Notes on 8-2-13 Terrorist Attack

Here are the Notes from Spirit on August 2nd.

3.. Its destructive.. bomb.. Al-Qaeda or ties too.. in the city.. Egypt.. instantaneous.. the foundation ruined.. the reaction stony and swift.. they will line up the enemies whether innocent or not.. if you know someone there please warn them. (3 could be the 3rd)

6 thoughts on “Notes on 8-2-13 Terrorist Attack

  1. I have had premonitions several months ago of Turkey being bombed. Not just from over flow, miss directed bombs but an all out war. I put out a warning on my blog at that time.

      1. December 14th and December 5th 2012. I guess it was more than several months ago- like 8 months ago. I don’t state the premiss for it-just that “anyone in Turkey should get out”. Unfortunately I can only remember seeing missles flying in the air across a fence and then exploding. I just “know” it was in Turkey.

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