Peru Earthquake

This prediction has happened. We failed to get the proper location. Gap of time 2 days

Notes on 11-23-15    I had a visual again of an earthquake, I woke up to a room just shaking violently, I looked out my window to see a view that was not my own, power lines falling, people scrambling, buildings cracking. It was large.
We are determined to figure out a location and timeframe, or is it an existing prediction, San Francisco, New Zealand?  But it coming and soon. With the Nepal earthquake warnings its took 20 days then 2 days.
Another tie to the bird message could be Asia.

“A large magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck eastern Peru, though there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties from the very deep temblor, the US Geological Survey reported Tuesday.” Quoted by;_ylt=AuWxlK1YxUOgE1zx2j5DLOibvZx4?p=peru+earthquake&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-901&fp=1


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53 thoughts on “Peru Earthquake

  1. i don’t believe this prediction has happened, nothing that you wrote has happened, it was an extremely deep earthquake, no buildings cracked, no powerlines falling, yes the magnitude was large but the PGA which is what matters was very small because of the depth so not a big quake and out in the jungle. I think you missed this one.

    1. I agree. Why would spirit show an earthquake that has no immediate affect? These earthquakes were too deep to do any damage above ground. I believe they are precursors to your actual prediction still to occur.

    2. Also agree. Even though 7.6’s are large, they will have minimal effects after traveling through 600km depth of earth’s crust. The maximum reported shaking by a single member of the public is VI (6), which is Strong with possible light damage. The remaining 80 or so reports are light-moderate with no damage.

  2. I agree with reservation… Could be that perhaps our energy and prayers lessened the impact….
    Eric does spirir confirm this is these are the quakes in your vision…us there more ti cime for this area…

    1. prayers will not affect an earthquake, these are natural events that have to take place. nothing man can do will stop what nature needs to do, needs to do, that is important, humans need to start living with this planet not trying to stop what it needs to do

  3. Oh my if you can read my comment with all will make sense lol…sorry ….blessings and stay safe ….

  4. There has been a lot of earthquake activity in the U.S as well as South America of late. More than usual it appears. These aren’t swarms but especially in the U.S quite spread out and sporadic. Almost like a tectonic plate is about to “spring”. The same for down south as well but theirs have been much larger, deeper and closer in proximity. I do believe that solar flares have an affect on the tectonic plates much like the moon has an affect on tides. Still considering the window of approximately 2 Dec.

    1. I agreed with Greg. My thought maybe it’s Dec 2nd. It’s acting out and soon it will pop.

    2. The 2 comes from the 10 November 2015 prediction. The christmas light bulbs seem to represent the Christmas season in December.

  5. There is alot of accuracy in your comment Greg….It is rather spread out out and i believe ir is an.indication of stress build up like a shiver you get in your muscles when there is strain on a specific muscle the rest quivers…eg weight lifting… You put forward goid points…

    1. Even less news-worthy. No damage, too deep aftershock. Something else is brewing where Eric mentioned.

  6. -This has happened in the past to me too. On Jan 1st 2010 I had a visual of a very bloody South-Atlantic earthquake. Not too familiar with the geography at the time, I assumed it was South Africa – it turned out to be the Haiti earthquake of Jan 12th 2010.

    At the same moment I had a visual of the Eureka, California earthquake which happened on Jan 9th 2010. Since I live in Washington state I thought it was Vancouver Island (both locations look very similar).

    -Both being on the west coast of a continent bordered by the Pacific Ocean, California and Peru have very similar shapes. I’d say it was perfect score.

    We’ll see.

  7. Eric, the bird feet you saw in vision. Is it the large parrot? Think Its From South America? I wonder if south America will have another major quake as number 2? Just saying.

  8. Happy thanksgiving. Just want to say thanks for the work you have done to avoid terror attacks.

  9. The earthquake, although powerful, didn’t cause any damage or casualties so I highly doubt this was what you saw in your vision.

    If anything, the earthquake has yet to occur.

    Watch the 28th and 30th of this month. If nothing happens on those dates, we should be in the clear for the rest of 2015.

  10. Eric, I can’t help it. Something ain’t right about the Peru huge earthquake. I was surprised that it repeated 7.6 several times between Chile and Brazil. It made me wonder if God was trying to point to Peru for a reason to get our attention. However, I felt that this is not the one that Eric’s predicted. Something is definitely coming up for a major one in USA. My fear is the Oklahoma and New Madrid’s big ones are long overdue . Obviously, Los Angeles and San Francisco have no safety nets when the earthquake struck to 10. That can and will happen as well as Yellowstone National park. I’ve recently told my mother she lives in Oklahoma that the earthquake will be huge in near future history as ever. The increased earthquakes in over time, it’s likely will create a huge one then it will be back to normal for a long, long, long time. Maybe like 10,000 years I’m just guessing but seeing the pictures. If this doesn’t make sense, no worries. Just need to dig in and observe the patterns daily just like Dutchenshere. Sorry my spelling is bad.

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Harvey, I wouldn’t sweat it too much. About the only thing anyone can do about earthquakes is to have a plan and be prepared. Having a good backpack with selected items in your car is a must and then about 3 months worth of food, water and other items in the house or cache outside if you think the house could collapse. If the Super Volcano at Yellowstone erupts then most of the U.S is screwed immediately and the rest of the world will follow shortly. Life will be hard for the “Preppers” and even harder for everyone else. I’m not getting a sense that the near term predicted earthquakes will be super devastating to the vast majority. Rest easy brother.

      1. Thanks Greg. I’m not really worried if the super volcano erupted or Calif under sea….it’s all part of the revolving. It just the ways of life. I’m not afraid of death. I see it’s a way of life.

        Hope you have a blessed week.

  11. I have high confidence in Eric but I think this is not the EQ that was predicted. This matter reminds me a bit of the Papua New Guinea / New Britain prediction from maybe last year. The first EQ had a general fit but the second EQ was the actual one predicted. None the less, there were two 7.+ EQ that day, and neither produced the effects as predicted. Good info on EQ data and tracking can be found at:

    1. Thanks Lou, it’s very unusual high for the last 30 days. It will be huge somewhere in the matter of days. It will be history.

      Blessings to you!

  12. Eric, 10-28-15 Countdown..2..1..”coalition”. And 11-21-15 Coundown 2..1..0 “One”
    Would the above two predictions be counting down months with December being 0. Just a thought. I still have an uneasiness for something happening on the 3rd, just don’t know what or which month but feel this would be in New Zealand where I live. Thank you for yours and your followers great work keep it up.

      1. Eric, as I monitored the earthquake live map. Something is DEFINITELY going on and I don’t think it will be pretty. It can and will happen anytime in December and next year. It’s not gonna be pretty. Ouch…

      2. Eric, it’s the SECOND of December and it’s Wednesday!! It’d perfectly make sense as it actin crazy lately. It’s San Francisco like in your predicted….loss 500….

        does anyone agree if this is it? It’s Wednesday, December 2??

        People felt small shaken in Dallas this morning, but no reported of quakes in Dallas. Just north of Oklahoma. We got quakes everywhere as Missouri, Georgia, Wyoming, Washington, California, and many more in usual places for quakes. It’s spreading wide from west coast to east coast.

        I’d bet my 2 cents on that. It got to be it.

  13. Hi Eric and site family…..this morning 1st of December here…..recieved strong intuitive from my guides it seems to be San Francisco first between 2nd and 12 th of Dec….as your spirits mentioned Eric …. A Saturday is coming through….
    New Zealand is after that dont know when…but the lead up to xmas week is there
    Love Light and wisdom to all un eigther area

    1. That’s interesting. Last night I had another dream but all I can remember is two numbers 12 and 14. I’ve been getting migraines today which is generally indicative of forth coming earthquake swarms or larger earthquakes.

      1. It’s good to know that I am not alone in this as I have a migraine today. I also feel sleepy. Thanks Greg for sharing.

  14. Hello Harvey…most people un both countries are very aware of this huge risk for N.Z. and San Francisco….maybe in some ways there has been a period of grace from Erics prediction if these two locations suffer greatly….at least there has been more time for word of mouth and sharing the prediction….blessings to you always Harvey…you are so vigilant in your ways of caring a good.heart beats within you…

  15. Someone help me understand please…I’m getting the constant flowing on my right side brain wondering if it’s related with the waves from the earth or the labor of the spirits upon the earth doing something?

  16. Eric, if nothing happens today. Then my best best is the 25th, Wednesday. It’s Christmas day.

    1. Eric, my mistake. It’s 25th on Friday, not Wednesday. Sorry about that. I looked at the moon calendar for Dec 12th is full moon and Dec 25th is the new moon. Or maybe it is the other way round if I’m wrong. None of those dates on Wednesday.

      My brain shrinks searching into different information. My brain shrinks searching on different networks, and monitoring the earthquake live map. To be honest, it’s been crazy with more actives in unusual places lately. It’s prepared for a bigger one like 8 or 9 magnitudes. It just a matter of when and where. :/ that’s evidence as I seen the behaviors.

      Blessings to you.

      1. It’s funny when I repeated twice “my brain shrinks”. I have no patience with my auto corrected phone. Augh.

  17. Hi site family noticing Turkey is having a bit of a swarm …mentioning where the bird sits again….blessings and stay safe and well you and yours ..

    1. Rhona,
      blessings , for the holidays and the coming New Year..
      I noticed that about Turkey…also uptick in PNW ( Goose)most in 30 years..
      So much activity in CA, NV, Uregon, WA, ID, WY.
      Not to mention. OK,TX, Missouri, Tenn.
      The continuing swarms and amounts of activity I think are unprecedented .across .the wide swatches across the U.S.—- 2016. Looks unstable ..

      So still the hot spots. CA ..Cascadia, New Madrid….

      Still watching NZ..(.Was in Queenstown for Christmas one year.,
      Also Lake Taupo .for New Years Eve…before it was too hot). Am I hinting at my age?

  18. Star48 Happy holidays and Festive Seasob to You and those you hold dear…
    yes your quite curious i have been puzzling wth these spikes …i feel its spreading out is a good happening ..i dont know why i just feel that way…im.not discounting a big quake or two hats a given…
    S.A ..W.A..Vic…have been having mini spikes here in Aus …she’s vibrating picking up the planet is entering a new part of the universe and she is feeling it…as i write im sensing something …a shuddering of the earth like a dog or cat when they first awaken… had to write that i dont know why….
    2016 wow what a mile stone its a year if completion and ending in numerology…a clearing to make way for new beginings number 1..
    2 duality
    o emphasizing the 2 and
    1 new beginnings watch for this 1/2 way through the year lots of change after duality worsens at the start of year then change ..positive change will commence
    6 family number the world at large and our immediate families feature this year.. …and mother earth is family so i expect we will hear from her …i intend ti guve her love and respect…
    Goidness Star I have not an udea why wrote so much ..jysr feel inspired..
    How lucky you are to.have experienced N.Z beautiful spirit and country..
    blessings to you …site family i.hope i wasnt too ling winded…x

  19. Ah having a belly myself when i read.back my comment so many typos..sorry guys…lol..x

  20. hi everyone thought i sensed something last night.
    big 7.2 south of west australian coast on South Indian ridge his morning just after 9am …woke feelung really dizzy and centred myself and it left…we are having an out of season storm too. I will be keeping an eye on this spot.
    no.tsunami threat..blessings all.

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