Veterans Hospital Shooting

This prediction has happened. Canary is an unclear part to the prediction.

Notes on 4-30-14
I had a vision of a man dressed in a suit walking into an elevator, the doors of the elevator opened, the man in the suit walked out and shot a man laying in a hospital gurney sitting in a hall. Then it switched and you saw the man drive away in a green car. “one.. man.. shot.. canary.. sorry you’re not going to make it.” Eric’s Comments: I was asking about the hospital shooting but this prediction paints a very different picture all together, the last part might be message that no matter how hard I look, we will fail to make a difference

The facts reported on 5-5-14: A shooting at a Veterans Affairs hospital on Monday left one person with a minor injury and a suspect in police custody, according to a Dayton city official, CBS affiliate WHIO reported.

The station said Dayton police identified the suspect as 59-year-old Neil Moore, and said the shooting victim struggled with Moore over the weapon. Police said Moore is a former employee of the hospital who retired from the housekeeping department.

He was taken into custody Monday afternoon after someone dropped him off at another hospital, Dayton city spokesman Bryan Taulbee said.
A law enforcement source told CBS News the suspect was wearing a black jacket with a Marine Corps emblem on it. Quoted News:

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  1. Sandy Avatar

    The shooter was not in a suit, the victim was not on a gurney or a patient, the shooter did not drive away, the victim did make it. Doesn’t match.

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