Hurricane Ingrid’s Damage

This article below could be what the spirits were referring to in the bolded part of the prediction. One of two storms hit the southern tip of Mexico causing massive damage, over 130 deaths and stranding 40,000. The timing is off, which is becoming too consistent,  however I am concerned with their message “the start”.

Notes on 9-5-13
“In the southern tip of Mexico a big storm.. and surrounding nations.. the government is ill prepared.. in or around October.. the start.. Tabasco Mexico.. very ugly”

Mexico’s storms: Should governments put emphasis on climate change prevention?

“The destruction from the severe weather double whammy that pounded Mexico sparks questions about whether there could’ve been more advance preparations.
A week after twin storms pounded Mexico’s Pacific and Gulf coasts, questions are swirling as to how the floods, landslides and overall devastation from the rains could have been prevented.
 Many point to the need for better advance planning: flood prevention, building code enforcement, and political capital to plan for the long-term, among other measures that may have helped curb the damage and minimize the still-climbing death toll.” Quoted News:

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