Boy on Stage with Pope Francis

This Prediction happened, its nice that you get to see Spirits sense of humor which they have an abundance of, the prediction reads:

Notes on 10-29-13
“Congrats to the child who receives accolades. Our hats off to you.” They showed a young child walking up to a stage, while a large crowd clapped.

The Facts on 10-30-13: Boy jumps on stage with pope, refuses to leave; As Pope Francis celebrated Family Day over the weekend, a young boy jumped on stage. A security guard tried bribing him with candy, but the boy refused to leave the pope’s side. Scott Pelley reports. Quoted by:

Thanks: Jules & Ogelthorpe

3 responses to “Boy on Stage with Pope Francis”

  1. Gaynor Avatar

    Still think this was Malala….she walked onto the stage and everyone clapped as she received her ambassador of nations award….and various other awards……
    The young boy jumped on the stage, he didn’t walk and he didn’t get any accolades as such…..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its possible it could be her, but it is a prediction it would have to be in the future. They are also predicting yet another child, but the details a muffled so I hoping to get more details.

  2. Robert Alfred Larson Avatar

    Don’t Shoot the Reaper:

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