Notes on 9-5-13

“In the southern tip of Mexico a big storm.. and surrounding nations.. the government is ill prepared.. in or around October.. the start.. Tabasco Mexico.. very ugly”

“The Tsunami is coming but not now.. When?.. Before the end of the year.. it will affect so many places”


7 thoughts on “Notes on 9-5-13

    • Hawaii has two different predictions meshing together. On one side its a storm and and the other is yes the Tsunami, some can argue for or against that the storm already came. The Tsunami is suppose to affect Hawaii but the real brunt of the Tsunami affects the north west region such as British Colombia.

  1. Volcano the size of Oregon discovered beneath the Pacific Ocean (but luckily it’s extinct)

    The 400-mile wide Tamu Massif volcano sits 1,000 miles east of Japan
    It was originally believed to be part of the Shatsky Rise plate
    Rock samples suggest it formed around 140 million years ago
    Tamu Massif is thought to be wider than Mar’s Olympus Mons volcano

  2. Eric, can you take a look at the weather of this coming winter for Massachusetts? Especially about the snow and wind. We need to know if the trees near the house should be cut down so they won’t make damages. Thanks.

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