Notes on 4-26-14

“They want to draw fear and terror for all those around them.. the dressed up man will walk into a hospital and shoot the innocent.. such a black heart.. Hippocrates. ”

“The next storm.. really heavy.. May.. England is drenched.. cyclone like weather.”

“Sunday night, the prediction unfolds”

I had a visual of fire truck doors opening, and ambulance doors opening. “New York emergency.. horrible fire.. mid May”

I had a visual of several clocks on the wall as if in different clocks from different parts of the world and the spirit pointed to one of them. “Time is up.. Fukushima must be protected.. the storms will be devastating.. and their mess will create a much larger one.”

Eric’s Comments: The first prediction sounds like Boko Haram, I say that only because a few days ago I asked Spirit what their deal was, how do they justify such evil. Its sounding like the fire prediction that I said was the Chile fire is wrong because they again point to a large fire in the big apple, which implies the prediction has not happened yet. I am not sure on the status of the Fukushima power plant but there seems to be an imminent danger when the Typhoons arrive.

On May 1st changes to I hope you continue to follow us at our new address 5 days left.


35 thoughts on “Notes on 4-26-14

  1. Hi Eric. In a previous prediction they marked the New England area on the map. I think it was Nov 20th, 2013. And they spoke of corn also. Weird. When you look up, “Hippocrates”, it speaks of the oath that Doctors have to take and one of the main ones was to promise not to poison anyone. Well it use to be anyway, not sure in this day and age what the oath is. But it seems like they are related. Maybe corn syrup in iv bags?? I hope not! Perhaps its just a different prediction altogether though and about GMO’s. I did find that there is an “Hippocrates Institute” in South Florida, whom a, Dr. Brian Clement, is associated with and is doing workshop events or some such in Hawthorne, New Jersey, today, 26th April, and is in Fairfield, Conn tomorrow, Sunday the 27th April. He gives lectures on how to live longer by eating healthy foods and stuff like that.

  2. Hi Eric:
    For the prediction unfolding Sunday night.. There are supposed to be some very high risk weather days spanning Sunday through Tuesday. I think this might be the tornado prediction that came up recently. Louisiana is on the list of states that could be impacted. Thought this might help.

    • You could be right, and this prediction was confusing, but the feeling I got about Louisiana was more about a flooding then tornado. But it was vague. Storms overall seem to be a huge focus of theres.

  3. I’ve had two very vivid dreams this month that I can’t seem to stop thinking about. The first dream placed me somewhere in California. I was visiting relatives (who live in Los Angeles) and felt the ground shake several times in a row. It got stronger and stronger until we had to run outside of the home we were in to avoid being crushed. Once outside, I saw an enormous pool of black water and people falling into it. I woke up with my heart racing. Very real feeling dream. The second placed me in the outskirts of Chicago. I don’t know how I knew I was there. I was with a group of people coming out from having dinner at a restaurant when we looked toward the city, a huge menacing tornado formed outside the city. It gave the sense of a lot of death coming with it. I also “saw” an image while meditating of a grey military ship in the ocean with waves around it and it felt like it was up to no good. Just an image with a sense of danger. This is the first time I share dreams or images with anyone and I feel such a relief. I’ve had dreams or images since I was a teenager that later came true but never shared because it’s a bit scary. I hope it’s nothing but they seem to keep playing back in my head and it’s getting to the point where it distracts me from whatever I’m doing.

    • Thanks for sharing your dreams with us Nelly. I think there are a lot of people who are having dreams etc about upcoming events that may unfold soon. I believe it is a gift/talent given to you so that you can try and help change the future or at least minimize some of the damage done by these “un-natural natural events”. People just need to pay attention, raise their consciousness, and send as much prayer/love out to the Universe that they can. It sounds like that is what you are already doing by trying to forwarn us. I hope your sharing will help with the distraction you have been feeling. So glad you shared.

    • Sounds scary. The only two predictions that I have that are truly dreadful is the West coast Tsunami without a clear timeframe, and the Florida hurricane expected at the end of October that as they say will “affect thousands upon thousands of people.”. Otherwise I haven’t picked up something so dreadful, but you might be picking it up before me.

    • Those are very scary dreams. I had a dream that I after I stepped out of a chruch, I looked up at the sky and saw several crosses. I’m not a religious person, but I truly hope the crosses were signifying spirituality and not something more omnious such as a disaster.

      • Hi Eric,
        I would love an interpretation of my dream. I remember seeing a co-worker and people I didn’t know standing outside the church, prior to looking up at the sky and seeing the crosses. Oh, and it seemed to be a typical Spring day.

      • Flooding has started to get bad. None in those places yet but mothers in my mom group in Florida and Alabama have flooded houses and had to evacuate.

      • Oh I’m fine, I live in the PNW. I almost feel guilty for the 80° weather when my friends are losing everything. (we’re in a mom support group who all had babies around the same time. All 9month olds). Our group is getting together care packages for them. Baby clothes, cribs, formula. Some of them have just lost it all. It came so quickly. I’m just glad they were able to get out. I know others in the area were not so fortunate. But if you could keep them in your thoughts I know they could use all the prayers and love they can get. I cant imagine losing everything so soon after having a baby. I have a hard enough time as it is! Truly makes me appreciate how lucky and blessed I am. Late nights from a teething baby seem like such a silly thing to complain about now. I just can’t comprehend what all those people must be feeling right now. Sorry for the long post! My heart just aches for them.

      • Well I am glad to hear you are up in the beautiful PNW, but am also sorry to hear about your friends loss though very glad they all got out safe and sound. That is a blessing. They are very lucky to have such a great “Mom’s Support Group”! I will definetley keep them in my prayers.

  4. Eric, I see you mention a westcoast tsunami but I have heard many predictions of an east coast tsunami that i am very worried about. Any thoughts on that?

    • I was thinking they meant hypocrite too. We are talking about very old school individual. They actually compared me once to the oracle of Delphi, i had to look it up because i had no idea what they were talking about.

  5. Im going to post this because if i didnt i will never forgive myself if its on the
    correct track ..Hippocrates is self storage company in ky. Lexington is having a
    curcus in town and the dressed up man bothers Me.
    There is a hospital very close…..i pray i am wrong .
    I pray this prediction fails.

  6. Jules thats the very word i said to spitit. This can be thwarted.blessings jules and
    all companion souls of like mind.

    • Hi Rhona. Yes like minds working together, I believe, can thwart some of these upcoming events. Sending light and love to all who work for the good of the Universe. Praying for all those in the paths of these storms here in the USA.


    “This appalling incident has forced us to withdraw key staff and suspend activities in Boguila”, said the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) medical aid agency. The decision comes after an attack last weekend against its hospital in the north-western town of the Central African Republic by former Seleka rebels that left 16 dead, including three of its staff members.

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