Massive Fire in Kingston Ontario

This Prediction has Happened.

Notes on 12-17-13
I had a visual of a burner.
I had a visual of fire just exploding outward with fury. There was metal shrapnel everywhere, and several different exploded tanks. “I can fix it.”

The Facts on 12-17: Kingston, Ont., firefighters are battling a major structural fire at Princess and Victoria streets after a possible propane explosion.
The fire is at a student housing building under construction near the 600 block of Princess Street, according to Kingston police Const. Steve Koopman. He said the building, which was vacant, is engulfed in flames.
Firefighters heard from residents of possible explosions at around 2 p.m., and fear there’s a potential for propane.
A worker is also stuck on his crane at the site of the blaze. Quoted News:–ont—firefighters-battle-major-blaze-203800071.html

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