Notes on 1-14-14

Fidel Castro will pass soon. His countrymen will mourn his loss.

The Spirits made mention to India/China, and an earthquake again. As you recall they gave three different numbers 20, 27, and 001.

I had a visual of several different television sets lined up back to back and then it focused on just one television and it showed a group of people raising several red flags and as the wind opened them up they were Nazi flags.

Eric’s Comments: I have to assume that the Nazi flags rising represents a situation where violence and suffering unfold in the name of hate.  I am a bit lost on the televisions perhaps they represent different events around the world happening at different times and my need to focus on this one, we will be asking for more details.

20 thoughts on “Notes on 1-14-14

  1. Hi Eric. For some reason the televisions and nazi flags brings to mind something I read recently having to due with history possibly repeating itself around 2014 and the nationalist movement way back when, which was one of the known causes that lead up to World War I in 1914. Imperialism, Militarism and Nationilism. With Nationilism being the main cause. Either way nazi flags can’t be good.

  2. could the back to back TVs be a symbol for 24/7 news coverage of an event? Like everything else is pre-emted and the event takes over all tv coverage?

  3. Hi Eric
    The ‘Great War’ is WWI, but, for reasonings I believe we’re changing the name of The Great War as it was nationally known, as I live in the UK, however; the same ruling elite have unfortunately not actually stopped ruling since WWI. You mention TV’s and I can’t help but think this is another false flag and where TV’s are concerned it seems this will be just as televised as the ones previous concerning loss. Wanting to make us compassionate people fear. I Am sending much Love out to the entire World.

    Stay Blessed Darling

  4. On July 16, 2001, in front of the house appropriations committee, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated: “The financial systems of the department of defence are so snarled up that we can’t account for some $2.6 trillion in transactions that exist, if that’s believable (3)” Such a statement and no accountability?

  5. Mass hypnosis & mass psychosis under our noses. Vast downloads of child porn inside the Pentagon? Web search: NSA thug General Michael Aquino. SF Presidio & West Point military base childcare scandals hundreds INFANTS infected with venereal disease. Trauma based mind control. Zodiac killer. Colonia Dignidad in Chile. Prescott Bush/Harriman/Nazis. GHWBush MJ-12. Pope Francis/pedophilia/secret rituals. Bohemian Grove. Franklin scandal. We’ve got to wake up, speak out, stand up for our rights. Protect the children, teach them well.

    1. I could not agree more Darling.
      Good news is that our children are highly evolved as I have been so concerned for our little ones. Nothing more saintly than the children… 🙂
      Parents have got to work together at home for their knowing that these children are truly awesome.

      1. Love right back at ya, Ms. Will. The hurt hurt the hurt. It’s a chain of pain that often begins in childhood. I actually have empathy toward W Bush because he never had a chance with a father like his and both grandfathers. Barbara Bush — well, do a search on who her mother consorted with. You can’t make this stuff up. Peter Levenda is extraordinary researcher who reveals what’s omitted from 20th century history with his trilogy (‘political grimoire’) SINISTER FORCES. Compassion can move us toward a new day.

        1. I have always said the same about Bush Baby. They really think they have sold their souls… It’s horrid and you can’t even sell your soul as long as one keeps up the infinite deal (our Creator) then to imagine what these poor children are put through is beyond cruel. This is why I stand by and bless calamity because, through the seeds of disaster most people awake from their slumber. No ones faults and that is because, how on Earth do you know any different if as a child nothing but cruel lies have been induced unto them…

          We must Love Each Other without hesitation…

          Thank You Darling.

  6. Hi Eric. This reminded me of the Nazi Flags Prediction. Its surprising that people would willingly go down this road again. Interesting article.

    “The spread of Jobbik’s ideology has alarmed anti-racism campaigners, gay rights activists, and Jewish groups. They believe it could fuel a rise in racially-motivated, anti-Semitic or homophobic street attacks. Longer-term, they say, it could help the far-right gain more political power.”

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