Notes on 7-15-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit, vague but I will ask for more details.

“N-O-W” A prediction is about to happen. A countdown is complete, so expect something in the next day or two, we are also expecting another prediction between the 20th-22nd.

I had a visual of the British flag fall to the ground. It layed on the ground of a grassy area, part of the flag seemed in the ground. —
It’s vague, I am open to your thoughts,  it could mean the passing of a leader, like half mast, troops on the ground? or some failure or blow to the UK? It’s clearly a pun.

“The Mexico Earthquake is in the bag with time.” — I have been spending a lot of time focused on time, practicing to predict events on a date. So I have been asking for dates for previous predictions. When I asked about the earthquake, this is what was said. I would guess it means that the numbers or a mixture of the numbers on the prediction are in fact a date.  —    Notes on 6-28-13  and   Notes on 7-13-13

7 responses to “Notes on 7-15-13”

  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    I have been reminded that the US flag on the ground is a great disrespect. Is that also a tradition in England?

    1. Juls Avatar

      There is no particular tradition regarding the flag just being on the ground, if it were being trampled on however, that would be different. I just wanted to throw in a few thoughts on this one. I am assuming that this was the Union Flag which is the UK flag rather than the St George cross which is the flag of England, with you saying British flag – to me that vision seems to be symbolic of the burial of the Union, but although there is supposed to be a vote in Scotland on independence I don’t think that it is imminent, not just yet, so I’m not sure how that would fit. Another thing that comes to mind is that we are expecting a royal birth any time now though I’m not sure how that would connect. Of course, both the Queen and Prince Philip are now pretty old so it could relate to a death, Prince Philip has been ill of recent.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    The flag on the grass will have something to do with Ireland.

  3. Gwenyth Avatar

    Perhaps Prince Philip will pass

  4. Mostafa Avatar

    I’m getting flooding events for August… some form of Tsunami. Atlantic somewhere.

  5. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    There is something about the green grass ground, we need to figure out. Perhaps an economic strife or difficulty.

  6. […] or Lilly. Note again when it comes to the UK there is mention of a ground as it reads in Notes on 7-15-13 :  “I had a visual of the British flag fall to the ground. It layed on the ground of a […]

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