Notes on 7-21-13 – Royal Baby

Here are the Notes from Spirit for July 21st

“In the United Kingdom.. it feels so hot.. from the ground on the ground.. in labor.. the Royal family is given a princess.. LiL.. even with others following.. she will be heir to the throne..”

My opinion: “LL” was the original verbiage then ‘LiL” perhaps something to do with the name for example Lilith or Lilly. Note again when it comes to the UK there is mention of a ground as it reads in Notes on 7-15-13 :  “I had a visual of the British flag fall to the ground. It layed on the ground of a grassy area, part of the flag seemed in the ground. –” It’s starting to sound like someone from the royal family gets sick and is laying on the ground. The last part isn’t just a prediction of power but I believe they are implying this is a child born to lead.

19 thoughts on “Notes on 7-21-13 – Royal Baby

  1. Ooops, I did mean great-grandmother btw.. Anyhow, I’m not a Royal-watcher by any means but I have been feeling that it would be a girl and that they would name her Elizabeth. Having thought about it, Elizabeth would be highly likely as it avoids the sensitive problem of naming / not naming the baby after Diana. I don’t know if you will be aware that they have recently changed the law and done away with primogeniture so that the eldest child inherits the throne ahead of younger siblings whether it is a boy or a girl. However, that law only stands in the UK and not in any of the other nations of which the Queen is still head of state and this may cause a rift. I don’t know if this has anything to do with your prediction or not – I keep coming back to your vision of the half-buried flag on the green grassy mound.

  2. Yep, I got it wrong too lol, but it was the hottest day of the year here so far – temperature hit 33 degrees Celsius in some areas. Could be while before we find out what the baby’s name will be but I guess it ain’t gonna be Elizabeth 🙂

  3. Greetings from Cape Town! Thank you for your most interesting + informative work; I enjoy this blog + your twitter updates very much. On this particular post I was thinking that Queen Elizabeth 2 was known as ‘Lilibet’ as a child … Real food for thought in that! Regards, Les.

  4. I think you are absolutely correct on the girl…she will be born next…just what I get from spirit

  5. A very interesting forum. Don’t cut yourself short….as she the mrs can always get pregnant again and she just may have a little lady this year 2014 🙂

  6. My feeling here they have a second child v soon it is a female. And in time and not long at that there are issues around the current new born son and the daughter does become heir to the throne. Time will need to be given on this one.

  7. This is interesting. This was posted in July 2013. Kate and William are expecting a second child this April, hoping it’s a girl and may name her as Elizabeth. Maybe this past prediction may come true for second child. It’s close. Not sure why it didn’t happen the first one.

  8. it seems that the prediction is made with the birth of LILIBET Mountbatten-Windsor in june 2021

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