Please let us know if you need a prayer at anytime. SWC and I are rooting for you. Cheers! ♡

    6. Tim Avatar

      Dearest Jay

      Don’t be scared. I know this. Have self-belief and you have so many reasons to keep on living… I KNOW THIS.

      I get feelings, knowings, dreams and visions (not all the time but I did get a knowing after reading your post) and I knew there was a reason I was drawn to the comment section here. After a longterm perusal.

      As soon as I read your post I felt compelled to so that firstly, if you are an artist, then DO. You don’t need to have instant recognition. Life purpose isn’t about what you do for a living at that crude level. It’s your interactions and differences you CHOOSE to make. Life purpose is about following your passions (you want to be an artist so please, I know you are hurting but just get on with being an artist. You don’t need a psychic to give you the greelight, my lovely one). Life purpose is about your interactions with others. You may only be able to offer a stranger sitting in a cafe a smile as you walk by. But your love and energy you give off in that smile may just save that person who is at breaking point. Obviously, common sense dictatea you go with your instincts and common sense before you smile at someone that may be well, a bit lost (ahem, unhinged)… Maybe a close relative, colleague or a friend has gone through a tough time and by you, Jay, just asking them “how are you feeling” then listening to them and telling them how brilliant they are, how cleverly you think they are handling events is what can heal them at that time.

      Follow your passion. Do it now, Jay. Create. And do what you can for those who need it.

      Volunteering will be good for you. You can even give those in need your artwork.

      You are a true sensitive and full of creativity to feel so low. Please know you are so wonderful and gifted and if you feel this low again PLEASE go to the doctor. You make so many small differences that inspire people, you have no idea. Life would be a lot worse off for those you have met had you not been here. You help in small ways – but small is HUGE. Now, continue but make the time to create everday.

      Forget about “instant success”. That isn’t the point. Success is following your repeated efforts + time + constantly learning + changing yourself to adapt to new information and where you want to go. Your efforts become your passion because the more you do something, the more you learn and improve. The more you see something tangible for your creations, the more you are spurred on to do more.

      Ideally, visualise where you want your artwork to end up. Now, research other people that have gotten to where you want to be and see what hardwork (and maybe they had to network?) to get there. Maybe you can learn or take something from their method.

      I promise YOU, keep creating. True artists create EVERYDAY. Even those who have kids, and a horrendous job. You love it, you’ll make time. Obstacles and hurdles come to many. Go to art fairs and exhibitions. Meet other artiats. Read trade magazines. Why not set up a charity exhibition of yours and other local artists where all money goes to a cause you believe in? Get the local press to come down. Or, maybe, with everything going on in the world, create artwork that is your representation of this dark place… I sense you have a clever, satirical element you really could explore, bit please stop waiting for signs you will be ok because YOU ARE AND WILL BE.. (This’s a commonsense suggestion, not a psychic “knowing”).

      You just keep creating. Giving back to people. And your life is so precious, you are my lovely, please don’t feel that low.

      Outcome isn’t important – it’s the steps you take now which are ao very crucial. Live for NOW.

      You are loved, Jay.


      1. Mary Avatar

        Thanks Tim! Love your words!

  26. Fernelis Augusto Avatar
  27. benmadigan Avatar

    Strange story – british teenager and premeditated murder attempt on mr trump http://www.rte.ie/news/2016/0620/796985-donald-trump-us-election/

    1. Mary Avatar

      It’s unusual and very intriguing. He caught my attention. I’d love to hear his side of story as why he wanted to do that. The good thing he didn’t kill a soul. May God protect him under the mighty wings from above.

  28. anthony Avatar

    Well I hope now does not mean donald trumps campaign manager resigned. Hopefully he can change what comes out of his mouth and transform. Yes we need new world order. Now. A word of advice for world leaders. The dark governments billionaires are behind and use politicians like tools. Trade has always opened up dialogue. When you interrupt trade you create hostil enviroments funded by the billionaires behind the scene. Usa billionaires sell more weapons guns and planes. So people with money like confusion as it makes them more money all based on fear. This is coming to an end along with government agency such as Cia who have started a lot of crap. Fbi nsa and Cia will be done and merged. There will no longer be one person’s opinion but a group process going forward. This will be the trend on all levels of government.

    1. Ree Avatar

      We need new world order?? Using the exact vocabulary that these corrupt corporations use to program you and everyone else. I do pray that all of this will end soon. The puppeteers need to be removed if we’re to have any chance of a future.
      How can the human race be so suicidal? I often wonder… there are all these events happening at super speed and layered within all of that is our race being poisoned and manipulated. Please people pull the wool from over your eyes do you not see the illusions being created? Some of these events are being purposefully created to trigger a response from you. Problem Reaction Solution. Some of these events are theatrical with ‘Crisis Actors’. Please use your hearts and look closer. Things are not as they seem. And you have more power than you realise.

  29. rhona Avatar

    Jay Kaht Mary’s words to you are beautiful guidance ..i believe any one who paints no matter what form it takes is coloring the fabric of this world you are expressing a gift from the angelic realms that you were born with and leaving a creative footprint ..bless you for your understanding of color and energy that the color deposits in our world …maybe your gift is to extrnd your know how to others maybe teach young ones what you know how grand is it to have your gift imparted and encourage others and multiply its energy you may lead another to discover their calling that is an honor in its own league …you are doing what is your passion there are so many avenues to explore for expession gift card companies or start your own seek new ways to share your talent you may not end up famous but you are delivering much needed energy and color to our world ..thank you for your presence ..lift your spirits pick up that brush and get creative .
    blessings love and light
    tip…i paint and bury my feet in the sand and paint the images the eath sends me like the colors of the light energy coming from the ground to plants and flowers during synthesis (photo)

    1. Mary Avatar

      Beautiful words, rhona. I too paint and draw as a pleasure. It allowed me to express my inner thoughts and feelings to go flow. It released the energies and recharged the energies. My whole family are the artists and expressed their creativity in different ways. It’s like a soul therapy to relax our minds, hearts and souls. Artist is a greatest gift. I believe everyone should use the art gifts.

      Go for it, Jay….pick up the paintbrush and allow your soul to paint through your hands. That’s the beauty of it. ♡

  30. anthony Avatar

    Now represents change in leadership. Let’s start with the pope of Rome. No you can’t offer one time pardons for sins to the rich and then ask them to make a large donation. You should resign. President obama. If reincarnation exists then a lot of people don’t belong in these positions. They are barbarians. They will lead you to death. Is the world a better place since 2012 or worse. You should resign. To many people in positions they are not qualified to do. This applies to a lot of leaders worldwide. Leading the world into destruction. Fallen angels. There needs to be priests in authority and this includes zen Buddhism which reflects both male and female energies of god. They need to be respected and taken care of. Muslims need to get baptized. There religious leaders must resign. The Jews were lead out of egypt by John the Baptist. You need to get baptized in water and salt. The jewish religious leaders will be throw out as the man who wears the crown is a Buddhist. Understand the god who took you out of egypt. See baptism. The seers have to stop taking every word as gospel as they write books. Understand this. No one is willing to stand up and admit to their mistakes. This must change as it sets you free. Man’s ego has caused much suffering. We need quality not quality. This applies to mother father son and daughter. So yes the pill, contraception is welcomed in gods eyes because man is a pig. Everyone seems to forget god created both woman and man. God is also an alien. Get over it. Your path is written in the stars. Just about everyone comes from enoch. Go research it. There were 3 sons from Noah. All are divine. What about naamah? Now represents change. Now represents death. You never die. Others should not have to suffer for the incompetence of many. See the world. Smile and the world will smile with you. If your a teacher, politician, priest and you think that this is the only world and man is awesome you should resign. Take a good look at your self. Understand self. See barbarian. The pope is not a king. Son of man and son of god. 8 billion people in the world. One thought. God does not kill.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Bless her heart. She’s only 3. We do not need to teach “fear” but to stay safe.

  31. Richard F. Avatar
    Richard F.

    Breaking News from Fox News: 3 heavily armed people arrested heading into NYC tunnel.

  32. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    is it starting here in US.—-alert..
    3 arrested in Holland tunnel Ammo, and body armor found.,

    The three individuals were travelling to New York, but were stopped on the New Jersey side of the tunnel. A search of their vehicle revealed the cache of the combat gear, which a police photograph showed including a shotgun, a scoped rifle, knives, pistols several magazines of ammunition
    Police described said that the arrested individuals were two men in their fifties and a woman in her 30s, and that they may be from Pennsylvania, NBC 4 New York reported.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48. Do you recall Eric mentioned “Penn” I think. I will look for the old post. I recall an even older post and it had to do with a tunnel or bridge and NY/NJ. Hmmm.

      1. Mary Avatar

        WAIT!!!! I remember now! Distraction!! …Eric, star, Jules, SWC….do you remember anything about “distraction ” in previous or older posts? It mentioned distraction then the event took place in terror attack. First was distraction and I wonder if this is the “distraction” moment before the terror attack take place?

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi Mary. Is it the Lou prediction you are thinking about? Something about a fire trying to distract but then attack the Louvre? Or do you remember another one?

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Your talking about lou

      2. Mary Avatar

        Jules and Eric, I don’t remember which post. I couldn’t find the word “distraction ” in older posts. 🙁 but that’s okay. I vague remember people goes into different direction. Thought it might be the pattern to look for when the next might be happen. It just popped into my mind “distraction ” out of the blue. I don’t know why but no worries. Maybe it will come up later. Who knows.

        Maybe Eric is right about lou. Could be.


        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi Mary, I will keep a look out if I see anything similar to what you’re describing. That was what I thought about also was “the Lou” though. He did have one for a group run or walk or something like that maybe in a park? But I don’t recall “distraction” in it. Blessings

    2. Mary Avatar

      This is incredible. …they were stopped for a “cracked on windshield”! Just lucky they got caught.

      1. Mary Avatar

        I read the news about the 3 armed stopped at the tunnel. It doesn’t fit in story. They may not be “terrorists”. I’m just glad they were paying attention to anyone carried on numerous of guns. Also wondering why in the world people carried so many guns on US soils. It’s ridiculous. It’s out of our hands when the laws permitted. However, I am not going to say anything. This issue has been long weary topic that not going anywhere to solve it.

        Go in peace.

    3. Debs Avatar

      False alarm. Apparently it was just some people driving their legal assault weapons around. http://slate.me/28T3mQx

  33. RJ-DWA Avatar

    Regarding your question: “Thoughts? How would you change these predictions?” What you are doing is difficult. Spirit has to convert messages to symbols they hope you can interpret. You have to try to interpret the symbols. Lots of room for translation errors, but I’m impressed by your accuracy. You might ask spirit if it would be helpful for you to meditate with like-minded individuals. Maybe you already know a like-minded person who also meditates. I have experienced clearer messages when meditating with two or more people, meditating together on the same subject. It’s interesting that spirit is increasing numbers on their side. I wonder if it might also be helpful on your side. Just a thought.

  34. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, I rather like this idea of focusing on the “NOW”. It seems that we will be able to better narrow down the “when” instead of spending a lot of energy wondering “which” prediction (out of many)is happening next over a longer period of time. The options of which will be limited if I’m understanding this correctly. They are trying to help us by narrowing our focus so that we have a better chance of altering the prediction. And it’s just a guess, but I am thinking they know best when it comes to the work being done here. I think that breakthrough is coming. 😉 Blessings

    1. Mary Avatar

      Star and SWC…Also, check out for statue of liberty, helicopter….yes, Penn too. Keep in mind..San Diego military base…

      I’m glad they were caught and I won’t be surprised if there’s more. Maybe multi attacks all in one to 2 days in several different places like Paris, Btussel, NYC, etc….

      1. Lia Avatar

        Hi Mary, the mention of a helicopter resonated w/me for some reason. Hope nothing happens. The Empire State Building could be another target.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think at its core its about organizing the work better.

  35. anthony Avatar

    i hope this is not true. leadership has to change asap. http://news.antiwar.com/2016/06/21/israeli-intel-chief-we-dont-want-isis-defeated-in-syria/

  36. Richard F. Avatar
    Richard F.

    Breaking news from BBC: Armed man opens fire in German Cinema. Many reported injured. Still more developments

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Richard F. Thanks for info. I just read that the injuries are from when the Police used tear gas and not from gunfire. I hope that is correct. The gunman was shot dead. Here is the article I found. Praying everyone recovers quickly.

  37. rader111 Avatar

    When will this happen?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


      1. anthony Avatar

        Gradually is a slow death. My guess on all of this is the leadership who caused this is being replaced. Trade has always been a communication device between countries. Russia was thrown out because of event that should of not taken place. That leader who made that decision is gone. More to come by years end. Leader of uk is gone. So now who is next. Who does not want peace.

  38. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, attack and foreign hostages in Afflent area ,Dhaka
    near embassy.
    American embassy is req all to shelter in place
    US Embassy in Dhaka recommends sheltering in place amid reports of hostage situation – @usembassydhaka


  39. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, update 1
    US State Department: Hostage situation in neighborhood of Dhaka is ‘still fluid’; all US citizens working under chief of mission accounted for; too early to say who is involved -Reuters


  40. star48 Avatar

    SWC, clarification..- Dhaka, Bangladesh..
    Embassy row restaurant..gunfire ,explosions.amid cry of God is great ( must be radical Lutherans.)

  41. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Obama briefed..
    link for updates, analysis,military, etc. on Bangladesh,
    White House: President Obama has been briefed on hostage situation in Bangladesh – CBS News


  42. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, update 2
    ISIS claims 24 dead , forty wounded..in attack..
    Gunmen reported to be allied with Islamist group Ansar Islam have attacked a restaurant in the diplomatic quarter of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, with police saying several patrons, including foreigners, are still inside.
    7 Italians are hostage..( from Italian news)


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