Notes on 8-5-13 – Terror Attack

Here are the notes from Spirit for August 5th. I have been asking when?  Also a list of predictions dealing with terror attacks and their original posts. All of which need our attention to prevent and alter their outcome.

“Very Soon.. minutes away (minutes means days).. the two.. in two..  2-2.. it’s coming.. 7.. The old man with thick glasses is to blame.”
My opinion, they seem to be counting down from two, perhaps two days from now putting in around the 7th, or two weeks from now putting it sometime between the 20th-22nd. “The two”?  How does 3 fit in? Unless it was apart of the original countdown.

The original Post: “3.. Its destructive.. bomb.. Al-Qaeda or ties too.. in the city.. Egypt.. instantaneous.. the foundation ruined.. the reaction stony and swift.. they will line up the enemies whether innocent or not.. if you know someone there please warn them.”

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  1. Richard Avatar

    “Very Soon.. minutes away (minutes means days).. the two.. in two.. 2-2..(***Sept. 22nd?) it’s coming.. 7.. (***in 7 weeks?) The old man with thick glasses is to blame (***Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri?).”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting take on it, thanks for the input. I will say feeling felt sooner then 9-22, I also wouldn’t discount the idea of multiple situations unfolding.

      1. Richard Avatar

        Hi Eric,

        I made those remarks partially based on astrology. The astrological that Pluto (symbolizing death/ destruction – possibly nuclear in nature) goes stationary direct on September 20th (when it is at its most powerful) in exact opposition to Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri’s natal Uranus (sudden lightening-like events). The Moon which usually serves as a trigger; trines/ sextiles those degrees on the 22nd. The Al Qaeda intercepted communications specifically mentions a Sunday as a target date. September 22nd falls on a Sunday.

        There are also some other major astrological influences occurring on September 11th; the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. As you were suggesting – there could be a series of escalating multiple attacks.

        Here are some impressions posted in a prediction blog some 9 years ago that picks up on the 11th and 22nd for possible terror attacks. Maybe you can share your thoughts on it…..

        Possible Attacks

        Contributed by susieq on: Sunday 15 August 2004 @ 00:27:24

        In the last few weeks and days before the 9/11 attacks the numbers 9 and 11 were catching my attention everywhere I went. Lately the number 22 is doing the same. I don’t know if the number is a date or what, but It is catching my attention every where recently. Also the last few days I have had the feeling that some plans I have made for the future will never come to pass because something big is about to happen to our country that will make it impossible.

        Also, I don’t think there was any real threat to the banks in NY and I feel that our government knew it. I do think they were trying to divert attention away from something else that was going on – which may or may not have been terrorist related.

        Also recently I had the impression that a nuclear war will start in the not to distant future – not in the next days or weeks, but within the next few years, and that it might well be the US that starts it.

        by: susieq on: Sunday 14 November 2004 @ 06:15:43

        I have always thought even from childhood that there would be a nuclear war in my life time. For a long time this summer I thought that the days after the election would be dark days – but that feeling begin to ebb in the days before the election – now I am getting that something big will happen in February. of next year. Things will go smoothly after Bush’s second swearing in and people will be lured into a false sense of security. Then out of no where something big will happen and take us quite by surprise like 9/11 did. I have been getting some thing about the numbers 22 and 11. I don’t know if this is dates. But it could be something about 2/11 or 2/22. I feel what ever happens will be very early in the morning – earlier than the 9/11 attacks, so that people are still in bed and/or at home. So that we don’t have a chance to run. Lately I have been having a urgent feeling to ‘get my house’ in order and be prepared. But I’m not sure yet what it is I’m suppose to be prepared for.

        Another Terrorist Attack
        Contributed by susieq on: Thursday 04 November 2004 @ 16:59:20

        I feel that now that Bush is re-elected that there will be another terrorist attack within a coupled months after he starts his second term. I am getting 2/11/05 or 2/22/05 or close to those dates. Some reason those numbers keep drawing my attention.

  2. Lola Avatar

    “Old man with glasses”….you talking about this guy?

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