The Most Accurate Predictions

Change comes through awareness: “We have every intention of altering the tragedies of these predictions, change comes through awareness of the many.. we have every intention of changing this …

Source: The Most Accurate Predictions


4 thoughts on “The Most Accurate Predictions

  1. A day will come when people will ask a man a question. Why did you not help us. This is what troubles my mind. I feel sorry for those who have done nothing and have shut there eyes and turned there back.

  2. Your track record so far is amazing. Thanks for all you and the committee do. I’ve had a reading from you about three years ago and I’ve come to know firsthand that you are the real-deal. You’re also a kind and humble guy and one I greatly admire.

  3. Star 48 jules104 synchronicity perfect timing with the post Star ..i think we are getting the heads up to keep watch ts unfolding soon ..
    imagine the women trying to pick up a hot piece of the universe delivered right to her doorstep ouch….


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