Cycolone Ita

This prediction is starting, not a tornado but cyclone, they might also be talking about two different situations, but category 5 cyclone has winds up to 200km, also note there off beat comment of the location being “Where the cook is” as it relates to the location that will be affected in Queensland AU, Cooktown.

Notes on 4-4-14
I had a visual of a large storm coming in, the wind chimes went wild and begin spinning fast and furious, everything became very windy.
“Tornados are coming, very soon, the countdown coming dangerously close to zero”
Comments section posted 4-5-14:  Yes, the details would follow. They also mentioned where the “cook is” perhaps cook county as in Illinois.

The Facts from AU Meteorology:  “SEVERE TROPICAL CYCLONE ITA, CATEGORY 5, poses a serious threat to communities along the far north Queensland coast. It is expected to move southwest and make landfall between Cape Melville and Cape Tribulation later today as a SEVERE CATEGORY 5 TROPICAL CYCLONE with VERY DESTRUCTIVE WINDS near the core and GALES extending out to 200km from the landfall location.

DESTRUCTIVE WINDS may develop between Cape Melville and Cooktown from late morning before extending inland to Laura and further south to Cape Tribulation and possibly Port Douglas later in the day.” Quoted News:


13 thoughts on “Cycolone Ita

  1. Eric could this prediction be related to the Nov 28,2013 prediction for “Australia Cyclone”? That one was for Queensland also. I can’t tell if that previous prediction happened yet or not.

    • Well, to me people are going out Easter gift shopping. Not everyone can eat chocolate. The signs you see are very accurate.

      • It sort of sounds like the British flag instead of Australian flag. Or the Redcross emblem. But that’s not a place really. I noticed the English have a different day for Mommys Day though and think its already passed. So for England it would be Fathers Day coming up. I’m not typically thinking of Easter as a “gift giving” day. Unless it is Australia or USA for Mothers Day or Fathers Day even. Really it sounds more like Christmas though that is pretty far off. By any chance do you have a Birthday coming up Eric? Maybe it’s on your gift giving day??

      • My birthday was late March, so it is possible that is what they are talking about. I wouldn’t get to exact with the flag, my interpretation of it was a country with a similar flag to the UK symbol, like Australia. Keep in mind these are the same spirits that refer to Canada as the “place of leaves” because of their flag, and have referred to Turkey as the “red moon” their understanding of flags isn’t an exact interpretation, very much the opposite.

    • Cyclone Ita has arrived and thankfully down graded, still causing damage and flooding though. Besides Easter as a gift giving time here in Australia we have Mothers Day on Sunday the11th May. I can’t think of any other gift giving holiday here around this time.


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