Notes on 1-28-14

Wednesday is the day.

“The donkey and the elephant.. mute, mute. Oh the baby bibbers are back.”  They showed the DC Capitol building in the background.

They have on several occasions showed me one massive fire, causing more fires, but I am still working on a location.

On top of that there is an impression that several, not just one predictions looms and a reminder that both the 28th and 31st are marked as key dates.

Eric’s Comments: Not sure which Wednesday they are talking about. Donkey and Elephant represent the Democratic and Republican party of the US.. mute?? Perhaps something about the State of the Union?

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  1. Amy Avatar

    Could the donkey & elephant muted mean that neither party will hold any power? I’m holding out hope that a drastic change is coming…for the good. The people need the power!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It almost sounded like there might be some technical issue, that you can’t hear someone speak, or that someone is told to be quiet. Will see I guess.

  2. Zaza Avatar

    Any idea of what “baby bibbers” means? Another way of saying “baby boomers” maybe?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sorry should have mentioned that’s in the “Glossary” its a reference to US politicians, usually Congress, because they act like bratty little toddlers that make big messes. They have nick names for a lot of individuals, most of which I won’t mention.

      1. Zaza Avatar

        Hahahaha! That’s great! I love it!

    2. N Avatar

      I think “baby bibbers” means congress.

  3. N Avatar

    Tomorrow is #BigBlockofCheeseDay that the WH is hosting (a virtual twitter town hall) – I wonder if it has something to do with tomorrow’s possible prediction.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its almost sounds like a correction they are making, from a previous prediction. Perhaps they are saying nothing happens today maybe tomorrow??

  4. jules104 Avatar

    I can see where either “mute mute” or “moot” could come into the picture during The State of the Union Address tonight. President Obama has already said he plans on talking about using his Executive Powers to sign a wage increase for Federal workers tonight. As in, the issue isn’t up for debate and the outcome has already been determined. And yes probably there will be some “Silence, silence”. LOL! Also, funny that you should mention that there is the impression that more than one prediction looms in the future… Because I’ve been feeling like Sheesh there seems to be a whole lot of these predictions that are intertwined or something. Like they will happen right after another fairly fast/close together soon. That’s the feeling I am getting anyway. It seems as though, Wednesday the 29th, could be tomorrow. Could it have to do with the political lady passing? I think that was a previous prediction. Though it seems like it could be numerous things. On one of your assassination predictions you said, “unknown president”. What do you think that means?

  5. Karen G Avatar
    Karen G

    I think it means Democrats and Republicans – the baby bibbers could be the tea party members will be making noises. The fires may mean fighting over various bills – possibly one big one and smaller ones

  6. just someone Avatar
    just someone

    Could the fires have to do with the economy? Markets crashing like dominoes, banks failing? If anything big happens in China or the US, a lot of other markets will come down with it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No its a big fire, I just need a location.

  7. Toedancer Avatar

    Today the 29th, Farm Bill will likely cruise through the House and Senate, a cut of roughly $8.7 billion to food stamps, affecting 850,000 households across the country.

  8. Zaza Avatar

    Next Wednesday is 2/5 and one of your former predictions stated something about the number 7. 2+5 obviously equals 7. Just a thought.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


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