Italy Earthquake and Mount Etna

This prediction has happened. In hind sight they seem to be predicting an earthquake (cracker) followed by the volcano eruption (burner). Outlet?? The “fourth” could represent its size which was 4.9.

Notes on 12-14-13
“Volcano eruption.. Italy, Greece area..”

Notes on 12-10-13
I had a visual of a small piece of cracker, one-fourth of a cracker, then a map that had Italy in the center, Greece was off to the side, then it switched and they showed a plug outlet with a crack going down the center, Spirit ended by showing a stove burner with fire coming out of it. “Now”

The Facts on 12-29: AN earthquake has rattled much of southern Italy, sending frightened people into the streets of Naples and in towns in the countryside.
Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology said Sunday’s quake at 6.08 pm (0408, Monday AEDT) had a magnitude of 4.9 and struck some 10.5 kilometres underground. Quoted News:

The Facts on 12-30: Italy’s Mount Etna erupts again

2 responses to “Italy Earthquake and Mount Etna”

  1. paul2k99 Avatar

    Very precise this one Eric, as soon as I read news I imagine spirit images, The only problem now seems how to not mix predictions in same session’s notes

  2. Sarah Will Avatar

    There is a picture I found some time ago, of a tiny hole with Steam coming out in Italy. Etna is in Sicily which is to the East of Italy. This prediction is so precise. Wow.

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