The Birth of Change

I had a dream that I was screaming at the top of my lungs about a plane that would crash but it would happen untouched. One of the spirits approached me saying “Tell them and maybe they will listen, if they don’t listen tell them again, and once they hear it tell them again and maybe they will act,  and if they don’t act tell them again, because once they act it will crack that unstable future, the nightmare will be damaged, and once it cracks we will prepare to open the flood gates, and world will change, and the tragedies will be altered, and the heavens will smile.”

I then saw a young man who went about trying to figure out how to alter my predictions, he did not know me nor I him. His actions, one after another, altered the tragedy we predicted and for the first time we met at a cross walk. I hugged him and thanked him for ending my long time curse of watching these intrepid events over the years without any resolve or comfort, he alone ended this curse, he alone changed the world, and the ice inside me melted, and everything was perfect.

Then a group of us were on a stage being interviewed, we were happy and excited about what we accomplished, the young man mentioned how we met and my tears and I begin to cry again with my hands shaking. The group toured their success and enjoyed the attention but I stepped away, my eyes were like a tiger and fire brewed in my hands as I set out to unleash the flood gates.

Then all the spirits involved in the world predictions stood around with the Conductor in the center and they were all clapping, cheering, with big smiles. They raised Champaign glasses and a toast was made by the Conductor “The future is ours to disrupt.”

They are predicting that we accomplish our one and only goal, the purpose of this blog, changing the outcome of these nightmares. It’s not the message of success that I want to share with you but the unexpected circumstances that it is you who changes the outcome. You will decide to act for one awesome righteous moment. You, not I, will be the vessel of change.  By God we accomplish our goals as they predict, and that is a prediction I can’t wait to see.

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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Eric Thank You for this. I was researching like a maniac earlier on this plane crash terrorist act. Had a comment all written out but even to myself it sounded so jumbled up I deleted it. Trying to put all the numbers and pieces and clues together from your previous predictions but I feel as though my brain will implode sometimes. Like I am not sure if I will just overwhelm you with info and do more harm than good. And then I have been thinking lately that a lot of people are just talking a lot and not acting and so how will this ever help? Myself included. I try very hard not to come from a place that is just my ego speaking and to be conscious of it. I just really have had this feeling lately that we have to be able to change these predictions not just talk about them. The reason I enjoy your blog so much is because I feel that you are not doing this for notoriety but for all of humanity. Out of pure Love. So Thank You Eric. I can’t waite to see these predictions altered for the good of humanity. Also does the untouched plane mean that is a prediction that will be altered? I hope so! Can’t stop thinking about it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, and unfortunately the plane prediction is expected to happen without any changes from our end. It should be interesting to see the new rollout of predictions, an event, a place, and a basic timeframe should clear the air and allow us all to push the change through. I can’t wait to see it myself.

      1. Margaret Mather Avatar

        Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Anthem’ comes to mind as I read this blog post.
        “….there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in, we ask for signs, the signs were sent…”

    2. rhona Avatar

      jules please know that everything you do with loving intention is registered and your thoughts if change and light do join the greater energetic waves of all of us…all is one…it is when we read the prediction and ad we read image the ligjt of gid in this it goes to where it is required ….of course specifics are needed but when we converse and the light is there it knows how to direct itself ….you are amazing and tireless and much loved by spirit…be centred confident and know you are integrel in all of this …bless you and all you love….

  2. Laura M Avatar
    Laura M

    Wow, well said and written. It gives us hope. Hope for change and a little power to affect change. Thank you for doing what you are doing.

  3. Regina Avatar

    Very well aid, Eric, likewise here looking forward for total change, however, HOW?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Let me give some feedback on this in a few days. I will ask for clarity on how from them.

  4. Tahoe Avatar

    I have never posted before, but I have been reading this blog every night for a while now, about half a year maybe? I love it. And I got chills and tears in my eyes reading this one. I am so excited!! I can’t wait to start altering/preventing the negative crap that goes on in this world. I will do my best to spread the word when tragedy is predicted to strike. A lot of times I read these predictions only to feel a bit helpless, due either to their cryptic nature, or the fact that I don’t know anyone in that part of the world to actually warn. I am SUPER unsettled about the Olympics. I am not
    psychic or prescient really, but just when I
    think about them I feel really worried. I feel like
    people will be walking right into the hands of some horribly evil plan, and I do hope I am wrong. Anyway, thank you for what you do,
    . “Thank you” seems like kind of a weak way to express how I feel. Your gift and what you do with it is truly awesome.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you. I too have an unsettling opinion of the Olympics at the very least it does not go as expected.

  5. sorata Avatar

    I(‘m a fairly new visitor here (since about the new year) – found my way through a link on the Skeptiko forums.

    I must say the plane prediction in particular upset me deeply (as have the other subsequent disturbing predictions) at first I prayed that whoever is going to commit these acts to turn away, to think again, it doesn’t sound like those prayers are going to achieve anything but it’s better than nothing

    Then it occurred to me as much as tragedy as that would be what of the myriad tragedies that happen all over the world every day, caused by human hands Syria, Afghanistan Iraq, South Sudan and so many more the list of horrors that humanity does to itself and to the world often in the name of some sort of distorted religion is both horrifying and heartbreaking. At the root of so much of it is a misplaced hate that I really can’t comprehend and which must yet flow deeply through so many.

    It seems to me that there must be a solution to all this. There must be a way to make things better. what that way is I have as yet no idea but surely for human problems and human creations there must as well be human solutions, I firmly believe we can find a way to make the world a far far better place than most of us can ever allow ourselves to imagine…. how, well hopefully that will come in time but we must aim for the stars any less and you don’t even get close.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the feedback, its possible the plane is an accident, they point to one or both of the situations as an evil act.

  6. Sarah Will Avatar
    Sarah Will

    Wow, My Friend I Am, so so amazed by your dream. Why? Because I believe your dream told you, who you are. I never doubted that. Also, it is hard for you and I Am totally aware why. You have done everything in your power to not just share, when you give your predictions by the very words you use, has an immense way for the reader to stop that which you see, you write everything that I would consider a ‘parable’. A verse that speaks to the heart and the anyalatical mind can not equate or rationalise. Hense it is a parable.
    Imagine if all your readers said OUTLOUD

    I Am calling Forth a New World
    Fore I Am well pleased
    I Am calling Forth Globel Peace
    Fore I Am well pleased
    I Am calling forth for all my Brothers & Sisters to Love each other
    Fore I Am well pleased
    I Am calling forth a higher perspective
    Fore I Am well pleased
    I Am allowing all to stop such unconscious Living
    Fore I Am well pleased
    I Am calling forth a balanced World
    Fore I Am Love, I Am Joyous, I Am respectful, I Am hopeful, I Am Well and all the world people
    Fore In This We are the same
    I Am That I Am
    I Am Greatful, I Am Happy, I Am Love
    I Am that I Am
    For I Am All You Are
    I Am So Greatful
    I Am Happy The Heavens and Earth Are Love
    Thank You and Eternally Greatful


    Just a thought


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for that.

  7. laura bernieri Avatar
    laura bernieri

    Eric’s last dream seems apocalyptic. Tina offered a link citing Snowden revelations re Disclosure. Brace yourselves. Sky may be ‘falling.’ Forbes et al ridiculed yet many r in the know. Duh. D’oh. Tao. Yet no One has the whole Truth. Old Testament ‘gods’ scares the crap out of kids: demanding sacrifices, generating mayhem, feeding off fear, Cain v Abel — Pentagon is sick, an upside down pentagram. Apologies to legions of decent folks who work in the military; but its downside is trauma based mind kontrol. War is not the answer. Proof? Powers that send us to war don’t give a fig about returning vets. Use us like toilet paper. 99% of their sons avoided the draft. Sending respect & strength to all who thought they were doing the right thing by killing in the name of the U.S. God is Love –whatever religion– to embrace & heal. Many stuck in a soul fog, a low vibration like purgatory. Look toward the light & pray for all life because faith is a bridge leading to Faith.

    1. laura bernieri Avatar
      laura bernieri

      Church bells rang as I pressed ‘send’ here in Andover, MA. Witch trials took place in Salem, but the women (many innocent healers, midwives) burned on the ground where I live. Phillips Academy, a wonderful school, yet & still steeped in war machine of 20th Century with buildings named after Stimson, Feuss, Bush was head of trustees while CIA chief. We are changing the world with our thoughts because, as Einstein proclaimed, thought is energy. Love & Teach your children well. They’re our guides into a new reality

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks, but I hope I did not give you or anyone else the sense of any type of apocalyptic event, its not there.

  8. Lori H. Avatar
    Lori H.

    Hi Eric, very interesting. I have been following the blog now for several months. I think this is maybe the first time I have heard you tell of communication through such a dream. Is this “out of the ordinary” communication with the spirits? At any rate, very cryptic in some regards and quite forthright in others. Perhaps the day will come soon when outcomes can and will be changed.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its actually how they started with their communications. At one time all the world predictions where dreams however that was prior to ever posting them over the internet. The Conductor usually communicates with me in dreams as well but I failed to mention that in all the conversations we have had. I will make a note of it. Thanks.

  9. jules104 Avatar

    Eric it seems to me that the young man could be your own self. The part which has become whole now. Healed or something. If so how great is that! Do you get that feeling or is this a different individual physically? Just a thought.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Jules but I do believe the core of the prediction or message is to say its not me, but one of you that cracks the future timeline, I would agree they seem to imply I run with it afterwards. The confusing part was that its starts with just one person I am thanking, but then during the interview its a group of us?
      They have always pushed me to ask for your participation, all of you, I think now they always knew that much needed crack comes from you guys and not from our actions just our information.

  10. anthony bell Avatar
    anthony bell

    lets concentrate on sochi Russia. what does spirit see. I want you to take a look at this video first that came out today. can we pin point location. work with angels and guides also. Some people think your dreaming. Your psychic not dreaming. correct. Which explains accuracy in your words from spirit.set up a new topic under this. post what spirit says.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Anthony, I am sure some of the dream is symbolic, but they are making a broad stroke prediction about changing these events through action. Also guys my dreams use to be used all the time for the world predictions, the meditation came later in the last 3 yrs or so, so predicting events through dreams is fairly common, I just never really mentioned the source before being a dream which is my bad.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Let me work on asking the spirits for a much clearer course of action we should all be taking to change these events.

      1. Sarah Will Avatar
        Sarah Will

        You have been doing this for some time now & all I Am convinced about is that you are correct..
        If love is all that exists (which is the Truth), then the rest is just ‘almost’ missing the ‘key’. We will not miss the key, the key has unlocked the door. We ALL have guardian Angels & they are being recognised by the masses. Angels can be with us all at the same time. They are part of the Creator, as with our Creator within us ALL. No one is more special than another, everyone are the same experiencing life through the Human Vehicle. It just takes us few to be aware then the future is Golden.


  11. anthony bell Avatar
    anthony bell

    lets see what happens when you watch video. concentrate on the men who are making the terrorist plot on the Muslim side. lets see what type of dream vision you get when asking spirit.

  12. anthony bell Avatar
    anthony bell

    saw post from another psychic saying something about be on the look out for four black widows. I guess they lost there husband in conflict in Russia. hopefully we can stop this or any terrot happening in the Olympics. maybe will get

  13. […] Eric’s Comments: They seem to be correcting there location of where the earthquake happens.  The number 30 usually represents a month, are they saying a month away, or next month? The number 15 could be a date or countdown, but I wouldn’t exclude the idea of next year. Kansas was a previous prediction, it implies Kansas is the center of some type of large accident involving a fire.  The prediction is below. Finally some of you have noted that perhaps the 18 / 180 might represent a post that talks about our success in bringing change from these tragic predictions. I would encourage you to read it if you haven’t already as it predicts our achievements: The Birth of Change  […]

  14. rhona Avatar

    with great humbleness i have believed our intentions and coversations go a long way in changing events …i also believe we thwart si much more than we realise …..thought is energy and we all have come together with so much love and compassion it must and does alter the future in many ways ..this prediction is filling us with joy and encouragement so excited…always in love with humanity and eric and spirit are truly beacons …im not posting alot at the moment but i am ever present..thank you eric …over joyed with our site family blessings each and every one of us.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Rhona very nice.

    2. Jules104 Avatar

      Thank You for the wonderful words Rhona. And even though you aren’t commenting as much right now, It makes me feel good just knowing you are commited to Eric’s site and humanity/the planet and will be sending out light and love into the universe where it is needed most at times. I hope all is well with you and will be sending prayers your way always. Many Blessings and Happiness 🙂

      1. rhona Avatar

        thank you jules ….yes at ptesent we are moving and its been a little topsy turvy…my health is improving but still get tired .blessimgs

  15. Lia Avatar

    Hi Eric, It is interesting about how you say that one man cracked the code, so to speak, in how to alter disasters. Do you recall any features about the man in your dream? Maybe the “man” is a symbol of a higher awakening in humanity whereby we realize that we have the spiritual power to alter physical earth events…the higher self in man awakened. Maybe this is near. How glorious that would be!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There has been a push from Spirit to convince all of you to participate in altering these predictions, I always assumed that I would be the reason for altering these predictions, but with the vision they are predicting its you, all of you, that alter the outcome of the predictions. I can’t say which event or who it is, but the point they were making is its the fans that facilitate change.

      1. Lia Avatar

        Yes, that makes perfect sense to me. Perhaps there is hope in changing predictions. What comes to mind is all the violence we’ve had this week in shootings in Canada, Seattle, Washington school, deputies just posing for a photo in Queens, NYC,Sheriffs gunned down in California. It seems so rampant in the last few days…

  16. rhona Avatar

    oowho i love your thoughts on this lia ….i agree …inspirational yes it just seems so right….

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