Mining Asteroids

The writing is on the wall for this silly prediction, the spirits need some help with the difference between Asteroid and Meteor, that’s the second time they have done that, and the last time got me in serious trouble:

Prediction 18: Meteor Mining
The entrepreneur idea to go into outer space to collect water from meteors will fail.

The Facts reported on 1-13-14: “A new study might contain some bad news for companies hoping to mine asteroids for their valuable ores.
In the last couple of years, start-ups – including one backed by Sir Richard Branson – have announced plans to extract resources from space rocks.
But calculations by Dr Martin Elvis suggest our cosmic neighbourhood might not be such a treasure trove after all.” Quoted News:


8 thoughts on “Mining Asteroids

  1. Eric … not a lot of difference between the two, except what humans name them and define them. They both lack an atmosphere. Asteroids are generally from solar orbits and meteors can be from anywhere, essentially. To the Spirits, they is little difference in these rocks, except perhaps size.

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