Myanmar Sectarian Violence

This Prediction is happening, it reads:

Notes on 7-3-13 “We will never side with the transgressors, we don’t like transgressors… Myanmar.. you are poisoning the well of the Great Prince.. stop the hate.. before violence, upheavals, and death”
I had a horrible visual of a man dressed in red standing on a stage of dripping mud that was up to his knees, opening his mouth and giant wasps poured out of it stinging all the people
A Prediction that Myanmar might explode in violence because of hate speech in the name of religion. The Great Prince is in reference to Prince Siddhartha otherwise known as the Buddha, they have also used the Great Prophet and the Prince of Peace to describe other iconic spiritual faiths. I always find it truly awesome how unlike the separation here, the spirits have an undying loyalty and admiration to all three individuals.

The Facts on 10-1:

THANDWE, Myanmar (AP) — Buddhist mobs killed a 94-year-old Muslim woman and torched more than 70 homes on Tuesday as sectarian violence again gripped Myanmar’s Rakhine state despite a visit by President Thein Sein, officials and residents said. With attacks reported in several villages on the outskirts of Thandwe, where tensions have been mounting for days, the number of casualties could rise. More than 700 rioters, some swinging swords, took to the streets in Thabyuchaing, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the coastal town, on Tuesday afternoon…

“Political, religious and community leaders need to condemn hate speech,” Jim Della-Giacoma of the International Crisis Group said in a statement.
“Those who are spreading messages of intolerance and hatred must not go unchallenged. Otherwise, this issue could come to define the new Myanmar, tarnishing its international image and threatening the success of its transition away from decades of authoritarianism,” he said. Quoted News:

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  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    I would never have imagined in my lifetime the idea of Monks who’s core philosophy is compassion for all life, killing people. Unbelievable!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Wow… That’s horrible…

    Have you heard anything about a big blackout in the US to come soon?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yeah I am getting tired of all the horrible news. Nothing about a blackout? Something happens in space causing glitches and shutdowns but I think that’s different.

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