Egyptian Crackdown

The last part of the Prediction has happened,  but I still believe the numbers might represent more attacks are coming,  it reads:

“Very Soon.. minutes away (minutes means days).. the two.. in two..  2-2.. it’s coming.. 7.. The old man with thick glasses is to blame.”

3.. Its destructive.. bomb.. Al-Qaeda or ties too.. in the city.. Egypt.. instantaneous.. the foundation ruined.. the reaction stony and swift.. they will line up the enemies whether innocent or not.. if you know someone there please warn them.

The Facts: Egyptian helicopter gunships and tanks pounded suspected hideouts of Islamic  militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, in what officials  described as a major new offensive in the insurgent stronghold. Residents who  witnessed winding columns of trucks and armored vehicles pour into the area said  the operation was one of the largest there in years.
Abu-Faisal said that rising injustice, heavy-handed security policies and  arbitrary arrest were the root causes of instability in the area.
“There are many question marks over the government-led operations in Sinai,”  he said. “There is violence and counter violence. But targeting the innocent,  demolishing civilians’ houses or destroying mosques serves no purpose Quoted by Fox News:

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    Mohamed Kamal, 61, a member of the group’s top leadership, and Yasser Shehata, another leader, were killed. The ministry said it raided an apartment in Cairo’s Bassateen

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