Colorado Gunman’s Scrawl

The details of this horrible high school shooting are coming in, and unfortunately the details of the prediction are becoming more apparent.

Notes on 12-2-13
I had a visual of what looked like colored markers or crayons lined up next to it there were bullets, then I heard shots fired. Five shots. “This is coming soon.. Not the nicest kid anymore.. poor popularity.. ” At the end they showed the number 7.

The Facts Reported 12-17: The Colorado high school gunman scrawled messages on his forearm indicating five areas of the campus he intended to attack, before adding in Latin: ‘The die has been cast.’
The chilling messages were found written on Karl Pierson’s arm in permanent marker after he headed to Arapahoe High School on Friday, shot a fellow student in the head and took his own life.
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The Full Summary of this prediction: High School Shooting in Colorado

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