Student Charged With Murder

The second spider. Both Predictions have unfolded.

Notes on 10-19-13
I also had a visual of a spider sitting in a jail cell crawling on a bed.

The Facts: Student charged with murder after killing a teacher in Danvers Massachusetts. This happened around the same time Nevada student shoots teacher, wounds 2 before killing himself. Such horrible tragedy, my heart goes out to all of you involved.

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  1. V Avatar

    You have an amazing gift Eric, God bless you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks V, lets hold off on the amazing until we change these predictions for the better, which I really hope we achieve by the end of 2014. Hopefully you and my others can help make that change happen.

  2. Irieone Avatar

    So sorry to hear. What more can be done to change these events before it happens?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We need a breakthrough, one prediction that shows we can actually change these events. That is why they are focused on Florida right now. Once we have one, then we can really focus on changing all these predictions including the Spiders.

  3. V Avatar

    But how can we change them if they are going to happen anyways? we can take precautions when a hurricane comes but not when someone is about to shoot somebody, that is so sad and unlikely to be prevented. I’d like to know if the government is finally going to do something about gun regulation or they are always going to be dictated by the gun industry?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      In the Japan Tsunami we lost over 15,000 people. If we had an accurate prediction for the next big event, If we had previously brought awareness to other predictions as a validation. If everyone prepared for that next big event because of the prediction, the spirits and I feel that the amount of tragedy can be dramatically altered. I still need to focus on even more accurate work and its details, until then though bringing awareness to situations like the Florida Hurricane is vital, not just for Florida but all the other detailed predictions that will follow.

  4. Sandy Avatar

    Thank you for sharing all these valuable predictions AND with such a devotion for a better world!
    Can you find out why recently there have been so many kids killing the school teachers and peers? What happened to/influenced these kids?
    Also, there is news about some strange reason from a kid (11 yods) attempting to kill his peer and himself:
    And, other questions: why there have been increasing gas leak or gas smells reported and a lot of traffic accidents?

    Do all those above and more have one thing to do with the solar flare and the CME? What are other possible reasons?

    Thank you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Sandy I will ask, however it might be awhile as we are working on a set of predictions now.

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