New Zealand Earthquake / Mexico Earthquake

This prediction has happened it reads:

Notes on 8-15-13
“716-92″ Another date, the 16th, (92?)
I had a visual of  seismograph running wild with red lines.
Yesterday, I also felt the floor shake under me which is a precursor to a large earthquake. There could be more than one. Its unclear if we are talking about an existing prediction (Mexico earthquake or the western Tsunami) or a completely separate location. I am expecting it around the 16th give or take a day or two.

The Facts:
On Aug 16 there was a 6.6 earthquake in New Zealand. On Aug 17 there was a 5.8 aftershock.
On Aug 16 there was a 5.4 earthquake in Mexico City. – This could explain 1,2 in the prediction below, as it is a precursor to a much larger earthquake as if to say this is the first of two, it reads.

Notes on 6-28-13
“Great earthquake.. Mexico.. dos.. water.. Baja.. 1,2.. this earthquake will be destructive.. take precautions! ” — My thoughts, Baja could be Baja California but more likely a reference to the earthquakes ground zero being close to the shore.  ‘Two’ a date or a countdown? Perhaps they are saying there is one earthquake followed by a second perhaps larger one.

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  2. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Eq NZ..6.1 in water.. 9/19/20/17

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Damage? Is everyone ok?

      1. star48 Avatar

        no damage, no one hurt it was too far away…from tsunami observed..

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