Vietnam and Chinese Ship Attacks

This prediction has happened.  However it was a water cannon used so the explosion in this case was more symbolic to an explosive situation.

Notes on 3-31-14
At a distance, I had a vision of military ship in the ocean and an explosion happening next to it. (It could be seen as a warning shot or missed attack)

The facts reported by ABC News on 5-12-14: “A Vietnamese patrol boat and several Chinese vessels blasted each other with water cannons Monday near an oil rig recently positioned by Beijing in disputed waters, Vietnamese state media reported, in the latest incident in a dangerous standoff between the two nations.

The Tuoi Tre newspaper said it was the first time that Vietnamese vessels have responded to aggressive Chinese actions close to the deep sea rig, which was positioned May 1 in an area of the South China Sea claimed by Beijing and Hanoi. Both sides have accused the other of ramming ships. Vietnam has presented a video showing Chinese ships hitting its vessels.” Quoted by :

In other news there was a 5.1 earthquake off the coast of Oregon. Though it could relate to the prediction below, it seems too small:

Notes on 5-4-14
Spirit Spelled Portland or Poland
Cracks crossing a road, with a loud crackling sound. (something with that road part)
Crackers standing up. “Minimal Damage.. now”
Eric’s Comments: A large but minimal damaging earthquake strikes Oregon State, Portland seems involved. We don’t have a timeframe but we are expecting it within the next two weeks with their ‘now’ verbiage…



3 thoughts on “Vietnam and Chinese Ship Attacks

  1. I am so glad they were only using water cannons and not live fire! And it seems that the earthquake would be centered on land and not off shore for this one. What do you think Eric?

  2. The quake was followed by a second 4.1 within the hour of the first. But it was southern Oregon and far from Portland. Even the closest town didn’t feel it. But who knows, could be connected to future quakes that might effect Portland.

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