Notes on 9-13-13

“The female will pass away now.”  – Perhaps connected to previous predictions. A few days ago they showed the US flag at half mast.

.54 – This is completely foreign and new to me. I would guess these are countdowns to specific predictions? Perhaps changing it over from the ‘0’  If that’s true, then something is expected today, half of a day from 8:00AM? Any other ideas on its meaning?

They are still talking about the earthquake in North California, the initial timing, wrong. But the riddle of its timing is the same. “3 circled, 7-3, 1:12, 3 is key, 3” I assumed it was a countdown. Perhaps October 3rd, or December 3rd,.. thoughts? They clarified that this event is separate from the expected Tsunami also predicted on the west coast, they also mentioned that it would strike the bay area but would affect a large portion of the eastern part of California

Finally they have put a temporary stop on questions, they have a major event to predict and want to put it front and center, I know there are several questions: Do they still see war with Syria? The path of the Florida Hurricane? And a continued effort to provide details on the Spider prediction? Keep in mind Spiders represents a sinister act, examples such as school shootings, gruesome acts, and terrorist acts. With all the chatter, be careful not to group it in just one possibility. It’s also unheard of that they would change their prediction, it’s usually my opinions that I muffle the accuracy, so the Syria Prediction still holds. Hopefully we will have time to revisit those questions and bring clarity.  Expect the new prediction in the next few days.

6 thoughts on “Notes on 9-13-13

  1. Does the “Female” always mean an actual woman, or can it be figurative? Like a place that has been dubbed as Female?

    1. It could be figurative, a long time ago they predicted that a queen would pass away, and that ended up “the Queen of the Cartel” but more then likely they are referring to an actual female leader.

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