Hero Tyler Doohan

What a righteous young man, a hero. The predictions read:

Notes on 11-1-13 “In the coming months so many righteous people, heroes, and god like acts of kindness.”

Notes on 12-14-13 “The man will stay with the injured person.. even with a threat to his own well-being.. such an act of valor and kindness.

The Facts on 1-22-13: An eight-year-old New York boy is being hailed as a hero after saving six people from a mobile home fire, dying as he attempted to save his grandfather.

East Rochester’s Tyler Doohan convinced his mother to let him  spend the night with his grandfather when the fire broke out  early Monday morning sometime after 4 am.There were nine people  total in the trailer, and authorities believe Tyler was able to  help wake up and lead six family members out of the fire,  including two 4- and 6-year-old children.

Once outside the trailer, family members say Tyler realized his  grandfather had not made it out, and he went back inside to save  him. Firefighters responded to the emergency around 4:45 am, but  Tyler and his grandfather were both found dead inside the  trailer, along with the boy’s uncle. Quoted News: http://rt.com/usa/eight-year-old-saves-six-048/

Thanks Juls for the info.


5 thoughts on “Hero Tyler Doohan

  1. People Are Amazing and Courageous. I Am So Astonished & Always Great-full When I Read What Everyone Is Capable Of. We Are One.
    I Love You All

  2. Wow! Mercy! Tyler Doohan has the same common ancestry as the person who got killed during the mining, Terry Leeroy Vroman (sic). Both Doohan and Vroman (sic) has Vrooman ancestry.


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