Notes on 11-10-13

I had a visual of children clapping, jumping up and down with joy. It switched and they showed a building with the US flag at the top with the wind flapping the flag and feeling of pride. It switched again and they showed a row of pictures, all children but some of the pictures were blank as if they were missing. “Its a great day for the children, in December” Spirits Voice

The crack than cracker is on 11;04, ‘eleven oh four’.

The spirits have circled the second half of November as a period in which either major predictions unfold or several predictions unfold.

You also get the impression that the Kraken monster is a situation in December. It has a clear connection to the ocean and enormous destruction.

5 thoughts on “Notes on 11-10-13

  1. I’m glad to hear the children clapping, jumping up and down.

    In this world, children are the ones should not be hurt.

    There is someway that possibly sometimes changes the outcome using highly focused effort in imagery of mind. Not sure how much that helps at a large scale. But maybe a lot a lot people do it for the same desirable outcome, then the outcome will change to some degree, at least for a while.

    1. Its a start. I know they really want more of a grass roots action to warn people of the coming tragedies. Also social media is a great tool to get the word out. The plan right now is still hazy, we still need to focus on creating details.

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